Hiking in the sauerland with children, hiking trails for families

Hiking in the Sauerland with children, hiking trails for families

Walking with childrenTraveling with children in the Sauerland

Hiking holidays with children are very popular. More and more parents are realizing that their own joy of an active vacation with lots of nature, exercise and fresh air can be reconciled with the needs and interests of their children. After all, there is something to discover behind every blade of grass in the field, forest and field.

A fact that at the beginning may result in unusual “downtimes” and drastically reduce the usual daily kilometers, but in return intensifies the experience of nature and reactivates scout and school knowledge that has long been thought to be lost.

Important: play, fun and adventure should be in the foreground. True to the motto: short legs – short ways. Ask your Wandergasthof host for suitable tours. He will be happy to help you. You can also find an overview of creative and child-friendly themed trails under Adventure trails.

Jogger or Kraxe?

If you are drawn to nature with small children, you should include an all-terrain stroller and / or a comfortable cot.

Please make sure that the stroller has proper suspension and the largest possible air-filled tires. A so-called jogger with three wheels, brake and hood is ideal for uneven forest and hiking trails.

If you go hiking regularly and want to ignore the stroller compatibility of the route, it is recommended to buy one Kraxe. Children up to 20 kg sit perfectly in these small litter with sun and rain protection. Well-thought-out models also ensure that the shoulder straps and pelvic straps are adjustable and padded so that they can be optimally adjusted to the wearer. Factors that you will appreciate on long tours because they reduce the physical strain to an absolutely acceptable level. In addition: a backpack is not without.

Adventure trails for children

What is a Chinese beard? How can the speed of a flowing water be calculated and how can you tell whether the storm or the snow has knocked over a tree? The forest adventure trails around Schmallenberg and Eslohe provide answers to these and many other interesting questions.

With a length of 2 to 4 kilometers, they take children from the age of 8 with them on an exciting two to three-hour excursion into nature. They explain relationships, require skill and knowledge and are guaranteed to be great fun for young and old.

Questionnaires and explanations of the individual stations can be found in the tourist offices and inns where necessary. Weatherproof clothing and sturdy footwear are recommended.


From Nordenau to Westfeld, forest newspapers and peep boxes explain in natura the historical development and use of the forest from the Hudewald to the juniper heath and the Brandtenholz.

Family hiking trail and nature trail

Children can understand nature in a playful and interactive way – thanks to the forest xylophone, insect hotel, memory game, barefoot path, water cycle, orchard and other stations.

Hollenpfad Bödefeld

Start and end point: guest information / church
Fabulous things combined with natural gems: barefoot and jungle path, treading pool, charcoal burner, wetland, Hollenquelle and Hollenhaus, game reserve, nature experience playground, hut village, rattle bike

Wooden fun house

From the wood and tourism center Schmallenberg to Fleckenberg
10 stations between the ground and tree tops explain why musical instruments are made of wood, why trees grow and how much wood grows in the Schmallenberger Sauerland within two hours.

Bad Fredeburg forest adventure trail

Quarry – Buchhagen – Cold Schlade
Traces and flight pictures, behaviors and preferences of the two- and four-legged forest dwellers – small and large scouts of the animal world find out here.

Forest adventure trail Dorlar

On the Parmberg
Long jump against the forest animals, puzzle flight pictures of birds of prey, guess barefoot floor coverings – here children measure strength and knowledge with skill.

High Bone Forest Adventure Trail

Start and end point: Berghotel Hoher Knochen near Westfeld See, hear, smell, taste and feel – whoever walks this path experiences the connections in the forest with all their senses.

With the kind support of the hiking world Schmallenberger Sauerland

Nature trailLearn under the canopy

The nature adventure trail awaits you right after the Panorama Adventure Bridge on the Winterberg Cap. There, visitors get to know the forest and its inhabitants. Squirrel Kappi accompanies them and explains everything exactly.

The mascot is a local companion who has a lot to say about animals and plants. On the 700 meter long path, hands-on stations invite you to "grasp" in the truest sense of the word. For example "On the prowl", "Balance Station ”,“ Platform of the Senses ”,“ Outdoor Classroom ”or“ Long Jump of the Animals ”.

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