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Wednesday May 31, 2017

Picaflor meets roses

Today I want to show my third Carlinca from trial sewing. I really liked this cut. I was able to sew another modal out of a Lillestoff lucky package. It went perfectly with a rest of viscose jersey. Picaflor station wagon meets roses.

The cardigan was a loyal companion during the transition period. At the moment it is too warm for jackets. But I don’t want to complain because I love summer, sun and heat. Even if it doesn’t match the current weather, I don’t want to withhold my Carlinca from you.

Thanks to some trial sewing, I am now able to sew a relatively large amount for myself again. I will be able to show a lot in the next few weeks.

Have a nice Thursday

cut: Cardigan Carlinca by Aunt Adel
Fabric: Modal Black Picaflor combi and viscose jersey (bought from Glückpunkt)

Optical Ilusion

Sybille from dasbürofürschönedinge opens MeMadeMedwoch today with a casual shirt dress by Named Pattern.

I want to introduce my new skirt again.

Ms. Lilia von Hedi Sewt fools me with an optical illusion. Therefore I had to take new photos again to make sure that the skirt suits me and in no way makes me fatter than I am. When I look down at myself, the skirt looks very disadvantageous and seems to be unnecessarily bulky on the hips. However, the photos reconcile me with this skirt.

I left out the pockets and extended the mini skirt to just over the knee length. I feel very comfortable with this length.

Tuesday May 30, 2017

Place there, now my skirt is coming

And again I have my plans for "I sew my mini wardrobe"changed. Only in January did I sew what I had in mind: the AnniNanni basic shirt (Jersey top). In February I sewed a blouse as planned, but not the cut from La Maison Victor but an Ottobre cut. In March there was only a placeholder skirt made of a test fabric. In April I then switched from a relatively elaborate cut from La Maison Victor to the quickly sewn top Ms. Ida.

In May I replaced my placeholder skirt with a skirt suitable for everyday use. However, I have already deviated from my plans. Actually it should be an AnniNanni skirt in the hip version. However, the trial skirt showed that the cut is not optimal for me and is very bulky. The waist variant would probably be more advantageous. I don’t like waist skirts, however.

So I rummaged through my digital pattern pool and dug out another Hedi cut. Ms. Lilia is quickly sewn and therefore came to me for my last minute project. In one evening I printed, glued, cut and sewed and today I can start my new skirt into work. Thank you very much for the motivation dear Miriam!

I sewed a light denim fabric, a find from the fabric market that was already waiting in the fabric shelf. For reasons of time, I simply left out the bags.

Sewing for me fell behind because I had to sew for my little daughter. It grew out of many things and so I sew bodies, shirts, and lots and lots of pants. I still have to be active with the shorts.

Friday May 26, 2017

KSW 25 – Look through the keyhole

For today’s Friday, I’d like to take a look through the keyhole. I will be there again at KSW – Kreative Stoffververarbeitung. This is already in the 25th round. Many thanks for aligning, dear Ms. Suvi, and many thanks to Appelkatha for the supervision of the campaign in the background.

Janine from Ms. Suvi sent a very nice fabric on the trip. It is a relatively firm but non-slip cotton or cotton blend, cream-colored with a pink check pattern.

The fabric immediately conquered my heart and I sewed it up a day after it arrived. Can you guess what I sewed it to? on 8.7. there is the resolution.

Thursday May 25, 2017

Like Desigual, only more beautiful

Desigual is a Sch. on the other hand. This was written by a sample sewing colleague about her patched Carlinca. And she was right. I picked up on her idea and cheerfully patched my remnants of knitting together into a Carlinca.

I think the photos show how great I think my designer part is.

My patched Carlinca is almost more a coat than a cardigan, because I opted for the long version, the pointed front of which goes well beyond the knee length.

The gray rope, by the way, with a small heart pattern, came from a surprise package from Sewing Child and, with a length of less than 1 m, was too little fabric for a complete piece of clothing. The black / gray dotted double face from Lillestoff came to me as a remnant. The other sewn fabrics are leftovers from other projects. From the black double face, also from Lillestoff, I sewed a dress and a bolero. A sweater was made from the red / black dotted fabric. Incidentally, I didn’t leave the edges open here, but rattled around with the overlock.

Cut: Cardigan Carlinca by Aunt Adel
Fabric: Remnants of knitting, including Lillestoff Doubleface and Jaquardstrick bought from sewing children

Tuesday May 23, 2017

Unicorns, unicorns everywhere

Thank you for your constructive comments on my anger mail. I felt better immediately after I wrote my anger off my soul and Sunday was very harmonious.

Today I can offer a real contrast to my complaint, namely pink-purple glittery Unicorns. How did it get this far? Just keep reading.

When I click through other bloggers’ posts, I see unicorns everywhere. Then it occurs to me that I have not yet shown the unicorn part I sewed. Yes, I did it! I sewed a fabric with unicorns on it. How could that happen? Very simple: the unicorns were knitted into the wonderful jackets by Albstoffe and are on a background of rich purple. Even I became weak.

The dress hero vest was created in trial sewing for AnniNanni. The cut can do much more than cute, cheesy. One cool piece after another was created during trial sewing. Police vest, paw patrol or magician. You can really let off steam and sew a real hero outfit for your children.

The jacket is a little tricky to sew because it has a relatively large number of cut parts and several layers have to be sewn together, including a zip. I swore at the first vest that I swore I would never touch this cut again and then sewed the second.

In order to make the fabric look better, I have omitted the rear partitions. The bum bag in front had to be despite wild unicorns. For the edging, I used the rainbow-colored combi jersey to match the unicorns.

Have a wonderful day!

Cut: Little heroes – jacket / vest by AnniNanni
Fabric: Jackquard Lenis Dream and Jersey rainbow stripes by Albstoffe, design Hamburger Liebe (bought from Amy&Hatch)

Sunday May 21, 2017

Saturday anger

I used Saturday to get annoyed. Otherwise I haven’t done anything that makes sense. Pretty stupid actually.

I was annoyed about the child, who simply did not want to hear and made a change with defiance and howling fits.

I was also annoyed by my husband, who used his life as a house man to complete his electronics project instead of clearing the house. And then showed no insight. "The dirt can still be removed next week."

I didn’t get anything myself. Watched trash and let me sprinkle on Facebook.

If I continue to be annoyed that I have only been annoyed all day, nothing is gained.

Friday May 19, 2017

To sleep in Sweden

For a long time I refused to sew underwear and nightwear myself. Now I have discovered how much fun such everyday trifles are. Especially beautiful is that my daughter is particularly fond of dressing up the colorful, self-sewn parts.

The child grows like weeds. out of his clothes and therefore urgently needs new pajamas for kindergarten. So that the dressing goes smoothly there, I have processed some particularly beautiful fabrics into pajamas. This is from Lillestoff Swedish summer and is very much loved. mission accomplished!

Because the beautiful fabric was not enough for all the cut parts, I cut the back of the trousers from red unijersey. Because the cuts "Raw edge detail" and "Slim fit leg"from Ottobre Design 1/17 have already proven themselves in this pajamas, I used them again this time.

The Little Rider had to change her horse once in the three minutes I needed for the photos. The first had apparently got tired and had worn off a bit.

Fabric: Swedish summer from Lillestoff
Cuts: Ottobre Design 1/17 Raw Edge Detail and Slim Fit Leg

Thursday May 18, 2017

Cardigan Carlinca

A great love of cardigans began with trial sewing at Aunt Adel’s. Carlinca is a fuzzy, fuzzy jacket with a short shawl collar and cuts a good figure with almost all my outfits. Festive with a little black dress, chic with a blouse for the office or casual with a T-shirt and jeans. My three Carlincas now accompany me almost every day during the transition period.

The color of my first Carlinca didn’t suit me very well and it was also a little bit big. That’s why I gave it away to my mom.

The cut can be sewn in three lengths. I chose the medium length, which is still knee length at the front.

For this Carlinca I have combined two Lille fabrics. The wonderful Modal Black Roses was in my Lillestoff lucky package and found the perfect combination partner in the black rib jersey. I hadn’t really liked the material in photos and I wouldn’t have chosen it consciously. However, when I held it in my hands, I was immediately impressed. With red I leave my color comfort zone (and also the recommendations for my summer type), but find that the fabric fits me very well despite everything.

I think my love for Carlinca is also related to my laziness. The jacket is sewn in no time because the edges are not overcast. The only challenge is the flowing fabric, which has to be cut very carefully and stuck with many needles.

For the photos I have combined my Rosen-Carlinca with the AnniNanni heart dress. In my eyes a perfect couple.

Cut: Cardigan Carlinca by Aunt Adel
Fabric: Modal Black Roses and Rippjersey black by Lillestoff

Tuesday May 16, 2017

Summer Girl Sew Along Finale

Today is the finale for the summer girl Sew Along from Kekas Welt and I and I can actually present the finished (early) summer outfit for my little girl after all doubts and bankruptcies, bad luck and mishaps.

After the somewhat unsuccessful test dress (seen here), I have now actually got a suitable dress ready. It is the model "Water melon" from Ottobre Design 1/17

After I was skeptical whether I should sew a dress for my little forest kindergarten child at all, I am now very satisfied, because the dress can easily be worn as a tunic over trousers and is well suited for the forest with its long sleeves.

The little girl was very enthusiastic about her new dress and proudly announced it "i am a queen".

The adorable cat jersey "Cats On Daisy" I got from Lillestoff in exchange for another fabric. From the remnants I sewed a sun hat after the cut of Kid5. I like this best from several tested cuts. The hat brim is also made of Lillestoff (Pea and Stripes).

All the way to the playground, over a kilometer, the little girl rode her balance bike. Actually only one lap was not planned, but we kept going and ended up on the playground. Of course we had no sand toys, no food to drink and no change of clothes.

At least the child was allowed to play with other children’s sand toys, but I felt quite inadequate among all the super mothers. I just miss the daily playground routine. It would not have happened to my husband. On the way back, the little daughter did not want to ride an exercise bike anymore, but ran joyfully in front of me almost all the way. Only the last part of the way she had to walk on my hand because of the traffic and then the good mood was over. We only got to our home without major incidents because I finally started to sing a song (tuff, tuff, tuff the train.) And she sang along enthusiastically and forgot that she was actually tired, thirsty and hungry and, above all, didn’t walk on Mama’s hand wanted to.

Cut: Water Melon, Ottobre Design Kids 1/17, Jersey sun hat by Kid5
Fabric: Lillestoff Cats on Daisy and Pea and Stripes

Tuesday May 9, 2017

Owls for the owl

The daughter has been going to daycare with enthusiasm for three weeks. Every morning the little owl walks with its group of owls into the forest. Papa no longer has to be there and at the end of this week it is also allowed to have an afternoon nap stay.

For the little owl I sewed an owl shirt based on the AnniNanni summer girl cut. The shirt was made during trial sewing and was loved from the start. It was like that at the beginning of April warm, that the t-shirt could be worn without a jacket over it and without a long-sleeved body underneath.

We are incredibly happy and relieved that our girl feels so comfortable in her group of owls, shows great affection for her caregiver and that she also likes the other teachers. She also talks about the other children with great enthusiasm.

In terms of equipment, a forest kindergarten already presents some challenges. It was not so easy to find suitable shoes in such a small size (she now has Jack Wolfskin trekking shoes in size 26). Rain pants without a strap were also a challenge. Fortunately, I can sew robust trousers myself. A cut will soon be published by AnniNanni. In the modular pants system, i.a. an outdoor version and the sugar-sweet knickerbock variant that my daughter wears in the photos.

How does it look like? Would you like further reports on the equipment of a forest kite child?

Cut: AnniNanni summer girl
Fabric: Owl jersey from a surprise package from Königlich

Friday May 5, 2017

No glitter pink

The new Link Party from Grüner Sewing awakens pure joy for me. It is called human (s) children – children’s clothing for all genders. What a great idea!

Fortunately, I sew myself, because immediately after entering the children’s department of a clothing store, I get thoughts of escape. What a nice thing it is for a world that divides small children into glitter pink pink – princess – cute on one side and in green-gray brown – superheroes – monsters – cool guys on the other. Small children! My daughter is just two years old. She is a little child. She is as much a superhero as a prima ballerina, or not.

She inherited her favorite shirt from a boy. It is red with an excavator on it. Excavators are great, at least from the perspective of a two year old.

I am not consciously aware that I am relatively gender-neutral. I simply choose fabrics that I and my daughter like well and cuts that are comfortable and practical and that my daughter likes to wear. But I am often asked by strangers whether she is a boy or a girl, which shows me that my choice is relatively often gender-neutral.

Thank you very much dear Karin for this great collection of links. You will see something from me more often!

Today I don’t want to present anything special, just a pajamas. There are no great pictures either, just snapshots. Can someone tell me why cats and children loved sitting in baskets and boxes?

This wonderful Lillestoff "Rumble in the jungle" I exchanged for another substance. My exchange partner had it in a surprise package and found it too colorful and restless. I was happy to provide a plain fabric for it and made my daughter really happy with the new pajamas. The pajamas will accompany you to the daycare center for an afternoon nap. After trying it on for the first time, she no longer wanted to take off her pajamas. Fortunately, it was on a rainy weekend day, so we could stay comfortably in the morning.

I sewed two cuts from the Ottobre Design 1/17. The top is the model "Raw edge detail" and the pants "Slim fit leg". In combination, they are very suitable as pajamas.

Fabric: Rumble in the Jungle by Lillestoff
Cuts: Ottobre Design 1/17 Raw Edge Detail and Slim Fit Leg


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