Hiking poles – telescopic poles for the mountain tour

Trekking poles – Telescopic poles for the mountain tour

walking sticks are today sophisticated technical products to relieve the hikers and mountaineers. In addition, they help to maintain balance in rough terrain. Just on the descent they help to relieve the knees.
The heart of a telescopic Stocks is the clamp. There are different systems here. But otherwise there are details that you should pay attention to.


The “heart” of walking sticks is the clamping mechanism. There are now different systems. external terminals have the advantage that you can adjust them yourself and that they hold a lot. inside terminals have the advantage that they are less bulky and you will not get stuck anywhere. Since a short time there is also one Length adjustment by means of a pressure mechanism.


The handle must match the user. Both of the form and the material. From plastic (for cheap sticks) about cork up to EVA handles the range is enough. There are no fundamental advantages and disadvantages here. You just have to try it!

Which material is the best?
Karbon is super light, but very sensitive to heavy load. If it runs stupid breaks such a stick ever quite fast.
aluminum is a bit heavy, but very stable. Breaking aluminum sticks rarely does break. If they are used too much, they tend to bend.


The metal tips Mountaineering sticks should be hardened so that they do not wear off over time on rocky and rocky surfaces. On flexible stick end protects against bending and breaking when the stick gets stuck or overstressed. Whether you are with one small plate or completely without a plate walks, comes a little on the field of application. There is no need for a plate. It does not need a big plate anyway. Some telescopic hiking poles also have Laces with suspension to absorb vibrations.


Often the question also arises as to how many segments a walking stick should consist of. two Piece recommend in winter, in summer rather less because they pushed together yet very long are! Vierteiler are pushed together very short and ideal for climbers and mountaineers who use the sticks for the approach need. Of the normal hiking stick usually has for the summer mountain hike three segments. These are pushed together also nice short to attach to the backpack, but are nevertheless stable and light enough.

Source: Alpin – The Mountain Magazine

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