Here you will learn everything important about wrapping

Wrap – Here you will learn everything important

Changing is a topic that accompanies parents and children from the first day together for several years. There are many factors involved in making wrapping both parents and children happy and enjoyable.

Warm, safe and clean – information about wrapping

Which changing mat is best for wrapping the baby? Which heater keeps the baby warm while changing? And how best prevents the development of odors through full diapers? All this can be found in our reports.

We inform you whether there is a test of a large consumer magazine for the respective product group and make a comparison based on the product descriptions.

diaper pail

Full diapers smell in general not exactly roses and so not every diaper must be worn separately outside in the trash and the smell still does not spread in the apartment, there are the practical diaper pails.

They also have to trap the odor well and, moreover, they should be easy to handle and well to empty. Which diaper buckets can convince and what else does it matter to buy? You read this in the big diaper pail test & comparison

Baby radiant heater

Babies are not allowed to cool down and the baby should always keep it warm while changing. There is a baby radiant heater, which is attached to the wall on the changing table or is placed with a stand next to it and ensures that it is always cuddly warm on the changing table.

What is better, wall spotlight or spotlight with base? Which safety criteria must be observed? What else do parents have to pay attention to when buying a baby radiant heater and what about energy consumption? This and more can be found in the baby radiant heater test & comparison

Changing mat

Changing pads are practical. They turn almost every surface into a changing table. But for which document should parents decide? With or without cover, with or without raised side panels? Which changing pads are particularly hygienic, which are particularly safe and what should you generally pay attention to when buying? You will find out in the changing documents test & comparison


In addition to the stroller and car seat, a baby changing table definitely belongs to the initial equipment for the baby. Many parents wish to wrap their child in the room. That is why changing tables are very popular. Your advantage: You are provided with a changing mat, which you can take off. All info in the article: Changing table test & comparison

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