High quality dentures of mdh ag

High quality dentures of mdh ag

Dentures with quality guarantee

The decision for a particular dental treatment is always linked to the question of the costs incurred. The statutory health insurance companies provide for each treatment only a fixed subsidy, which is based on the cost of a standard care and is evident in the treatment and cost plan. For this reason, there has been an increase in so-called dental tourism in recent years; Also, more and more dental clinics abroad are promoting German customers. However, a treatment abroad for the patient is often associated with additional travel costs and a lot of time.

For patients who simply want to stay with the dentist they trust, MDH AG offers a good alternative. We have moved the manufacture of dentures to China and have been making high-quality dentures there for years. Delivering quality at an affordable price: that’s our claim since the first day, which we have been able to implement for more than half a million patients so far. Instead of going abroad yourself, you can just use cheap dentures from abroad and continue your dental treatment in the familiar practice of your local dentist.

You benefit from our significantly lower labor and structural costs compared to a German laboratory, and can thus significantly reduce your overall bill for dental treatment. In dentistry production in our Chinese laboratory in Shenzhen, a team of experienced dental technicians from Germany as well as state-of-the-art equipment ensure that you and your dentist will be completely satisfied with the denture quality.

Dental prostheses can be made abroad is a matter of trust

We only use high-quality materials in the manufacture of dental prostheses, all of which are approved in Germany and are also used in German dental laboratories. All materials are certified with the CE seal and comply with the requirements of the Medical Devices Act. For you this means the certainty that only the best materials are used for your dentures.

You will receive a patient passport in which all the substances used are registered without any gaps, including a binding material guarantee and declaration of conformity. In addition, we offer a warranty of 4 years on each of our manufactured dentures.

We also rely on modern, computer-aided technology in production. In this way, we can guarantee the highest precision in the manufacture of dentures – for a result that will last a long time. And that at much better terms than with a comparable service from a German dental laboratory.

Dentures quality is guaranteed by the market leader MDH

We ensure by a complex quality management that only perfect dentures will be delivered. The first inspection takes place in our master laboratory in Mülheim an der Ruhr, the production control is carried out in our laboratory in Shenzhen, China by experienced German master dental technicians, and before the delivery to your dentist a final inspection takes place again in our Mülheim laboratory.

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