Holidays with children: Balconies turn into a holiday paradise

Do you know the holiday paradise Balkonien? Balconies is a real insider’s tip for all those who want to have a cheap holiday with children. It is not only close by, but also adapts to the individual wishes of the family.

You can also have a nice holiday with your family in the garden or on the balcony. Photo: Photodisc, Jack Hollingsworth, Thinkstock

Holidays on balconies has many advantages. Here, holidays with children are not only unbeatably inexpensive, they also require little time in preparation. Packing suitcases for the whole family for one day? Not at all! Get into the traffic jam with your car? Doesn’t have to be! Bring children out of the bio-rhythm with a night flight? Not applicable either. The journey to balconies is as short as possible.

It is easy to get children excited about holidays on balconies. After all, they love to explore foreign customs. The customs on balconies are particularly peculiar – they can be invented to your heart’s content!

The flag of balconies

Sure, every country has a flag. And of course balconies. Surely the children want to design their own flag. You can’t agree on a motive? On balconies, different flags may flutter in the wind.

Flags can easily be painted with watercolour or coloured pencils on paper or cardboard and attached to a thin stick with glue. However, flags made of leftover fabric are more weatherproof. They can be sewn together at will and tied to a stick at two ends. If you don’t want to sew, you can look in the wardrobe for an old shirt. The back or front part makes a great flag!

Holidays with children: Equipment of balconies

Balconies, they say, are really cozy. There, everyone will find a comfortable seat that folds up quickly when fun games need space. A large folding table makes it possible to dine in the open air. Colourful bags, which find support on the balcony railing with the help of inexpensive hooks from the DIY store, contain pencils and craft utensils, paper and games, books and audio books. What stands in the way can be stored in a waterproof seat chest. You can chat and play to your heart’s content in a small sand shell, at a sand table or with a waterway.

Local plants provide a natural ambience during the holidays with children, candles in the evening provide a romantic flair. So that balconies can be used in both rainy and hot summer weather, it is worth investing in a waterproof awning.

Food and drinks

There is also regional cuisine on balconies. This includes the favourite recipes of all family members. Every favourite dish is on the menu during the holidays. It is also exciting to invent new dishes. Why not combine sausage and honey for breakfast? Does a pancake taste good with radishes and herbs? What does a sausage taste like if it is spread with honey instead of mustard? Can orange juice and cherry juice, elderberry tea and apple tea be mixed?

It is important that the tasting portions remain small so that as little food as possible ends up in the garbage. After all, not every experiment is considered good. It goes without saying that the children’s new holiday dishes also get balcony names!

Reading tip!

The language in balconies

Every country has its own language. How is it actually spoken on balconies? No question about it – Balcony, of course. What’s special about the language is that it doesn’t have to be laboriously learned, but can be freely invented. It is not difficult for children to invent a language with new terms and secret signs for the holidays. Perhaps they would like to create a small dictionary?

The ‘Bebe language’ is easy to learn. Simply insert a ‘b’ behind each vowel/self-sound, and the vowel will be repeated. With a little practice the language goes quickly over the lips. Learn how to do it here.

Explore the surroundings of balconies

Finally you can explore the surroundings of Balkonien in peace! Now there’s time to spend a day at the lake, cycle through the city’s parks from playground to playground or visit a zoo. Rainy weather? No problem! After all, a visit to the museum in the next town has long been on the waiting list. Alternatively you can go to an indoor swimming pool, spontaneously to a concert, a children’s theatre or a cinema.

Individual travel guide for holidays with children

Over time, parents and children go on holiday at home, a very individual balcony is created. Guests do not know their way around here. How nice it is when they can inform themselves about the holiday country during a visit with the help of a travel guide. Included: A sketch or photos of balconies, a description of the balcony climate and the population. A short chapter about the local food and drinks including recipes should not be missing. So that guests can talk to the population, they also need an overview of the most important balcony idioms.

Postcards from balconies

When a few weeks of holidays have passed, it is time to send postcards to friends and relatives. If you have digital pictures of balconies, you can have photo service providers print postcards. Perhaps the children would like to make their own postcards during the holidays? It’s very easy: cardboard in 10 x 15 centimetres format is suitable for painting and labelling.

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