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For a long time we had the wish to spend our vacation in the Maldives. Since our son is going to school this year, we have used the opportunity to fly on summer vacation for the last time.

Of course, when planning the trip, the question came up: Are the Maldives for our two small children (6th & 3 years old) the right travel destination and the long flight time is not too exhausting for our children.

What speaks for a Maldives vacation with children

If you think about what is important for the children on vacation, you quickly end up with the following points:

  • swimming pool
  • Beach
  • sea
  • Quiet
  • Spend time with parents

All of this is offered to children in the Maldives. If you then get to know the individual tourist islands in advance, you will find a large number of islands with special additional offers for children such as a children’s club and children’s disco. However, my children didn’t have this at all claim taken. The pool and the pleasantly warm (not hot) beach were too tempting.

What speaks against a Maldives vacation with children

Spontaneously it is difficult for me to find points against a Maldives vacation with the little ones. I try to take off the pink glasses and come to the following points

  • Long flight time
  • No "special" excursions at the holiday location
  • Possibly less choice when eating

One thing is clear. The flight time is very long at just under 10 hours (direct flight from Frankfurt) or around 14 hours with a change in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. After arrival in Male, the transfer by seaplane or speedboat comes. We have already decided in advance that our children should have access to the entertainment program on board for at least a while. Our arrival and departure was completely unproblematic and the children were calm. They simply overslept most of the flight with the change in Dubai so that they were reasonably fresh when they landed at 8 a.m. local time in the morning.

A more special experience: With the seaplane over the islands of the Maldives, Image: Travel magazine online

Excursions on site are honestly in short supply. Of course, the resorts offer day trips. For example to neighboring islands or for dolphin watching. For adults one large selection on diving trips. We didn’t do these excursions. The dolphin family swam past our terrace every evening anyway.

My children are very critical when eating. Which is why nutrition was all about pasta for 14 days. If the children are not so picky, you can get a decent selection in the high-quality resorts – even for toddlers. Nevertheless, you should try in advance whether the selected food is not too spicy.

The climate in the Maldives

While we have to get used to new record temperatures in Germany slowly but surely every year, the Maldives consistently offer temperatures of around thirty degrees. Admitted at very high humidity. Since we drove in the official rainy season it was often cloudy. What we personally found to be very pleasant, although of course you still have to protect the children with sunscreen and UV shirts.

A note on the topic of sun creams: Pay attention to "reef and coral-friendly" sunscreen when buying. Conventional sunscreen damages sensitive corals.

Speaking of the rainy season: weather apps and weather forecasts almost prevented us from traveling to the Maldives in late May / early June. Finally, there was talk of the highest rainfall and many thunderstorms. All in all, we only had one day of rain throughout the day, so we couldn’t go to the beach or pool. Otherwise there were only brief rain showers in the evening or early in the morning. So these months are also a very recommendable travel time for the Maldives. Especially since you can save a little money on the travel price in the summer months,

Travel preparation for the Maldives

passport & vaccination

After we had booked only five weeks before the planned travel date, the planning had to be pushed quickly. After checking the passports (minimum validity 6 months), we dealt with the topic of “vaccination”. The following vaccinations are generally recommended when traveling to the Maldives:

  • tetanus
  • diphtheria
  • Hepatitis A + B
  • typhus
  • Measles for all children

The luggage & toy

After all vaccinations could be carried out in good time before the start of the trip, we went to our luggage. We have taken into account that little clothing is required in the Maldives. In the resorts, long trousers are usually not prescribed at dinner either, so that one does not leave a bad impression even with chic short trousers. You also do not need additional closed shoes on the barefoot islands, which saves a lot on luggage.

So we filled a suitcase almost exclusively with toys and snorkeling equipment. The latter can be borrowed from the hotel at any time, usually free of charge. However, we prefer our own equipment.

Not to forget a small first-aid kit (a doctor’s letter must be kept for prescription medication) and sufficient sun protection,

Holidays with children in the Maldives

After arriving at the main airport on the airport island near Male, after a very short stay in the lounge of the Trans Maldivian Airways (operator of the seaplane fleet), we took the seaplane to our resort, the Sun Aqua Vilu Reef in South Nilandhe Atoll. After about 45 minutes of flight time, we were picked up at the jetty directly by boat and greeted warmly by the staff.

At check-in we were given a chain of flowers and served fresh coconut water in style, served directly from the coconut.

So the right holiday feeling arose. After a few minutes, the island’s own parrot lady was sitting on my shoulder and accompanied me and my family to our spacious bungalow with an open bathroom (2 showers + 1 bathtub). Satellite TV, coffee preparation, fresh water daily and free WiFi were included. We booked all-inclusive. The prices of the minibar were surprisingly moderate at $ 3 for coke and $ 4 for a 0.3 liter beer. The room was cleaned twice a day. This seemed like a lot to us, but it makes perfect sense due to the sand that is dragged into the room during the day.

Our section of the beach was supplemented by our own swing on which we found all four seats. So you could really relax in the shade.

Ray feeding, Image: Reisemagazin Online

Unfortunately, the following two weeks went by in a flash. To the delight of the children, the sand castle kept its shape throughout the holiday. During construction, various crabs supported us by building tunnels and caves.

Generally it can be said that a Vacation with children in the Maldives is by no means boring. On the contrary. Most of the children are self-employed, so that we adults also did not miss out on reading and relaxing.

Because each bungalow has its own beach section, you didn’t have to control your children as strictly as is otherwise the case on busy beaches. If you take the children’s needs with regard to toys and entertainment into account when planning your trip, nothing stands in the way of an unforgettable holiday with the whole family in an impressive atmosphere.


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