Holidays on lake garda – 5 tips for families with children, the information page about lake garda in italy

Holidays on Lake Garda – 5 tips for families with children

It has long been clear to those in the know that Lake Garda is ideal for a relaxing and varied holiday. But which goals are particularly interesting for children and what should parents consider when choosing accommodation?

Basically, the largest lake in Italy, Lago di Garda, is predestined for traveling with children because the journey from Germany is relatively short. The multifaceted holiday paradise offers entertainment, leisure fun and relaxation in an appropriate ratio. The natural landscape is so diverse that the excursion options are sufficient for several stays. From spacious amusement parks to dinosaur tracks to alternatives for rainy weather, there is something suitable for every taste and need.

Lime on Lake Garda

With regard to the accommodations, hotels and facilities are ideal, which guarantee entertainment programs especially for children. With such offers, parents can relax for a few hours and draw new energy. The accommodation should offer sufficient comfort so that the family does not lack anything. The 4 star Falkensteiner Resort Lake Garda, which allows convenient online booking, serves as an example of a sensible combination of amenities and childcare. Children from the age of three are looked after there, so that parents can relax by the pool, for example, or use other advantages of the exclusive neighborhood. When choosing a hotel, it is generally advisable to be close to excursion destinations in order to benefit from short journeys. An associated and easily accessible garden is also essential to keep an eye on the offspring. No less important are rooms or apartments with enough space.

1. For dinosaur friends – a special family experience in the Museo Civico di Rovereto

Little dinosaur fans can follow the traces of their animal heroes on Lake Garda and learn a lot about the real ones dinosaur learn. Around 200 million years ago, carnivorous carnivores, herbivorous bird basin dinosaurs and many other giants lived on the Italian lake. During a hike through the Trentino rocks, visitors learn interesting facts about the mysterious animals to this day. Imprints of specimens with a body weight of up to 800 kilograms were found in the landscape. The impressive finds only came to light in the 90s. South of Rovereto, researchers discovered the components in a boulder field. They testify to the presence of the giants and significantly impress children with a corresponding interest. In the exhibition of the Museo Civico di Rovereto the spectacular dates were summarized. A total of five hiking trails are available to marvel at the more than 1,000 prints of 18 different dinosaurs.

Dream vacation on Lake Garda

2. Gardaland amusement park – a real classic on Lake Garda

The Gardaland is the largest amusement park in Italy. He is in Castelnuovo del Garda and is equally interesting for young and old. Among the 38 attractions, the Magic Mountain roller coaster, the boat ride through an island kingdom of Fuga da Atlantide and the Colorado Boat water ride to be completed on tree trunks are just a few of the highlights. In addition, a sea life, hotels, themed villages and discovery tours are part of the adventure land. In Gardaland families with children can easily spend a day without having to put up with boredom. The park is extremely extensive and is even worth it for a night or two to actually explore everything. Regular events with a music program also belong to the repertoire of the park offer.

3. Safari in Parco Natura Viva – from zebra to elephant in Bussolengo

Animals have a great fascination for children of all ages. Reason enough to integrate contact with animals on vacation. The project is particularly exciting when it comes to a safari. And this is not only possible in Africa, but also on Lake Garda. in the Parco Natura Viva guests can observe wild animals up close in a private car. The zoological park in Bussolengo is home to many exotic species. No matter whether the offspring is particularly fond of zebras, giraffes, lions or elephants, everyone will get their money’s worth here. Species from all five continents are represented. In addition, visitors can look forward to tropical fish, an elaborately designed dinopark and a lovingly furnished bird house. Tourists should inform themselves in advance about the opening times. Out of respect for the animals, the park is only made accessible to visitors if the temperatures are right. Dogs and convertibles are not admitted. Further information can be found in the German-language version of the Safari Park website. Impressions from the facility are given in one of the official videos of the organizers.

Panorama on Lake Garda

4. Popular beaches and water parks

For children, water means pure fun. It is therefore close to a family vacation to visit the most beautiful beaches. One of the famous beach sections for children is in Riva del Garda. To the east of the old town, lawns are waiting to be used. Generous playgrounds complete the selection. Children can move freely, road traffic is far away. An overview of recommended water parks:

  • Caneva aqua park: In Lazise there is the Caneva Aquapark, a bath with several adventure areas. A wave pool, an adventure lagoon and plenty of water slides keep the children occupied for a few hours, while parents can relax on the South Sea beach of the facility.
  • Gardacqua: The indoor and outdoor pool Gardacqua in Garda is one of the most modern on the lake. Both children and adults are well served. Swimming pools, beauty and fitness areas, brine baths and much more await the guests.
  • Parco Acquatico Cavour: In the water park in Valeggio sul Mincio, the rocky island is one of the attractions. But lots of sand, water slides and a decorative water castle also inspire the little ones.
  • Acquapark La Quiete: The Acquapark La Quiete is located in Desenzano del Garda. This is a large outdoor pool with a whirlpool, sunbathing areas, play equipment and lagoon pool.

5. Excursions in rainy weather

When it rains on vacation, it is usually particularly stressful with children. After all, they have an increased urge to move. Despite the bad weather, Lake Garda never gets boring. In the center of Riva del Garda, for example Reptiland best mood. The reptile land is a habitat for various animals such as tarantulas, scorpions or snakes. Little knights and damsels will be in the adventure restaurant Medieval Times feel good in Lazise. As part of the Canevaworld theme parks this restaurant is characterized by knightly charm and the best costumes. While guests are spoiled with culinary delicacies, actors ensure entertaining scenes. Ideal for experiencing an extraordinary evening with children.

We have summarized other attractive holiday destinations on Lake Garda in a separate article.

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