Hemorrhoids in pregnancy – relief and causes

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  • Everyone has hemorrhoids, but they are not always noticeable in the course of life. These usually occur during pregnancy, because the digestion slows down. Often, hemorrhoids also become visible only when they are pressed at birth.
  • Hemorrhoids in pregnancy are not uncommon and in most cases can be treated with simple home remedies.
  • Only in very severe cases, surgical removal of the hemorrhoid is necessary. In most cases, ointments or ligatures by the doctor are already sufficient.

Unfortunately, hemorrhoids during pregnancy are not uncommon and even though you are through pregnancy, they can still occur.

In this guide, we explain what treatment for hemorrhoids in pregnancy is possible, how to remove them, and how to recognize that they are really hemorrhoids.

1. Hemorrhoids are blood vessels that can swell during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the connective tissue weakens and the blood vessels continue. By the way, the fact that hemorrhoids only form during pregnancy is a misconception. Even if you have not noticed it yet, they exist before the pregnancy, but only become larger and more visible and perceptible through the blood that is now jammed.

But not only the blood is to blame for the development of hemorrhoids. During pregnancy, the body makes amazing and so it is no wonder that, for example, the Digestive organs work slower. This can lead to constipation. With stool and strong pressing (sometimes even only during birth), the hemorrhoids are expressed. Large external haemorrhoids of the third degree are thus visible from the outside, but can be pushed back again.

Hemorrhoids are present with and without discomfort. They are divided into the following grades:

1 degree 2 degrees 3 degrees 4 degrees
Not visible or felt. Visible, but felt only at the toilet. Can be seen and felt, but can be pushed back again. They are visible and palpable, but can not be pushed back.
Very rarely cause discomfort. May cause itching or burning. Blossoms. Bleeding often strong.
Rarely is blood seen. Blood is sometimes seen, but not much. Cause pain. In addition to sometimes severe pain, women often feel that a foreign body is in the anal area.

2. The treatment of hemorrhoids in pregnancy is often possible with simple means

During pregnancy, minor problems can be treated by hemorrhoids themselves. Even simple home remedies can help here to relieve the first signs and fight the cause. If you feel hemorrhoids already in early pregnancy, you should take yours Relieve intestines and refrain from eating, which can lead to constipation. Good home remedies for constipation are:

  • Psyllium (especially tasty in cereal)
  • Dehydrated fruit
  • fruit juices
  • Milk and yogurt

In addition, you can Sitz baths true miracles Act. It is best to use chamomile to heal this often irritated area. From when you should go to the gynecologist is a matter of sensation.

If you are unsure, be sure to call your doctor right away. Depending on the severity, he may prescribe an ointment to treat the irritated area. Which ointment is prescribed depends on the degree of hemorrhoids. At the beginning, a marigold ointment is already a quick help. If you can not reach your gynecologist, the midwife is also a good contact person at first – she may also be able to get a first impression of the severity of the hemorrhoids.

Advantages and disadvantages of the treatment of hemorrhoea >
  • Do not harm the child.
  • Different means can be found in almost every household.
  • Simple and cost-effective way to control the uncomfortable hemorrhoids.
  • Not all home remedies are well-suited and some may even aggravate the symptoms (stuffing food).
  • Out of ignorance, many women do not go to the doctor and try home remedies themselves – this can make the hemorrhoids worse.

2.1. With medications, homeopathy or surgery, the treatment of hemorrhoids in pregnancy can be supported

OP not always necessary

A therapy is also possible in the form of setting. This involves wrapping a band around the affected area so that blood circulation is stopped. The tissue dies off.

An ointment is not always sufficient for treating hemorrhoids during and after pregnancy. At the first degree – in addition to the ointment – often prescribed a suppository, which can act directly through the introduction “at the scene“. Asking is usually recommended for second degree hemorrhoids. The complete removal is recommended only at the 3rd and 4th degree.

Whether removal is necessary can only be determined by the doctor. External and therefore well visible and noticeable hemorrhoids remove the doctors almost always (unless they can be pushed back slightly as in the 3rd degree and cause no further problems).

Important to know: Surgery for hemorrhoids during pregnancy is rarely performed. Depending on the symptoms you experience, it may be worthwhile to go to the Hömöopathat. Much can be done with tea tree oil. Prevention can also be done with globules.

3. Important questions and answers

3.1. When are hemorrhoids dangerous?

Hemorrhoids are not dangerous, only unpleasant if they occur during pregnancy or after birth. What helps, it’s best to discuss it with your doctor. It is important to remember that changes to the body during pregnancy are not always harmless.

Also Sexually transmitted diseases or thromboses can make themselves felt and at first feel like hemorrhoids.

3.2. How to Treat Hemorrhoids with Nasal Spray Is that really possible?

Depending on which doctor you go to, it may well be that Nasal spray against the hemorrhoids is prescribed. This is simply sprayed on a cotton pad and dabbed around the area around the hemorrhoids.

The background: Nasal spray has a decongestant effect on the mucous membranes and can thus contribute to the relief.

3.3. How do you know that home remedies work??

If the home remedies strike, the symptoms quickly subside. Often the next day no signs are felt. If the home remedies have no effect, you should consult a doctor.

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