The Best Drone Apps: These air traffic controllers will help you

Apps for the smartphone can help us a lot when flying a drone. A look into a drone app should be part of every flight preparation. What the drones apps can do for us pilots and which apps are really recommendable, I describe in this article.

Meanwhile, there are countless offers in the app stores, which are aimed at drone pilots. Unfortunately, there are also many drone apps that offer very little added value or do not work at all. Later in the article, I’ll introduce you to the best apps that work really well.

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Club holiday among friends at Aldiana

Holidays at the highest level

With the variety of sports, gourmet and wellness offers you enjoy from the first day real holiday feeling. From aerobics, to the gourmet dish, to the Zen massage, there’s something for everyone, whether you’re traveling as a family, as a single or with friends. Aldiana offers sports courses in different levels of difficulty, so everyone can have fun and improve on their level. Start the stay in the Aldiana clubs with a relaxing massage or beauty treatment leave the daily routine behind you.

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Personalize drinking bottles with a photo or name

Personalize your own drinking bottle for sports, leisure or school with your own photo or a name and have it printed or engraved.


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Design your own drinking bottle with a photo or name – for sports, leisure, office or school

Thirst? With the aluminum bottle, which you can create with your own photo, you quench your thirst almost everywhere: in the office, at school, at work or at sports. Upload your photo and optimize it online in the free image editing program. There are numerous functions and creative photo effects available, with which you can edit your image professionally, so that yours personalized drinking bottle to shape yourself. In addition, you can make the bottle with your name or another desired name yourself. The MagicName feature has plenty of professional photos for you to put your name into, in an amazingly realistic way. We have compiled the motifs thematically, so that you can design the aluminum drinking bottle with pictures from areas such as birthday, love and Valentine’s Day, Easter or even summer / travel. Tip: Discover now the high-quality thermo-drinking bottle made of stainless steel!

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Do you know the holiday paradise Balkonien? Balconies is a real insider’s tip for all those who want to have a cheap holiday with children. It is not only close by, but also adapts to the individual wishes of the family.

You can also have a nice holiday with your family in the garden or on the balcony. Photo: Photodisc, Jack Hollingsworth, Thinkstock

Holidays on balconies has many advantages. Here, holidays with children are not only unbeatably inexpensive, they also require little time in preparation. Packing suitcases for the whole family for one day? Not at all! Get into the traffic jam with your car? Doesn’t have to be! Bring children out of the bio-rhythm with a night flight? Not applicable either. The journey to balconies is as short as possible.

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Hof Gottenau




Camping on the farm Fischbachau

Campers love to fully enjoy nature and the countryside. Where could this be better than on a farm? Our small campsite is surrounded by 20 hectares of meadows that offer undeveloped and unobstructed views of nature. The beautiful location guarantees peace and quiet. The only thing you will hear are the many animals on our farm – pure nature!

Camping with tradition and modern ambience

Our 2010 camping area directly on the farm offers modern toilet facilities with clean toilets, showers, vanities and a private area for washing dishes. When designing the sanitary facilities, we paid attention to a combination of traditional Bavarian style with modern design elements. The result is an exceptional feel-good area for our campers!

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More in our groups and forums. Join now and review films. Let us know if you hear about film being shown

Cinemas can add films, to be shown in English, with or without subtitles. Please provide a permanent link to your website, with a list of films to be shown in this page. PDF’s can be linked, but the path should never change. RSS feeds can be added to this page. Cinemas are welcome

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Streits Kino started showing films in German from 22nd May 2008: (English). Photo: © nicolls d.zine 21.12.2009

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The most important things in a nutshell:

“Black teeth differ from removable tooth discolorations by their permanent tooth color.

“Caries and progressive tooth decay are common causes.

“Dentists remove black discolorations using ultrasound or professional dental cleaning.

“The necks of the teeth have a rough surface and appear darker than the crown.

“If a tooth looks black and does not cause toothache, this indicates that the tooth root is dying.

“Dark discolorations are caused by black tartar, which the dentist removes professionally.

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Red cheeks are part of it.

Yes, every baby gets teeth once and that is not very pleasant for the little ones. Besides comforting and calming, you can also help your baby in other ways.

Either an amber necklace around the neck or a teething ring for all occasions. Here you will find everything you need to make this exhausting time a little easier for your child.

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When you have a baby, you can’t get around a pacifier. This object spends most of the time in the child’s mouth. For this reason, there are many different things to consider when buying a pacifier and you should not buy any product lightly.

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It all began with a study project by Jan Vieth in 2002, and based on his experience from camps in Canada, the USA and Australia, he wanted to introduce a combination of the various basic principles in Germany as well.

Here the main aspects are not just a varied program or a great accommodation. Much more it is about the cohesion, which is built up and promoted in the international camp community. No matter if child, youth or teamer, no matter from which country or culture – everyone should feel comfortable and experience an unforgettable time together. Friendships are made here even though you live thousands of kilometres apart. Our experienced campers include newcomers immediately, as this is exactly why they like our camps so much. They come to make new friends and refresh old ones. Many parents tell us after the summer camps about mutual visits, some of which took us as far as France, Spain or Canada. They also tell us about the increased motivation of their children to listen more attentively to language lessons at school so that they can have a better time next summer at the camp.

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Explore Tango – Discover Bodywork – over 100 workshops – Tango non stop – 9 days dancing, feasting, playing, sunbathing .

  • Milongas & balls in the evenings
  • Tangocafe / Tangoencuentro during the day
  • Daily approx. 20 workshops for Tango, Pilates, Yoga & other bodywork methods
  • 22-strong international team of teachers
  • Concerts & Shows by dancers, artists & acrobats
  • Cheap workshop flat rate
  • Individual registrations welcome
  • Childcare & children’s program, horse farm, climbing park, .
  • Participation is also possible on individual days of the safari.

The TangoSafaris are events that are also aimed at families and singles. Most of the participants register on their own, so you will easily find room and dance partners.

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