Holiday adé: what to do in case of illness, prevention etc? Travel4dogs

Holiday adé: what to do in case of illness, prevention etc? Travel4dogs

25.05.2018 15:00 from travel4dogs

If you have to cancel your holiday again

Anticipation is the most beautiful joy: When the long-awaited holiday is approaching, joyful anticipation and excitement rise on the journey, which may have been booked for months. Whether hiking holiday in the Alps or sightseeing in England: If the holiday falls into the water, because, for example, man or dog suddenly fall ill, the disappointment is therefore usually great.

In addition, in the right of travel, a revocation of the contract is not readily possible. There is no 14-day right of return as with goods. The right of revocation does not apply according to § 312g of the Civil Code, especially if services of accommodation, transportation, boarding and leisure activities are to be provided within a precisely defined period of time.

In principle, therefore, it can be said that both contracting parties are usually obliged to fulfill the contract. Only if the revocation arrives before or at the same time as the declaration of the conclusion of the contract, it is legally valid. So, for example, if the signed contract is still on the post, this can be revoked by a quick fax.

Cancellation and cancellation: usually only for a fee

For bookings over the Internet, however, the revocation can not usually arrive before the declaration of intent. Instead, there is the possibility of cancellation of travel in travel law. However, because the tour operator usually already incurred costs or at least incur revenue – for example due to organizational effort or vacant hotel rooms – he is entitled to a cancellation fee or a rebooking fee.

The amount of the cancellation fee is usually based on the original travel price and the expenses of the organizer. For a long-distance trip, therefore, it usually turns out to be higher than a short break in the Harz Mountains. Similarly, early cancellation may mean less cancellation fees than a short-term cancellation.

Normally, the person who withdraws from the trip, therefore, the travel price minus the expenses saved by the organizer to pay. This also applies accordingly in the event of a trip. Often the cancellation fees are already contractually fixed.

Cancellation insurance: in case of emergency on the spot

So what can travel bookers do in order not to end up on high travel expenses, even though they could not start the well-deserved vacation as planned – for example, because the dog broke his paw before his hiking holiday in South Tyrol? The solution often provides a travel cancellation insurance.

The cancellation insurance covers the cancellation costs if an insured event causes the trip to be canceled. Depending on the insurance, the insured events may differ. In general, however, include:

– Death or serious illness
– Family death
– accidents
– pregnancy
– Job loss and job change
Property damage and theft
– Delays of public transport on arrival and departure

In addition, many insurance companies also take on additional costs that arise when a trip can be started late, such as for redeemed tickets.

For example, if a couple books a round trip of approximately 2300 Euro, but can not compete because a few days before departure, one of the passengers is seriously ill, the cancellation fee can still amount to half of the travel price. A cancellation insurance covers these costs.

Report damage: often uncomplicated possible

Many insurers have a 24/7 hotline, in which the claim can be reported in the first instance. The required forms and evidence then demands the insurance. Usually that’s at least

– the bill of the booked trip,
– the information on cancellation fees of the tour operator (for example in the contract),
– Proof of cancellation (eg a veterinary certificate).

Cost of a cancellation insurance

A travel cancellation insurance has its price – but this is usually well below the cancellation fees of the trip itself. It is also based significantly on the travel price and the age of the insured. Normally it is not over 100 euros, often even under 50 euros. In most cases, a travel cancellation insurance is worthwhile.

Not always insured: the dog

However, anyone traveling with a dog should be aware that their illness, accident or other inability to travel is considered an insured event. This is not included with all providers in the standard or even possible.

As a rule, the accompanying dogs must therefore already be indicated when the insurance is taken out. In addition, it is advisable to take out a dog liability insurance, in order to cover also damages, which can develop by the dog on the journey.

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