Holiday camp for children and teenagers with camps for friends

Holiday camps all over Germany

Learn English on vacation

In the holiday camp around the clock for a week or two immerse yourself in the English language world: Pupils are supervised by native speaking camp guides from getting up to bed. In this way, they develop a new approach to language – pounding away from grammar rules and vocabulary. Both camps for friends children and teenagers experience unforgettable and exciting language holidays.

Locations of the holiday camps

All of the 13 camps for friends locations have their own individual charm

Learn English in the holiday camps

During the holidays, students learn the world language number ONE

To the English camps

Impressions in pictures and videos

Immerse yourself in the camps for friends world now!

NEW: English day camps

English day camps in Munich and Regensburg.


What do the learning groups look like in the language camps??

Dates in the language camps

Language holidays at Easter, Pentecost, summer or autumn

Language holidays for children and teenagers

Holiday camps for students from 8 to 16 years old

Language camps all over Germany

English Camps in the most popular holiday regions Germany and Austria: In the Holiday Camps on Sylt and Föhr, on Chiemsee, Tegernsee, Spitzingsee, Brombachsee, Bodensee, Edersee and in Haltern am See; in the City Camps in Regensburg and Munich as well as in our boarding school Schloss Stein, the students receive the best possible care.

Leisure fun in the holiday camps

The language camp offers an ideal combination of lessons and leisure time fun: The students experience holiday adventures in familiar and new sports such as Soccer, sailing, surfing, Canoeing, Climb, Stand-up paddling or slacklining – of course everything in English! The children and young people make many new friends with whom they stay in contact long after the language camp.

Our dates during the language vacation

If Easter holidays, Whitsun, summer holidays or autumn Holiday: In the language camps, children and adolescents in the ages of 8 – 16 years experience exciting and exciting in every season School holidays. You choose between 13 locations in the most attractive holiday regions Germany. More varied English class as well as a lot Leisure fun guarantee unforgettable Sprachferien.

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