Series - metal constructions, sheet metal components, plans claddings and encapsulations in series

The quality is unique.

Unless you want to go into serial production.

We are unique in serial production:

Whether housings, protective claddings, or control panels.

When sheet metal components go into serial production, every part counts. In sports terms: highest performance permanent – if necessary, 24 hours per day. We are well prepared for such a performance. With sheet metal and stainless steel. In small and growing batch sizes.

High-tech in series:

From casings to vehicle superstructures and cabins.

Highest quality is the result of our series production. Complex metal parts or welded components: Know how in the metal processing becomes apparent in a precise manufacture that is what makes our sheet metal components, plans cladding and encapsulation unique.

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Sushi course in the ***** Stock Resort

Sat 1 contribution “A Christmas menu to enjoy”

Zander fillet with pumpkin chutney

Dab 70g pike-perch fillet dry, season, crisp on the skin, turn and aros with a flake of butter and a sprig of thyme.

500 g Hokaido pumpkin (finely diced)
½ cinnamon stick
1 sprig of thyme
1 sprig of rosemary
60 ml of orange juice
100 ml white wine
Salt, pepper, sugar
2 g cornstarch
Sweat the pumpkin in about 50 g of butter and 10 ml of oil and deglaze with orange juice and white wine.
Add the cinnamon, thyme, rosemary, salt, pepper and sugar and season with the starch.

Beef fillet (approx. 120 g each) with herb crust and sweet potato purée

Dab 75g mozzarella and chop finely with 50g feta cheese, 2 tablespoons tomato confekassee, 3 tablespoons panko flour (breadcrumbs), 1 teaspoon garlic oil, 1 teaspoon rosemary, 1 teaspoon thyme chopped, 1 egg, 100 grams whipped butter, 3 tablespoons fine chopped parsley and chives, season with salt and pepper

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Smartphone test or overview of the best models 2019

Taking a look at a smartphone compared to throwing, certainly makes sense before you buy a new smartphone. There are many reasons. After all, they change Smartphone test winner constantly, so that you as a layman can not necessarily always immediately recognize who is leading the smartphone leaderboard for now. Smartphone novelties are constantly coming onto the market, for example with a curved one Display or a sensor for your fingerprints to draw attention to themselves. But which of these functions are really useful and on which of these features could you do without it? Before you make your own cell phone comparison or look at a mobile phone test to the various smartphones, we will give you a few tips on the way first. Based on this purchase advice you can get an overview.

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Emigrate to Sweden

Working in Sweden

House purchase in Sweden

Guide Emigration Sweden

Living and working in Sweden

You want to emigrate to Sweden? On these pages you will receive extensive information to help you with your emigration to Sweden.

Work as an emigrant in Sweden

If you want to emigrate to Sweden, work is a crucial point to take the step or not. But where should one start looking??

In our section Working in Sweden we inform you about opportunities to find jobs in Sweden, how to properly apply in Sweden and what the job market in Sweden currently looks like. Here you can find current jobs and vacancies in Sweden.

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Andalusia travel guide

13 cities – 15 white villages – 9 nature highlights – 4 coasts – 4 routes + real insider tips!

NEW: In our Andalusien travel guide you will find all the important information you need for your travel planning!

Over 370 pages packed with the most beautiful destinations, sights, cities, white villages, coasts, natural wonders and routes!

For six months, we have researched intensively and can now proudly present it to you: the perfect travel guide for your unforgettable holiday in Andalusia!

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Welcome Foundation spi

The Social Pedagogical Institute Berlin »Walter May« works to develop a society in which each person can freely develop responsibility for himself and for others.

Children and Youth

Childhood or youth per se do not exist. Children and youth have individual and highly varied life histories. But they are all the future adults of our society.


Accompanying families on their life paths, supporting them, where that is needed, being constructive contributors to an exchange of ideas, providing community – these are the things that the SPI stands for in its work with and for families.

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Why we need rules and values ​​to be successful

In this blog I would like to share my experience with values ​​and why we need both. I hear people often talk about values ​​and their importance. But in daily life people often neglect values ​​or simply forget about them. Or we define values ​​but do not use them to validate decisions and actions. This is dangerous because you can not live on rules alone. Therefore, it is important to understand how rules and values ​​play together. One without the other is not enough to be successful. They are like two sides of a medal. If you try to have one without the other, it will not work. So, let me tell you why.

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About me

Since 2011 I have been admitted to the world of mothers. Thank you daughter! And because that was not enough for me to be a mother, two girls were born in 2013 and 2016. Our son, who saw the light of day in 2019, concludes the happiness. Since then, I have been experiencing funny, awkward, innocent, open-mouth situations. Thank you recovery course, thank you moms, thanks better-knowing non-moms! (Thank you speech infinitely expandable) about what I may experience since then, I write. And about the naked truth of parenting.
Away with the mother-cliché and the image of the model-mum dictated by the media! Her with more gut feeling and less: “You have to!”
Here writes no “typical” mother, the budget and family throwing left, has model dimensions and casually loosely a career. I love my daughters and I am very proud of them! But I think it’s okay to say “I’m tired! The man is annoying! We argue more often! No, I bake, do handicrafts and do not sing 24 hours a day! Yes, I like fast food and a schnapps in between! ”
But the nice things are not too short. Sweet things I find on the net, helpful tips, other reading values ​​and a lot ♥

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The triad

stood in monstrous black letters above the personal directories. And only the people! He, she, a family friend.
Yes, the wise are very sharp-sighted.

Second act, third scene:

The spouse:. and you love him, Irma?
You: (Wife): open – yes!
He: Good that you are so open.
You: You deserve it; I will never lie to you!
He: This truth hurts. Of course – I should have considered when I married you: you are young and – me.
She: Not really. – You are quite right then. I do not want to break away from you; I can not do it; – because. because. I (hesitantly) I guess – you.
He: My child.
She: You often told me: I could not be without you, Irma, you understand me; you are mentally equal to me.
He: It’s you
She: Well – now hear: Let me be your woman spiritually – spiritually – do you understand? — and my body.
He: (horrified) Irma!
You: What are you terrifying? I give you my better part.
He: (quivering) Irma!
She: (without listening) The spirit, the divine, eternal dir, man, dir!
He: (hesitantly) and that?
She: The sinful, vain lust that follows the disgust on the heels.
He: I shudder at you.
She: (Closing on) Friend, my thought is great. How much misery, how much secret outrage would disappear from the world if all were able to think it.
He: No, woman, you speak in delusion – (intensifying) either you are mine with body and soul mine, – (screaming) mine.
You: (cold) Get involved!
But he.
She: I thought you taller. So you, too, who is the one who counts Europe to the shining light of knowledge, are captivated by this ridiculous pettiness, which always puts mind and body on a frame? That I could open your eyes!
He: (staring at her)
You: Ha, I see you feel the gigantic force of my giant plan.
He: (makes a countermovement)
She: I know what you want to say. This relationship is against nature. Not true, that hovered on your lips?
How shortsighted are you? Thor in all your wisdom. Look out! Nature has merely given flowers to one shrub, sweet, chaste, fragrant shoots; – In others, the petals fall off soon and it pushes out the brutal, sensual fruit. – Is it different in life? The one, the great, ever-chaste children, the artists, should only be flowers. Spiritual germs only, immortal impulses should arise in their pure soul and rise to a sunny, blessed existence. But to the animal bred, to it comes the fruit, the vulgar intoxicating fruit. Child you! With the big, dreamy eyes, in which a thousand ideals shimmer – white-haired child, you do not even bore him the destructive, furious burning of sensual love.
He: (thoughtfully) Maybe. but why can not you, who are equal to me mentally, not like me? so.
You: So mentally – do you want to say – persevere? Why? Because woman is a dual being, by nature divine and dog-like at the same time.- Our soul remains pure when the sweet desire melts in the fire of sin, and the ghastly poison of captivating pleasure does not defile the spirit of the weak, trembling woman. Nature has made us enjoyable, but our own power has given us the better soul.
The woman is a book, bible verses are in it, but the cover is painted with the colors of sin. Have you not found in any of the thousand books that you read and reread Enlightenment about this double thing, this hermaphrodite?
He: If so?
You: Do you still doubt? It is so. – My spirit clings to yours, an invisible moss plant on the huge trunk, my body, my fleeting life on that young, gluttonous madman. He: But Irma – I love you.
They: . and because you love me, you have to understand me.
He:. God!
You: Because you love me, you must not kill me – and you kill me – if.
He: (meekly) But spiritually, you are spiritual – my!
You: (with pathos) Always! – So you are good, then I recognize the wise, who stands above this deluded world! Thanks! This will be a divine existence! You, he, I – between you two – belong to you and to him on the threshold of two worlds: here light, there darkness; Wisdom here, delusion there! – You – demigod! – I and that an indescribable covenant. All impulses that spur life hostile and angry – reconciled in us in a world-sounding, booming, splendid triad.

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Dentures from Hannover: High-quality fillings, crowns and bridges from the master laboratory

If nobody sees and no one feels – then it is the perfect dentures! Replacing lost teeth is still one of the most demanding treatments of modern dentistry.

Beautiful teeth from a single source – that’s the goal! Together with you and our dental technicians we decide on the best solution: functional, natural, comfortable and durable! And one thing is especially important: As a holistically oriented dental practice in Hannover, we pay attention to the optimal compatibility of all materials – even if there are no allergies or intolerances.

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