High blood pressure in children – high blood pressure – no thanks!

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Hypertension, also called hypertension, is usually discovered accidentally in both adults and children. Increased blood pressure values ​​are also being found in children. Doctors even fear that the number of illnesses in this regard will continue to rise. The determination of the correct blood pressure values ​​should be experienced pediatrician be left to. For this reason, parents should make sure to take all child check-ups on a regular basis.

What are the causes of high blood pressure in children??
First, a medical distinction is made between secondary and primary hypertension. The first form is mostly due to organic diseases. These include, for example, congenital vascular malformations, heart-or kidney diseases but also tumors. Children under ten years of age already suffer from increased blood pressure, this is often due to organic factors. Primary hypertension, on the other hand, is when organ diseases can be excluded. Here is the most common reason overweight to call. There is also an unhealthy diet and a lack of exercise. An inherited predisposition to high blood pressure can also be the cause.

What are the symptoms in children with high blood pressure??
In most cases, high blood pressure is not noticed and happens to be noticed by the doctor. Frequent headaches, nosebleeds or dizziness can be signs of high blood pressure. Palpitations, restlessness and shortness of breath should also be examined by a doctor. Warning signs of high blood pressure in children can be interpreted as seizures, visual disturbances and severe headaches.

How is hypertension treated in children?
Extensive tests are carried out to identify or rule out underlying diseases. In addition to the physical examination, blood and urine values ​​are also important. There is also an EKG and chest X-rays. The doctor also carries out ultrasound examinations of the heart and abdomen. If an underlying disease is diagnosed, treatment takes precedence. In addition, the doctor can prescribe antihypertensive agents.

If primary hypertension is found in children, changing their previous lifestyle is the first and most important step in treatment. The focus here is on weight reduction, weight control, a healthy diet and sufficient exercise. A permanent healthy lifestyle contributes significantly to the fact that blood pressure is in the normal range. Children are prescribed special beta-receptor blockers or ACE inhibitors against high blood pressure on prescription from the doctor.


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