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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Perfect Match – hat, scarf and winter jacket

Here is my contribution to the January theme of Perfect Match by Maikäfer and Starky’s plays. Suitable for my beloved softshell jacket in denim blue and mine I also sewed a cuddly hat out of the remains of wool fleece in the denim blue wool fleece neck sock.

In the area of ​​the ears I sewed a strip of wool fleece so that the fleece is double there. The hat cut is actually a child’s cut from the Ottobre that I like to sew for my daughter (I See You from issue 6/14).

The hat fits well under the bike helmet and keeps you warm.

Cut: Beanie I See You / Ottobre 6/2014
Fabric: Merino wool fleece (organic) from Danisch Pur

Sunday, January 27, 2019

12 From the fabric shelf structure

Selmin von Tweed and Greet has again called for an annual challenge this year. Every month we deal with the content of our wardrobe on a specific topic.

I approached the subject in two different ways. On the one hand, I made two stucco-textured fabrics that had a nice long stay in my closet and I was looking for a suitable project for them.

Here is one of them. It is the rest of my Chanelle jacket that I sewed last December. I also selected a structured wool fabric in sand-black. The two substances have one high Wool and are very warm. I will deliver the finished piece on occasion.

Much more work was structuring my fabric shelf and systematically cataloging its contents.

The two compartments on the top left dominate cotton jersey, mainly sorted by color for children’s clothing. The sweat fabrics are stacked on the bottom left, next to them the cuffs. My woven fabrics are in the two compartments on the top right. On the left the heavier fabrics like cord and jeans, on the far right rather thin cotton fabrics. At the bottom right are leftovers, in the compartment next to them knitwear and viscose jersey mainly reserved for me.

I not only rearranged the shelf, but also measured every single fabric and created a register. So I can quickly look up whether I have the right fabric for a cut. I also want to keep my inventory under control and not buy more than I sew.

I am excited to see what others have got into your hands on the subject of structure.

Remaining and upcycling pineapples – gimmicks

I have been following the stuffed toys for a long time and find the ideas and suggestions of the participants very inspiring. This time the topic is upcycling and is presented on the Textile Works blog. Upcycling is a topic that I have been dealing with for a long time and therefore a good, low-threshold entry for me to participate in the stuffed toys.

For me, the material for upcycling is jeans. I collect worn jeans from all my relatives and process them further, mostly into children’s pants. I always find it amazing that adult pants are not enough for children’s pants in size 122. At least not if the original bags and the waistband should not be taken over. For me, the proportions usually don’t fit, which is why I rarely refer to them.

My family’s owned wool sweaters are also waiting for a second life. For the fabric gimmicks, I used wool fleece scraps with the remains of two sweaters to make a new children’s sweater. The daughter wants a pineapple on the sweater. So I sketched out a pineapple and then rummaged for the matching color. I found green at a stored knitted sweater by me, brown and a coat remnant. The chosen pattern is AnniNanni’s pocket trick, but without a pocket.

With the dusky pink wool fleece I combined the remains of a rather perforated cash sea sweater, which had been worn first by my mother and then by me. It was quite a challenge to place all the cut parts around the holes on the starting material, but in the end it worked out. On the collar I picked up the green of the pineapple again and sewed on the cuff of the green sweater.

Since the wool knit tears easily, I sewed all the seams with the overlock. I always find it amazing how much more work upcycling projects do compared to parts that are cut from new materials. Due to the coloring, washing and wear of the starting material, the look of the finished piece is always a surprise.

I am looking forward to the other textile gadgets.

The next dates and topics are:
24.02.2019: "Color gradients" for cut by cut
03/31/2019: “Geometry” at Feuerwerk by Kaze

Fine Julia

Thursday 17th January 2019

Blogger year 2019

I love blog campaigns, sew-alongs and sewing challenges. In this sense, the year got off to a good start for me, as several interesting actions by sewing bloggers started.

Woman looks forward to the seasons Sew-Along.
The aim is to sew at least one piece of clothing (preferably several) for your seasonal wardrobe in every season and to point to "Woman is looking forward to it". There are four linking periods (analogue to the four seasons) :-)

  • for the parts of your spring wardrobe February 15th – 20th
  • for the parts of your summer wardrobe from May 15th to 20th
  • for the parts of your autumn wardrobe the 15th-20th August
  • for the parts of your winter wardrobe November 15th – 20th

Usually I always sew on the last pusher, but this time I’m in good time, because I’ve already finished the first part for my spring wardrobe and a second one is only missing the hems. If the weather cooperates, I can take photos as early as next weekend.

I would like to use this sew-along to top up my basic wardrobe. Last year I got a lot further on the way to a networked wardrobe (capsule wardrobe). I got the key to this in an online course "Stylish in 8 weeks", which I completed last spring and repeated again in autumn. Since then I have freed myself from some textile balast and am coming more and more only to have clothes in my closet that I also wear and that I especially like. My streaking actions were really terrifying. I really hoarded a lot of inappropriate and unloved clothes in my closet. I am really scared of myself. Over the past year, I’ve halved the closet space I’ve used and now use exactly the same amount of closet space as my husband.

I still have enough clothes, but I have to wash the T-shirs often because the amount is only enough for one working week. That’s why I would like two shirts for one of my favorite styles for my spring wardrobe "Vintage lines" sew from the Ottobre. I already have three shirts after this cut and I especially love the two in olive green. Never change a winning team. That’s why I chose two olive-green fabrics, even the same one that I’ve sewn before. On the one hand I used the remains of this dress for a shirt with a half arm. I sewed the other shirt from a rib knit from Lillestoff. Both fabrics are high quality and durable. This is also important to me for my basic wardrobe, because I don’t want to have to dispose of my sewn works after three washes.

My plans for the spring also go well with the sewing kitschle link party.

Projects from books and magazines can be linked here. I’m a little magazine junkie and I have a lot of magazines. I buy Ottobre and La Maison Victor regularly. Burda and fashion style now and then. I also bring some unknown magazines with me from the station kiosk. For me, I like to sew from the cuts from the magazines. You will get to see a lot this year too.

The Challenge from Tweet fits particularly well with my plan to get rid of some fabric closet bodies & Greet "12 From the fabric shelf. The challenge becomes a monthly sewing and inspiration trip in our own fabric stock. In January we deal with the topic of structure. I am also good at this and have even sewn the first two fabrics.

Maikäfer even has two annual campaigns on the blog this year. On "Two colors" follows "Literally colorful". Every month a new letter is drawn from which we should be inspired. In January it is the turn of the letter D and I am still completely uninspired. Dress, thick fabric, swivel dress? The spark between the D and me has not yet completely jumped over.

The further campaign by Maikäfer together with Starky’s pieces again fits very well with my plans for a networked wardrobe.


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