Where can I compare dentist costs? ?

Dental costs can go into the thousands of euros for a patient who needs a complete restoration. But even a dental implant or regular restoration with a crown and a bridge is not cheap. For this reason, it makes sense if a patient not only relies on the offer of his dentist, but also obtains a second offer. Basically, the patient is entitled to get a second or a third opinion before starting treatment. The treating dentist is by no means entitled to treatment, even if he has submitted the healing and cost plan. Rather, the patient has the right to decide in his own interest who he wants to be treated with.

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Binding dentist costs?

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon in everyday patient life: A patient finds that his dentist bill, for example for a bridge in the upper jaw, turns out to be much higher than was foreseen in the cost estimate. If the cost estimate still contained growth factors of 2.3 and 3.0, the practice now calculated the 3.5 times the rate and in two positions even the 4.0 times the rate. Very annoying for the patient. Because the cost estimate should serve the financial planning security.

But it is not only with the personal contribution for dentures that insured persons with statutory health insurance (GKV) can experience unpleasant surprises regarding the final bill. Also in the case of therapies that allow an additional payment in addition to the health insurance, e.g. more complex dental fillings (additional cost agreement in accordance with Section 28 Paragraph 2 SGB V), or in the case of pure private services, such as implantations, there may be differences between the cost estimate and the invoice. In these cases, the services are to be rendered privately according to the fee schedule for dentists (GOZ), which allows a relatively large scope for fees, since dental services can be calculated between 1 and 3.5 times the fee. Even fees with a factor over 3.5 times are possible, but must be agreed with the patient in writing before the start of treatment in accordance with Section 2 Paragraphs 1 and 2 GOZ. Services that are charged over 2.3 times the fee rate must be justified in the invoice (Section 10 (3) GOZ).

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Optimally deduct dentist costs from tax

Optimally deduct dentist costs from the tax

Invoices that the dentist issues after treatment can be deducted from the tax under certain conditions. The amount will then be entered in the tax documents under the heading “Extraordinary charges”. Whether the costs are actually deductible depends on the fulfillment of some criteria, which include based on the amount of income, marital status and number of children.

Which dentist costs can be deducted from the tax?

Patients can deduct dentist costs from the tax and claim them as an extraordinary tax if they are not borne by the health insurance or by the dental insurance. For example, if you, as a legally insured person, decide against regular care, dentures are tax deductible. Then health insurance usually only covers a small part of the costs and the limit of unreasonableness can be reached quickly. If the treating dentist prescribes medication or prescribes certain therapies, the resulting costs can also be listed in the tax documents. Travel expenses are also tax deductible in this context and are set at 30 cents per kilometer.

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Dentist recommendation Berlin

Find the right dentist in Berlin

Going to the dentist is rarely pleasant. If it is about inserting implants or if there are fears associated with a visit to the dental practice, then it must be technically and humanly right between doctor and patient.

But especially in a big city like Berlin, the density of dentists is very high. This does not always make it easy for the patient to find the right practice. Then a dentist’s recommendation can help you find the right dentist in your city.

Table of Contents

Why is the right dentist so important??

Looking into your mouth is a very intimate thing. You can only relax in the dental chair if the chemistry between dentist and patient is right. Not only should a visit to the practice be as pleasant as possible, there must also be a certain amount of trust in the specialist skills of the medical professional.

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Practice with heart:
Dentist in Munich
Berg am Laim

Your future dental practice in the factory district

In our practice you can expect state-of-the-art dental methods and competent treatment. As a dentist in Munich Berg am Laim we are happy to help you. With us, patients are primarily people with feelings.

make an appointment

Would you like to get to know us? Then make an appointment right away. We are always open to your concerns and problems. A promise we will take seriously.

Sincerely, your dentist in Munich Berg am Laim in the beautiful factory district in Munich East.

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Schönbach dentists - meyer-erlach, göttingen dentist

Schönenbach & Meyer-Erlach
Dentistry | Oralchirchurgie
Münchhausenstrasse 14
37085 Goettingen

practice times

At these times we are there for you personally.

Mon., Wed. and Fri. 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Tuesday, Thursday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
and by appointment.


Please contact us beforehand to make an appointment by phone: 0551 44902

Tip: If you have acute complaints, please call beforehand to discuss any waiting times.

During your treatment time, private parking spaces are available just around the corner in "Willamowitzweg 4".

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Dentist Vienna list

Dental practices sorted by Vienna districts.

Viennese dentists with addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and office hours, even with weekend consultations. Find the right dentist quickly and easily on Saturday, Sunday (weekend) at your request.

Specialists in dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery in Vienna’s districts. The current urban area of ​​the capital of Austria has resulted from numerous incorporations of former suburbs and suburbs.

Dentist Vienna: How to find the right practice

We all know that: you just want to get your own phone number quickly Dentist in Vienna find out, but his business card cannot be found and the search engines spit out nothing – in other words: pure stress, for something that should only take a few minutes.

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  • using positive terms: "You may now …"
  • by explaining the individual steps to suit the child
  • by creating a relaxed atmosphere
  • by keeping physical contact with the child during treatment
  • by praising and encouraging

with nitrous oxide

under sedation

Our concept

In order to give children a normal relationship with a visit to the dentist, we rely on targeted preventive care (prophylaxis) and on pain-free and gentle treatment. The children have positive experiences at the dentist. These in turn give motivation for beautiful and healthy teeth.

Dear parents,

At the first appointment, you and your child have the opportunity to get to know our practice and us and thus build trust. After the dental diagnosis and assessment of your child’s willingness to treat, the individual therapy and further care are planned together in a detailed consultation. We rely on your help! A promising treatment is only possible through good cooperation between you and the practice team.

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in the practice for dentistry in Bergedorf.

As an established specialist practice in Bergedorf, with the dentist and oral surgeon Dr. Mirzaaligoudarzi and his team aim to offer you the best possible treatment through intensive advice and individual solutions. Modernly equipped practice rooms, the latest treatment methods, DVT X-rays (3D) and a highly qualified, friendly and motivated team are at your side.

Dr. med. dent. Mirzaaligoudarzi

Main focus: implantology, oral surgery, functional therapy

  • Studied dentistry at the University Hospital Eppendorf
  • Doctorate at the Clinic for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery under Prof. Dr. schiffner
  • Further training as a specialist dentist for oral surgery at the Klinikum Bremen Mitte – department for maxillofacial surgery under Prof. Dr. Dr. Rustemeyer
  • Certified implantologist

Ms. Bouss

Main focus: Dental prosthetics, aesthetic-reconstructive dentistry, periodontics

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Dentists at the city park, dr

Dentists at the city park

Dentists in Vienna

Our specialists in modern dentistry

In our group practice in the heart of Vienna, we try to work out your individual needs and wishes and work with you to find the best possible treatment solution. In addition to tooth restoration and prosthetic tooth reconstruction, prophylaxis and tooth preservation are our main concerns.

Since the entire spectrum of today’s modern dentistry is so complex that a single practitioner is no longer able to keep up-to-date in every specialty and achieve the best possible results in every area, we have specialists in our office for everyone Subject area. We work very closely together and take care of all cases in an interdisciplinary manner in order to ensure the best outcome and treatment at the highest level for all of our patients.

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