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Ideas and information for holidays and travels with children and teenagers, great holiday camps, as well as book and link tips.

Holidays with children

Are you planning a holiday or a trip with your child or children and looking for tips and ideas? Then you have come to the right place. There are suggestions, information and hints with interesting holiday possibilities.

Whether holidays in a family hotel, holiday village, holiday camp, organic farmhouse or on a farm, in a children’s hotel, on land or by the sea, there is a holiday to suit every child and parent. Child-friendly and family-friendly.


Planning in advance is particularly important so that children and parents can really recover. Be sure to involve the children in the planning process. Especially the slightly older kids. Let them have a say and choose where they want to go or where they prefer to spend their holidays. After all, the children should feel at home like their parents.

Holidays with small children

Travelling with small children should not go too far. Long-distance travel is very stressful for the youngest. The tropics or high mountain regions are certainly not recommended for the young immune system.

The younger the child, the greater the risk that life-threatening conditions can occur even with diseases such as diarrhoea. And a doctor is not always immediately available.

Holidays for children and teenagers

Children and teenagers between the ages of 10-18 also like to go on holiday alone. To grandma or a girlfriend or for example to a holiday camp. Information with links to various camps can be found below this page under the heading Ferlienlager und Camps.

Holidays with children – holidays at last

Holidays with children are best enjoyed in child-friendly hotels. Where parents and children are thought of. Farm holidays have also become very popular. Experience animals and nature. The children will certainly never be bored.

What distinguishes child-friendly hotels?

Childcare with qualified staff, a special menu for children and a playroom with activities if the weather is bad.

The furnishing of the hotel should be suitable for children. Starting with childproof sockets, toilet attachments, cribs and sufficient space for prams and games.

Leisure activities for parents and children as well as offers for the care of the children, so that parents can do something for themselves in peace.

The atmosphere in the dining room should be pleasant and such that children have the opportunity to occupy themselves sensibly until the meal arrives.

If the outdoor facilities are also suitable for children and the hotel is not located directly on a street, this is certainly another advantage.


Pay attention to play and activity material for the long journeys. This way the children won’t get bored and the holiday for parents can start relaxed during the journey.

>Holidays with children in Switzerland

Reka-Ferien Family-friendly holidays in Switzerland and abroad. A wide range of holiday apartments, mobile homes, tents and hotels for families. For holidays in summer and winter, by the sea or in the mountains. Reka holiday villages are particularly popular in Switzerland or abroad.

Farm holidays The largest offer in Switzerland. The association has been offering farm holidays for 22 years. Holidays for families or holidays for children who would like to go on holiday without their parents.

Familotel Bissone Lugano Tailor-made offers for family holidays. The children’s hotel with many possibilities such as painting, handicrafts, games in the sand, grilling, pottery, pony riding, visiting the circus, go-karting, water skiing, bowling, competitions and much more.

A great offer for grandparents, parents or other legal guardians who want to go on holiday with their children.

Holidays with children in Germany

Familotel For holidays with the whole family. Familotel is a hotel chain that has tailored its offers specifically to the needs of parents and children travelling. Familoto Kinderhotels is also available in Austria, Italy, Hungary and Switzerland.

Vacation with children in Austria

Holidays in the Biolandhaus Children’s adventure weeks, holidays with the whole family in the Biolandhaus.

Holiday camps and camps

Children’s camps travel and information for camp holidays.

Football Holiday Camp For children and teenagers from 6-16 years. Training, promotion and further education. holiday camp for children, basic information for children, teenagers and parents. An attractive offer for curious kids. Vacation with sense. Great offers for children and teenagers between 5-18 years.

WWF Summer Camp Children and young people up to the age of 18 get to know and respect nature in a playful way. A meaningful holiday for children and families.


The right child seat Safe on the road in the car. Information and tips.

Travel Sickness Symptoms, Susceptibility, Causes

Parents’ forum More safety for children This forum provides you with interesting information about safe holidays with children. You can also ask questions about this topic.

Books and CD’s Children’s holiday

Discover Lake Constance with children. A popular travel and excursion destination for Swiss, Germans and Austrians. There are many suitable tips for holidays with children in this book. Child-friendly accommodation and restaurants for a relaxing holiday with the whole family.

In this book, the wishes and needs of families with children up to the age of 12 are fully catered for. Easy and challenging hikes, relaxing boat trips for young and old. If you want to enjoy unaffected country life, this guide is for you.

So that the holiday begins relaxed. Valuable tips and suggestions for flying with children. An informative and comprehensive book, well structured with many hints and sources of information.

“Going on vacation: it’s beautiful!” A wonderful radio play for children.

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