Hillbil electric car for children – absolute novelty!

This electric children’s car reaches speeds of up to 40 km/h and has a long-lasting, powerful 60V 40AH lithium battery for ranges of up to 60 km. The maximum speed is adjustable by us. Driving off-road with slopes and operation with trailer is generally possible. For very steep slopes, please switch to the 150cc.

Absolute novelty for children – 2-seater children electric car

Advantages of the electric children’s car compared to the children’s cars with gasoline:

  • You save time and money every year with the low maintenance electric car – no annual oil change, no high fuel costs, less mechanical wear and tear etc. In return, only the purchase of a new battery every few years (with sharply falling battery prices) to book.
  • No loud noises where the neighbor could get upset
  • No CO2 emissions and thus also on premises in halls as a fast means of transport usable.
  • maximum final speed is adjustable by switch (and programmable by laptop) for the safety of your children.
  • Driving without chain with differential axle

Advantages 150 cc gasoline kids vehicle over electric vehicle for kids:

  • More powerful on steep or long inclines
  • Higher final speed
  • Motor sounds for a high level of driving pleasure
  • More mechanics for technical enthusiasts
  • Better traction with trailer
  • Fast refueling possible for very long daily use
  • Lower purchase price

General information about the electric car for children:

  • gear shift – forward / neutral / reverse (D/N/R)
  • 2 speed levels – maximum speed adjustable by us
  • Maximum load 200 kg
  • Own weight approx. 190 kg
  • Minimum ground clearance 10 cm
  • disc brakes front and rear
  • With differential axle
  • With lights, indicators and horn
  • Dimension 205 x 100 x 74 cm

Information about the electric motor and battery of the electric car for children:

  • 1200 watt electric motor
  • 60V 40AH lithium battery

Maximum speed ca. 35-40 km/h (maximum speed adjustable in two stages by switch).
range: approx. 50 – 60 km
battery charging time: approx. 5 hours

The battery is one of the most important components. With this high quality lithium battery used here, a change will be necessary only after approx. 5-10 years due to a gradual decrease in the power of the batteries. The annual power drop depends on the age of the battery and the frequency of use. Very high and very low temperatures also affect the performance of the lithium battery.

Equipment details electric children’s car:

  • Off-road tires
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Faux leather seat
  • Side holders to hold
  • Seat belts for driver and passenger
  • Handbrake
  • Spare tire
  • Front window
  • Tire splash guard
  • US army sticker to apply yourself
  • Color green (other colors with surcharge)


  • the electric vehicle is not allowed for public road traffic! use in the area of the german STVZO not allowed.
  • Only drive with sufficient protective equipment.
  • Driving unaccompanied according to. Recommendation of the manufacturer from 12 years.
  • Use only on private property or designated race tracks.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x HILLBIL willys jeep kids electric car incl. Battery according to description
  • Charger
  • 1 instruction manual (english/german)
  • 2 keys

Our extra service:

  • you can test drive the different jeeps at any time for free (also on sunday). Make an appointment for this.
  • after the purchase you will receive an assembly instruction and a translated instruction manual in german by e-mail.
  • for an extra charge we do the final assembly for you and deliver the jeep ready for use directly to your home.
  • you want another color or other equipment? we are happy to put together your desired jeep (color, thickness, equipment).
  • Our free service hotline will help you with any questions during installation and commissioning, even in the evening and on weekends.
  • Very important is the spare parts procurement even years later. We have a large stock of spare parts for our different jeep models from the last years.

Assembly and operation instruction:

in spite of assembly instructions we advise for your own safety to entrust a motorcycle or car workshop of your confidence with the final assembly. Read the manual with all the instructions before use! We do not assume any warranty or liability in case of non-observance of the safety and operating instructions.

The mini-jeep is delivered in its original packaging. This means that it is 90% pre-assembled and in turn only requires subsequent assembly work. (assembly and commissioning time: 6-8 hours)

  • Mounting of the tires (if necessary. Inflate beforehand)
  • Mounting of the handlebar
  • Assembly of the mirrors with mirror fixation
  • battery if necessary. charging and connecting
  • Assembly of the seat
  • Mounting of the belts
  • Tighten the suspension (if jeep with suspension)
  • Mounting of spare tire (if jeep with spare tire)
  • adjusting the handbrake (if jeep with handbrake)
  • retightening of all screw connections
  • check all cotter pins

Our assembly service:

we can do the final assembly and commissioning for you. This will be charged extra. Contact us for this in advance or simply write this when ordering under comments in the input field.
Additional cost to the displayed price: 250 euro incl. VAT. For self-collection. 350 euro incl. VAT. When shipping by forwarding agency, because of the higher shipping costs and the extra packaging effort. The assembly time may take up to 14 days.

Delivery – inspection of the goods:

please check upon receipt of the goods if there is any damage caused by the transport company and have it confirmed in writing (if possible with pictures).
note: damage to the packaging by our shipping control and during shipping itself can not be excluded on the long transport route. We expressly point out that damage to the packaging (carton torn. ) or small scratches on the thick plastic body do not entitle to return or complaint, as you have no influence on the operation of the fun-vehicle.

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Invoice (only for kindergartens, schools, authorities, aid organizations and non-profit associations when ordered by phone or by mail. With note when ordering in advance)

means of transport for children: KNOWLEDGE

Buy children’s vehicle online – why?

Children’s vehicles buy online makes sense as soon as a child begins to walk. Children love children’s vehicles because they can move independently here. A children’s vehicle can be a classic pedal scooter for children, children’s tricycle, children’s running bike, pedal car, pedal tractor, scooter, hollander (rowing racer). This is only a small overview. Such vehicles for children can help them to train their sense of balance.

Further there are different categories of children vehicles. Many of these children’s vehicles are also suitable for the kindergarten. Below you will find a small overview:

  • Children’s vehicles which roll:
    These include e.g. B. scooters, scooters, scooters for children, scooters for children, tricycles for children.
  • Children’s vehicles for hands:
    that are z. B. walker, push cars, push car, doll carriage, hollander. this hollander – also called rowing racer, has been around for a long time and is slowly coming back into fashion.
  • Kids vehicles to pedal:
    like z. B. children’s bulldog, pedal car, pedal timer, pedal chopper, children’s tricycle.
  • Children’s vehicles with motor (mostly battery operated):
    children’s vehicles which parents& children operate yes also such a thing gives it. This includes u. A. The bollerwagen with seats and sunroof, ladder stroller, ziehmichel

Children’s vehicles what is it actually?

The toy market offers a huge variety of children’s vehicles. In our onlineshop children’s vehicle onlineshop.You have the possibility to choose a car for your child that suits you. Do you prefer a retro look or an electric (battery operated) children’s car, a children’s jeep or an electric children’s quad bike?. You have the choice. There are a variety of children’s vehicle to promote your child.

What it means to fit on?

With children’s vehicles children learn playfully what it means to watch out in traffic. Furthermore it helps the children to develop their motor skills and sense of balance.

What convey children’s vehicles?

Children’s vehicles give your child a great feeling. the child has the possibility to move independently and/or to transport something with the appropriate child vehicle from A to B playfully.

What is there for children’s vehicles?

For toddlers, especially for the first encounters with such children’s vehicles z. B. Slide cars also known as slides or also rocking horses / rocking animals. Children’s slides are optimal before the running wheel. Here they can learn the first skills and it helps at the same time to train the muscles. Sliders are available in different designs such as z. B. Fire truck, police truck, wooden truck, plastic truck or an airplane truck. Also, these children’s vehicles are available in different materials such as z. B. Wooden or plastic slides available. For the older kids offer as pure driving fun also the electric children cars at. Children’s vehicles of this type can be up to 5km/h fast. kids experience a sense of independence with these battery powered kids cars / kids jeeps& freedom.

Of course, we also have for families suitable bollerwagen, pull cart, ladder cart etc. There are also all kinds of stroller accessories available such as. B. Awning. Bollerwagen are available in different materials like z. B. plastic boller car, metal boller car, wooden boller car or wooden ladder car. For the first walking attempts are suitable quite prima the known push carriages in the form of walkers. walker cars are available in great looks. Of course, more rustic children’s vehicles are also available in addition to exclusive bollerwagen from z. B. Lando available such as go kart. These super children’s all-terrain cars are powered by muscle power or. Pedal powered. Go-karting is fun!

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