High talent in children – not always a blessing

A child always sits alone in kindergarten, paints and looks at books, lays out patterns from colored beads, sorts building blocks in a pattern that only he can understand. If other children invite you to play along, it tends to be negative. Help is often asked for when more complex solutions are required. In the afternoons and evenings, the child is aggressive, looks for physical closeness, but reacts to everyone small Prompt with an explosion. What is Come on?

Intelligence is very individual. It cannot be determined by age-appropriate development, it is only partially genetically determined and is not completely dependent on the environment and the funding. To this day, it is not known exactly how intelligence comes about, which is responsible for "high talent" and "below average talent". But one thing is certain: highly gifted children are usually conspicuous in one way or another even in kindergarten age, are less likely to integrate into groups of the same age, and simply play "differently". They often deal with their own thoughts, which they implement artistically and creatively. They are often aggressive, break out in anger, need time to "disgrace" themselves again. They are frustrated by everyday tasks, cannot handle their own impatience, and are very emotional.

Signs of above-average talent (high talent) in children

  • Occupation with non-age-related topics and games
  • Solitary, but popular with older children
  • questions everything, is extraordinarily interested in relationships
  • often crawls into books at an age when other children are just starting to get interested in letters and words
  • is underwhelmed by everyday things, refuses simple duties such as homework
  • is striking in school lessons through reverie and junk
  • is highly emotional, slightly frustrated
  • can control emotions with difficulty, explodes easily

Help, advice and later development for gifted students

Children who are blessed with a talent or gift are not always easy in everyday life. While they can still be supported relatively easily in kindergarten, it becomes difficult at the latest when they start school. Many already receive the recommendation in kindergarten to go to school one year earlier than at the age of five. This is not wrong in itself, but can only be a first step. Because even a year younger than classmates, these children have more complex interests, a quicker grasp and are easily bored. Parents and children need help, they have to learn to deal with mental capacities and the associated stress. Because despite the above-average talent, the children are still children in other respects and need what their peers need. A lot of love and patience are important, and yet everyday family life will often escalate. There is help in children– and adolescent psychiatrists, but also with curative educators. A first step is an intelligence test that can result in special school support. Parent initiatives, interest groups and special offers from high schools and universities (children’s university, for example) offer suggestions in everyday life and can pave the way for relaxed handling of the special needs of talented children. Parents and children need patience. Pressure only hurts, destroys the relationship, the children’s self-esteem and self-confidence. This is damage that can never be undone. Help is available here, for example:


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