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Vacation with children by the sea

A vacation with children by the sea is the highlight of the year for many families. There is hardly a child who does not like to play in sand or swim in the sea. Traveling with children who are not yet attending school also has the advantage that you can travel out of season and also save money. Croatia, Italy and Spain are among the most popular holiday destinations for families with children. Here you can enjoy wide sandy beaches with a flat surf. On windless days there are hardly any waves here, an ideal place for children to play, snorkel, rock back and forth on an air mattress on the water or build a sand castle with other children.

Planning a vacation with children is a lot more exhausting than going on vacation with adults. For children, you have to think along and pack everything to keep your child healthy in any weather. It can often be difficult to find a doctor on site. In addition, this can be very expensive and a possible language barrier is often the biggest obstacle. Whenever you go on vacation with children, you should take out travel insurance that not only covers medical expenses, but, if applicable, also takes your child home by plane. Information is also available on the Kinderhotels website.

However, caution is advised. Whenever you are at the water, children should never be left unattended. Make sure that your child always wears swimming wings or a life jacket, even if you are right next to it. In addition, don’t forget the sunscreen. Tender children’s skin is much more prone to sunburn. It is best to find out which SSF is appropriate for your holiday destination before you leave. Do not forget that the sun protection is not waterproof and must be replaced regularly. In addition, an umbrella or something similar is a must on the beach; not just for children, but the whole family. Everyone needs a place where they can withdraw from the sun. A good idea would be to dig a shadow nest with the children in the sand and then cover them with towels. You can use beach chairs or hang the towels over the parasol.

Make sure your child always wears a hat and a t-shirt; even in the water. Encourage your child to go into the water again and again so they don’t overheat. Last but not least, you always have enough drinking water with you. It is extremely important that your child does not become dehydrated. So far I have mainly talked about preventive measures for holidays with small children, there are other considerations when you go on holiday with children.

Choose your holiday destination before you book, however. Make sure that it is child-friendly and that there are activities that the whole family can enjoy. If you only have a smaller budget for your vacation with the children, there are various ways to save. Ask if a cot or crib can be placed in your room. The time when you book can also be decisive for the holiday costs. One option is to take advantage of early bird offers. This also gives you enough time to prepare yourself really well for the trip.

On the other hand, if you already have enough experience on vacation, especially with small children, then you can also opt for a last minute offer. In this case, I suggest that you already have a checklist ready so that you don’t forget anything when things have to go quickly.

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