Hoftel föhr – the perfect accommodation for a family holiday


Hoftel Föhr – the perfect accommodation for a family holiday

[Update 2019: The Hofel Föhr has meanwhile closed permanently. I noticed it only because the link suddenly ran into the void and know nothing more specific. A total pity!]

The Hoftel Föhr presents itself as a perfect location for a family holiday – also and especially with small children. Family4travel has tested the accommodation. Thoroughly.

We drive from the ferry, which has brought us to Föhr in three quarters of an hour. Martin programs the navigation system and laughs. “We’ll be there in five minutes,” he says. I raise an eyebrow. The island is small, yes, but so small? I was promised remoteness in nature. Around me, I only see a lively resort – Wyk has everything a tourist could wish for, but not what we’re looking for. After a few moments, however, we leave the town behind us and are actually in the countryside. The tension in the car is rising, because we all know exactly four: This time our accommodation is something very special.

The friendly little bird greets us in Frisian in the Hoftel Föhr.

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The family hotel surrounded by greenery

In Alkersum we turn left, rushing along meadows and fields, and then we see the Hoftel already peeping through the trees. It belongs to AnneClaire and Sjirk Loogman, who, through years of loving care, have made sure that the old farmhouse turns into a hotel and creates this peculiar mixture: a farmyard. The two are warmly welcomed and lead us to the small reception office. “Moin!” We also welcome the cheeky little brand of Hoftel on the wall – a salutation, which we get used to quickly up here. Our hosts equip us with maps and all necessary information material, then they show their brand new empire. Janis gets big eyes, because everything is in his favorite color: green. I am also impressed by the harmonious interior, I am already in love with this house – and we are only in the hallway!

The boys are happy with our huge family room.

The perfect family room

The room is perfect for a family holiday. In a small vestibule there is enough space for the luggage. Even a wardrobe at a child’s height is thought. The family room itself is large and inviting. Janis is delighted: even the bedding in the loft bed is green. And there is plenty of room to play, inside on the floor and outside the patio door even more. There is also a sitting area and a desk with internet connection. We do not have to worry about “bad radiation”, because the head ends of the beds are electromagnetically shut down with mains disconnection. The bathroom is larger than ours at home, equipped with rainshower shower and bath. It’s mainly the little things that convince me: The soap is in a stylish dispenser, and I recognize only the smell that it is the good of my favorite natural cosmetics brand. Everything is perfect here, down to the last detail.

Hoftel Föhr: While dad in the guest kitchen with all matching apron in the pot stirs …

As soon as we have moved into our spacious retreat, we storm the guest kitchen. Here, too, design and functionality come together to create a symbiosis with a feel-good factor. In principle, it works like a normal hostel: every guest is allowed to load a shelf – or more, if there is still room – and they arrange themselves in the fridge. The main difference to the average youth hostel: The kitchen is tipptopp equipped, from the peeler to the cling film. Cooking is really fun here – not just the big ones. While they are stirring in their pots, the offspring occupy themselves in their own kitchen on the wall opposite.

… the boys subject the children’s kitchen to the endurance test.

Of course, our boys do not tie up the children‘s kitchen for very long. Never mind, next door in the threshing floor even older children will find plenty of entertainment. Janis and Silas choose the chess board from the collection of board games. There are also toys for outdoors, only a few steps away from the large terrace. For all ages there is maritime literature, Kapla building blocks (with which especially the daddy has his fun), and for the very little ones are slide companion and Lego Duplo there.

In the threshing floor, it gets sociable (and no, the color-coordinated children are not part of the inventory, although they would not mind moving into the Hoftel;)).

Highly recommended: the luxury breakfast in the Hoftel Foehr

The next positive surprise is the breakfast. In the morning we sit down together with the other guests at the long table. Local cheeses, marmalade, sausage and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, most of them in organic quality, pile up on the buffet. With ambivalent feelings, I note the height of the counter. Buns, topping and juice are so high up that even our almost ten year old needs help at the buffet. On the other hand, no other children have messed with my food or scooped up five slices of salmon that they did not eat. Tip: put children on the table side with the longer walk, they do not have to go up that often.

Breakfast in the Hoftel Föhr, exclusively and lovingly prepared.

We use the day to get to know Föhr. A quarter of an hour we walk to Nieblum, which is smaller and prettier than Wyk, but still alive enough. There we rent bicycles and explore the whole island. Detailed tips can be found here and here.

The Loogmans: two with a lot of passion

In the evening we meet AnneClaire and Sjirk in the Hoftel again. We make ourselves comfortable in the threshing floor, and they tell us how it all came about that they created this beautiful place. “Actually, we are Amrum fans,” says AnneClaire. “When the ferry to Amrum stopped off at Föhr and we saw the Wyk skyline, we always thought: Luckily we do not have to get out of here.” She laughs, because of course her mind has changed profoundly. Since there was no suitable object on Amrum, they eventually convinced themselves to give the softer, greener, more touristic neighboring island a chance. And they were thrilled, because Föhr has much more to offer than the tourist resort Wyk: authentic little villages with beautiful old Frisian houses (and so much more than Sylt, which is always praised for its beautiful corners – you do not have to be there afterwards search!), and just a lot of nature.

I ask the two, how did they even get the idea with the Hoftel. And already we are in the middle of sharing life stories, talking about parenting things, and everything is just like couch surfing, just more luxurious. We talk almost until midnight, and I summarize the interesting facts in quick motion: AnneClaire and Sjirk are shipbuilders by design. A job offer drove her from the Netherlands over to Hamburg. “We always used to like to spend holidays on Terschelling,” says AnneClaire. “But from our new home it was so far …” A colleague advised her to take a look at Amrum – “Because that’s a bit like Terschelling, by nature.” The desire to create a family friendly accommodation through and through , in which everyone feels comfortable, then has grown over the years due to their own experiences as parents. For the implementation of their dream, the couple has taken a lot of time, and that is why everything is thought of now.

Sjirk and Anne Claire Loogman run the Hoftel with a lot of passion.

Incidentally, the Hoftel is also particularly interesting for expectant families: AnneClaire is certified for pregnancy and baby massage according to Ayurveda teachings and offers this service to its guests. For the summer holidays, creative offers are planned for adults and children alike. Next year a few animals will move in, maybe goats or rabbits. And the outdoor area is still embellished, a small nature playground should be added. We nod as we hear this: that fits in well with the concept. But we did not miss it. We think it’s perfect now.

Our conclusion to the Hoftel Föhr

The Hoftel Föhr has the address Nieblumweg 26 in Alkersum, Föhr. There are family rooms with four or six beds and also “normal” double rooms, a total of 14 pieces. The prices are seasonal and start at 90 euros per night, the family rooms at 120.

Other reports from the Hoftel Föhr

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Many more family-focused hotels are collected by Sabine von Gecko Footsteps throughout Europe.

Transparency Note: AnneClaire and Sjirk Loogmann have family4travel invited to the Hoftel. For that we are very grateful – but gratitude does not guarantee with us wild cheering, but conscientious honesty and description of our very personal impressions, as in every other article. Should it nevertheless come to wild cheers, that is simply because we are seriously excited.

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