In modern anaesthesia, sleep anaesthesia can be performed at the dentist’s office on an outpatient basis.

In cases of great dental anxiety (dental phobia), the dentist is often required to perform an analgosedation, which is commonly referred to as twilight sleep or sleep anesthesia. In sleep anaesthesia (analgosedation), a combination of pain-relieving medication with soothing substances eliminates pain and relaxes the dentist to sleep, and painkillers are added during dental sedation to prevent toothache, jaw pain and swelling after the operation.

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Wild ravines are popular destinations of excursions with children

The perfect family trip

Successful family excursions are not a matter of course. Parents and children often have quite different ideas about a great excursion program, and when the interests of siblings of different ages have to be taken into account, it gets really complicated. Nevertheless, it is possible to meet the expectations of all family members. Fortunately there is no lack of possibilities in the Allgäu. The region, which is certainly one of the most beautiful in Germany, is ideal for families. Here it does not lack really not at appropriate offers, rather it applies to select some favorites. And you will quickly notice: Who has the choice, has the agony…”

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soused Gastein Valley Salzburg Sun Terrace

Salzburg Sports World

  • Bischofshofen
  • High King
    • Most popular regions
    • Salzburg City
    • St. Johann in Pongau
    • St. Wolfgang am Wolfgangsee
    • Zell am See – Kaprun
    • Mittersill – Hollersbach – Stuhlfelden
    • St. Gilgen – Twelve Horn
    • Tamsweg
    • Bischofshofen
    • Strobl on Lake Wolfgang
    • Saalbach Hinterglemm
    • St. Michael in Lungau
    • Flachau
    • Bad Hofgastein
    • Kaprun – Kitzsteinhorn
    • Maria Alm
    • leogang
    • cuchl
    • Grödig
    • throwing
    • Mariapfarr

    Hotel Egger – Grossarl

    Hotel Egger

    5611 Great Alder

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    This awaits you in three minutes reading time on this page. First you will get some ideas about what we have done with children in Bavaria. Maybe you already have one or the other picture in your head after that, as you like to do it during your family holiday. Below the article you will find the links to our experience reports on how we visited the individual family holiday destinations in addition to my tips.

    What to do with children on holiday in Bavaria?

    This is what Bavaria with children has to offerWhat makes Bavaria so special when it comes to family holidays? Few regions in Germany can offer such a great variety as the holiday destination Bavaria: When on holiday on a farm, look over the shoulder of the farmer in the Bavarian forest, scramble in the climbing garden of Garmisch Partenkirchen or visit the high ropes course in Oberaudorf, hike with your parents to the summit cross in the Allgäu, shake hands with giant figures in the amusement park or walk down a very large mountain made only of sand in the Upper Palatinate until your feet burn. Here even world championships in sand skiing and sand boarding take place!

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    People are getting older and older – but this does not always apply to their teeth. Then the so-called “third teeth” are in demand. Whether removable dentures or fixed dentures, dealing with “the third party” is initially unfamiliar and takes some getting used to. We will give you tips on how to handle and properly care for your third teeth.

    New dental prosthesis: first phase of familiarization

    It will take a few days to get completely used to the new teeth. At first it may be difficult to speak some sounds. The quickest way to get these hurdles under control is with a little language training, undisturbed in front of the mirror.

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    Is it worth visiting Prague Zoo?

    We mean yes! We liked it very much in the biggest zoo of the Czech Republic. It’s a modern, large zoo that can certainly keep up with the large zoos in Germany. There are many highlights like tropical houses, a chair lift, a cable car through the zoo, great playgrounds and other facilities for children as well as good restaurants. A visit to the Prague Zoo is still very cheap. This applies not only to the entrance fee, but also to the zoo’s gastronomy and other extras. A disadvantage for German-speaking zoo visitors is that only part of the information in the zoo is translated into German.

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    Experience the dental treatment painlessly with a local anaesthetic

    Pain is a thing of the past

    No matter if you were Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, George Washington or an Egyptian Pharaoh, the treatment at the dentist wasn’t funny at that time. Rather painful and brutal. Most of them took either a large sip from a bottle of brandy or a strong pull from a cloth soaked in chloroform. The possibilities to experience a visit to the dentist in a relaxed way were not only extremely limited, but sometimes even life-threatening. It is no wonder that people were looking hard for other methods.

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    Play cars for children

    Children usually drive their first car with one year, namely a Bobby-Car. This article will tell you what you should look out for in toys such as tricycles, scooters and the like to ensure that they are fun to drive and safe. Plus: The eight most popular toy cars for children.

    The toys, sliding cars, tricycles and other vehicles are not only fun, but also fit. Your child can use them to train strength and reaction speed. On its mobile base, it trains balance and coordination, as well as gross and fine motor skills.

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    Reliable tooth rescue through modern root canal treatment with microscope and LASER (endodontic treatment).

    Why is an endodontic treatment necessary?

    Inside the tooth is the tooth pulp, consisting of blood vessels and nerves. In deep caries or when a piece of the tooth is broken off, bacteria can penetrate into the pulp. This can lead to a very painful inflammation that destroys the tissue. If the bacteria penetrate further, a purulent inflammation develops at the root apex, which can even dissolve the jawbone.

    Teeth with caries up to the tooth nerves can be reliably saved by modern root canal treatments.

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    Koch loses a hand in kitchen experiment

    Apparently, a young cook in Stahnsdorf in Brandenburg wanted to try out a modern recipe – from the so-called molecular kitchen. His handling of nitrogen ended in a huge explosion. The man lost his right hand in the end, the left hand was reattached in an operation lasting several hours.

    Photo: Steffen Pletl

    The young chef probably wanted to try out molecular cuisine. He wanted to experiment a little with liquid nitrogen – but that was his downfall. For unknown reasons, 24-year-old Martin E. caused a serious explosion in an apartment in Stahnsdorf (Potsdam-Mittelmark). He was seriously injured.

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