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News from the St. Gertrud Lohne holiday camp


A golden city medal for our chef

Inge has been part of the kitchen team in our warehouse for over 20 years, for many years as its manager and at the same time as the good soul of the warehouse.
A great honorary commitment, with which she has contributed significantly to many beautiful camps and countless happy child and carer experiences!

Inge never expected to be thanked for that – bright eyes and a good time in the camp community were always thanks enough.

To the great joy of all camp drivers, Inge was awarded the golden city medal for her commitment this year – we deserve it.

But read for yourself – with the kind permission of the OV – the accompanying report:

Off to Brenken

Vacation camp jet lag and dates

We arrived safely in Lohne two days ago. And since then it has struck in full: The Summer camp-jet lag.

The physical symptoms: fatigue, weakness, dark circles under the eyes.
The social symptoms: wanderlust, sudden battle cries during meals, stories and expressions that the Lohner environment does not understand.

But no worry. As experienced camp drivers know from experience, this condition (as difficult to imagine as it may initially appear) will pass over the course of the next week. By the time we start work or school, we should all be reasonably re-socialized.

Two more dates for your planning:

The holiday camp service with subsequent photo viewing and storytelling takes place on August 20, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. in St. Gertrud.
It would be beautiful, when everyone is there. Also in the summer camp t-shirts.
If you have found shoes, clothes or other items in your children’s suitcases that do not belong to them, please bring them along for the exchange on the day.

And very important: The holiday camp 2018 willom July 25th, 2018 until March 3rd, 2018 in the shooting gallery Brenken take place just a few kilometers from Steinhausen.

If it is up to the camp children to report back from this year, a new registration mode would make perfect sense: "Anyone who does not log off is automatically logged on again". However, we understand that you as parents also want to have a say in this and will therefore be at the end of the year put the registration documents online again in the conventional way.

In this sense, until August 20!

The last day in the camp. And: Thank you very much!

Due to the nocturnal excursion, breakfast started a little later today. Then we went to the forest again with everyone. "Promotion counterfeiters" instigated the children to produce counterfeit money and to circulate it.

At lunchtime there was the perfect meal for hungry children. French fries and chicken nuggets!

In the afternoon we played soccer and dodgeball with the children. Others enjoyed an afternoon in the playground.

The last camp party is currently taking place here, at which the children can really work out again. Afterwards it is time to spend the last night on the floor before returning to our beautiful wages.

We are nearing the end of a great holiday camp 2017 in Steinhausen.

Today, a child summed up the current mood somewhere between joy at home and melancholy about the end of the camp: "I would like to stay here longer in the camp, This is simply cool. But being back at my parents’ house and sleeping in a bit – I’m kind of looking forward to that."

In this sense, the end of the camp is a good moment to say THANKS.

First of all all participating children. We had a great group in the camp and we all had a lot of fun. We very much hope that everyone will be there again next year.

Then a thank you to you as parents. We very much appreciate your trust and look forward to bringing back all the children in good shape tomorrow, with the exception of a few small scratches. We were particularly pleased with the many emails and cards from you with the friendly words for the warehouse and for our team.

A huge thank you goes to the group leaders with our camp manager Frederike. With great passion and a tremendous amount of time, they invested their free time in front of and in the camp to make the camp a great experience for everyone. Very elaborate games and handicrafts were planned and carried out meticulously, the logistics around the warehouse had to be right. After many years in Medebach, the change of location has brought many positive aspects with it (even if we have already missed some things we loved from Medebach). But the change of location has also brought about a lot more work.

Most importantly: Our team has once again managed to provide the children with the necessary feel-good factor with the fun and – well – chaos factor that belongs to each camp.

A big thank you also to the also voluntary kitchen team. Nobody comes home hungry and it usually seems to have tasted very good. Thanks to an experienced team around Inge, good local suppliers and the active help from our four kitchen ducks and a kitchen draper, everything went smoothly and with some fun.

Finally, a big thank you to the companies and organizations that supported us. Without active help, also from a financial point of view, it would not be possible to run the camp at such moderate participant fees. We would particularly like to mention the companies Pöppelmann, Küstermeyer and Nordlohne and of course our parish.

What is left to say or write?

– We will arrive at the bus station at around 2 p.m. tomorrow "Aft of tuna" on. Due to the manageable travel time, we expect a very punctual arrival, plus / minus 15 minutes. In the unlikely event that there is an unexpected delay, we can swap stories at the bus station.

– We will write the dates for the holiday camp service, the camp next year and the like at this point in the next few days. So just have a look again!

– The baby ticks persisted in the course of the camp. We have removed dozens, but would still like to ask you to check your children thoroughly again for ticks at home.

A big request to you at the end of the camp:
You will hear a lot of good things about your camp from your children. Of course we look forward to positive feedback, but above all please pass it on, register your children and their friends right away.
But you will certainly also hear some points that we can make even better in the future. Please tell, email or write these points directly to us. This is the only way we can learn from it and become better.

So that was it from the warehouse.
The editors are now packing up their office and can only be reached in Lohne again.

We thank all loyal readers for their interest!


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