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Holiday with dog in Germany

For Germans a vacation with dog is particularly interesting in the own country, because long journeys with the car or even the airplane would like to save one as a dog owner the four-legged friend gladly. Who does not want to give the dog over the holidays in an animal boarding house or to acquaintances, for him a vacation with the dog in the own country is almost >

with the quadruped?

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When on holiday with a dog, rural regions are of course more interesting than a city. However, there are also cities where a dog can feel comfortable. For example, Munich is huge, but in the English Garden dogs can romp around to their heart’s content.

In many parks of cities, however, leashes are compulsory – and this is understandable, but there is always room where dogs can move freely. As a dog owner, you simply have to find out about this on the Internet before you go on holiday.

One of the most beautiful places for a holiday with a dog is the Alps. There are endless hiking trails and meadows where dogs can play extensively. It is also a lot of fun for the dog owner to roam through the landscape with his four-legged friend. I can particularly recommend the region around Oberstdorf in the Alps. Here it is simply wonderful, also dogs feel poodle well. One can hike along wonderfully clear rivers to the neighbouring villages.

Lake Chiemsee is also very suitable for a holiday with a dog. Here there are many dog-friendly accommodations, which supervise the four-legged friends also times, if master and mistress have something in mind, where the dog is perhaps out of place.

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The deep forests of the Eifel, Taunus, Black Forest, Odenwald and Rhön are also suitable for a holiday with a dog. The leash must nevertheless be an important utensil in the woods, because otherwise the dog can all too easily chase an animal and frighten it.

Two other extremely popular German holiday destinations are the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. By the way, there are also possibilities to let dogs run free in special areas of the beaches. However, one must always make sure that one removes the legacies quickly. But this is also in the own interest: Because who wants a beach full of dog heaps?

Especially recommended for a holiday with a dog at the Baltic or North Sea of Germany is also the low season. In winter the beaches are almost deserted. At this time of year, wonderful, long walks can be made without paying attention to children playing etc..

For a vacation with dog in Germany there are various possibilities. Get to know the most beautiful destinations and regions with us.

Hiking holiday with dog in Germany

The most popular regions for hiking holidays are the Black Forest and Bavaria with its sub-regions Allgäu, Bavarian Forest and Chiemgau. But also in the east of the country there are possibilities for long hikes with the dog, especially the Harz and Thuringia score with very well developed hiking trails.

Beach holiday with dog

The top recommendation for a bathing holiday with a dog is still the Baltic Sea with the islands of Rügen and Usedom. The number of available dog beaches at the Baltic Sea is impressive. Moreover, the infrastructure in the villages is right and also the price structure for bookings, food and maintenance during the holiday is impressive. The North Sea follows her closely on her heels in the popularity skaka. There, too, a lot is being developed for dog lovers.

Of course you can also visit the big lakes like Schluchsee, Bodensee, Scharmützelsee, Müggelsee and many others to spend a nice bathing holiday with your dog.

Shopping, Art, Culture, History

Shopping is written in capital letters in almost every big city. Munich and Berlin are likely to play a pioneering role. Whether the dog is looking forward to a big city holiday also depends on whether you can find a nice place in the countryside to spend the night, where he can romp around and move around freely. That shouldn’t be a problem with a holiday home on the outskirts of town.

In Bavaria or Saxony-Anhalt, to name just two culturally rich federal states, you will find countless interesting sights on the traces of history.

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