Holidays in the harz: discover the harz with children

I lived in the outskirts of Harz for many years. Apart from a school trip in fourth grade, I never went on vacation in the Harz Mountains. Now, as part of a blogger trip organized by Silvia and Alessia von Filine blogging, I had the opportunity to discover the Harz together with the lavender boy. We spent a long weekend together with four other blogger mums and their children in Bad Sachsa and the surrounding area. I would like to tell you today what we have experienced there and why the Harz is a holiday region for families.

Family vacation in the Harz Mountains: The Landal Salztal paradise

We were accommodated in the Harz during our trip Landal salt valley paradise. The Landal holiday park in the Harz Mountains is located in Bad Sachsa and offers an extensive and, above all, varied leisure activities, which we used extensively during our stay. Who in winter vacation in the Landal Salztal paradise makes and who likes winter sports is lucky because it is located not far from the family-friendly ski area of ​​Braunlage.

After I told the lavender boy that we were going to the mountains, he was instantly hooked. He was looking forward to snow. Unfortunately he only got a hail shower and a lot of rain. Nevertheless, after the weekend in the Harz Mountains, he was the happiest child, because for him it was a vacation exactly to his taste. Instead of being forced to do boring city tours by mom and dad as usual, the focus during the blogger trip was (almost) only on the children.

A vacation for children and a little relaxation for mums

The program included a visit to an ice rink, bowling, a visit to the swimming pool, an indoor playground, a torchlight hike and a children’s program in the Cistercian monastery in Walkenried. So that we mothers could go deep into the eventful weekend, there was one for us to get started cosmetic treatment. I personally really enjoyed the facial. In the stressful everyday life of mom, you rarely take time for yourself. It is extremely good to have time for care and relaxation.

The cosmetic treatments take place in a relaxed atmosphere in a separate room in the water park. Various facial treatments, massages and whole body treatments are available. If possible, you should book them in advance. With a little luck, you can also get an appointment spontaneously.

After the cosmetic treatment, the lavender boy and I had time to move into the apartments together with the other blogger mums. We were accommodated in two 6-person apartments, each with three bedrooms, a spacious living and dining area and two bathrooms. For those who want to travel to the Harz with more or fewer people, the Landal Salztal Paradies also offers holiday apartments for two, four and ten people.

A cooking evening with products from Fattoria la Vialla

On the first evening of our short getaway in the Harz Mountains, we shared the products of the Fattoria la Vialla Italian cooked. The Fattoria la Vialla is a bio-biodynamically certified family business that produces wine, extra virgin olive oil, pecorino, antipasti, sauces, pasta, biscuits as well as sweets, honey and vinegar in-house.

Along with the foods from the modern Edeka Schwarz in Bad Sachsa we were well catered for at the weekend. While the mothers took care of the dinner, the children were allowed to let off steam on the ingenious Krickel Krakel tablecloth from Oetinger. From this series there were also some parts in the generous goodie bag that we took home.

Temporary little monks in the Cistercian monastery Walkenried

My personal highlight of the blogger trip was the visit to the Cistercian monastery in Walkenried on Saturday morning. The 12th century monastery is now a museum. From the former monastery, the ruins of the monastery church and the largely preserved Gothic enclosure building are still in existence today. Both can be visited.

The monastery is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers, among other things, great tours and programs especially for children. During our visit to the monastery, the children could slip into the role of monks and learn how the monks lived, worked and prayed. In addition, the children and also we adults could try out what the monks used to write with. Of course the monastery is also open to unregistered visitors.

Ice rink in the bowling center in the Salztal Paradies

After a short lunch break we went on ice. The Salztal Paradies also includes one ice rink. Since the last time on ice skates was definitely ten years ago, I was glad that I had the lavender boy with me. So I could see the lavender boy without me To excessively disgrace, push an animal helper through the ice rink. Still, to be honest, I was more than happy when we were off the ice again and I was back on firm ground. By the way: you can of course rent skates directly in the ice rink.

After skating, I went straight to bowling. in the Bowling center in Bad Sachsa we delivered ourselves an exciting bowling game and claimed additional muscle parts that I had not used for a long time. If you want, you can have something to eat after bowling in the bistro. The local cuisine is definitely recommended, because the menu has a lot more to offer than burgers and fries.

Splash first, then feast

One of the program items that all children were probably most looking forward to was visiting the Salztal paradise bathing area, that has a lot to offer for both children and adults. In addition to an outdoor and an indoor pool, there is a current and white water channel, a tire slide, a wave pool, a sports pool as well as two children’s pools and two giant whirlpools. If you like, you can also use the sauna area (for a surcharge). After splashing around we went to the Paradise Diner for refreshments. The Paradise Diner is an American-style restaurant with a children’s corner in the immediate vicinity of the swimming pool.

Fun in the indoor playground in Bad Sachsa

Anyone who believes that we have already had enough this weekend is misleading, because after dinner we went even further Rainbow Country, where it delicious There were waffles and cappuccinos for the grown-ups and a landscape for the little ones. The indoor playground offers fun for babies up to teenagers. Due to the division into different play areas and the different possibilities, every child finds his place.

Unfortunately, the lavender boy and I had to do without the torch hike with treasure hunt in the evening. Finally, we had a three-hour return trip in the pouring rain. Surely you can well imagine that the lavender boy had fallen asleep in the car within a few minutes after such a weekend program, or?

Have you ever vacationed in the Harz Mountains? What does the perfect family vacation look like for you?

Also on the blogger trip were Tina-Maria and her daughter from Blogzeit39, the pregnant Anna from Annanikabu and Pamela and their children from Pamelopee. If you want to read more about our trip, you can do that with Tina-Maria, Silvia and Alessia and Pamela. The four have already reported on our trip to the Harz Mountains.


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