Hiking package: april 2009

Thursday April 30, 2009

My choice

With a heavy heart I have now decided and would like to take out the following substances:

I had committed to colorful flower fabric from Bizzkids / Stenzo
Stenzo Rosenjersey
2 x 1/2 meter jersey by Ina
. and if I may and we find another exchange material, the turquoise Vichykaro

And then I summarize the previous voting:
The scattered flower fabric (tilda-like) and the dark blue polka dot jersey each have 3 votes. I actually wanted to put a small piece of the jersey into the left-over bag, but I still have 1 meter piece. Then I put it in as a whole exchange object if no one is against it.

And now I’m throwing a few more into the round, maybe these will also lure the participants behind the stove who have not yet voted:
Image 1

Left: Bizzkids linen, batik beige-brown
middle: viscose crincle with fringed ribbon
right: Bizzkids poplin beige-brown batik pattern
picture 2

Embroidered jeans
picture 3

left and middle: camo fabrics, left is jeans or twill-like, middle rather smooth BW fabric
right: fine cord with applied flowers
Image 4

3 x fine cord, the left one is not quite 1 meter, here I would add 30 cm of turquoise cord, middle like the brown one from the previous picture, right: China rose in fine cord, not velvet
Image 5

2 x cotton batiste, embroidered

I’m curious to see what comes next.

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Wednesday April 29, 2009

So now I’ve looked inside.

but nothing like that yet Law select. Nevertheless, you can vote what you want.
Image 1:
for the remaining jersey bag:
left cotton jersey, approx. 70 cm full width
middle smocked cotton jersey, almost 1 meter, half width and attachment
on the right jersey blended fabric (high percentage of cotton, I think rest of viscose) with Pooh bear bees
about 1 meter, half width

Photo 2: jerseys
left: I would put in viscose almost 1.5 meters completely
middle Bizzkids summer sweater 1 meter
right Sanetta-Jersey 1 meter

picture 3
left: linen orange, embroidered with turquoise red and pink 1 meter
middle: colorful cotton fabric 1 meter
right: viscose, flowing for blouses etc. light blue and flocked with asterisks and flowers, 1 meter

Image 4
left high quality cotton poplin, 1 meter
left in the middle also cotton, about 1, 3 meters (I would put it all in)
on the right center checkered seersucker 1 meter
right: like Tilda. pink scattered floral fabric, 90 wide but approx. 2 meters

Image 5
Left: more beautiful BW poplin, approx.1.5 meters
right: color-coordinated, very soft baby cord
(Edit: in the photo is a linen fabric that I once bought as a combination fabric with the poplin. But it has now been processed in a different way. A fine cord in light apricot is on offer.)

So now I’m curious about your reactions and in the meantime go to see what I want to take out.

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Package is there

but haven’t looked in yet. This afternoon I had coffee with the neighbors ‘wives (for communion) and this evening I have to go to school for parents’ evening. But I’ve already looked for substitutes for you. Let’s see: maybe there will be something later in the evening. After all, I’m curious too.
Alexandra (hits-4-kids)

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Friday April 24, 2009

And that was the fourth prank.

Here are the REIN fabrics:

When I was packing up I noticed that I had cut 2 Emelys off the edge, so I added some little bird weaving tape, sorry! But it’s really not much!

TOTAL picture:

Deas bag, jule cut, jersey remnants and the crunch bag:

And the new box:

TATAAAA! Let’s go to Alexandra L.!

Track the shipment number from tomorrow at hlg.de:

I will then register for the 5th prank.

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