Holidays with children on the north sea (700 holidaymakers in denmark)

Welcome to Købmand Hansen’s great guide to vacationing with children.

We have turned ourselves upside down to put together all the information that you as a family with children could find useful when you are here on the North Sea. For example, Entertainment for the long drive and fun activities outside in the sun – or inside when it rains. You can find the nearest doctor or look up playgrounds, attractions and beaches – and of course the most kid-friendly restaurants in the area.

Have fun reading – and a wonderful holiday.



Equipment for children in the holiday home

When you go on vacation with children, you have to remember that children have different needs than adults. Many of our holiday homes are child-friendly and have a range of facilities that can make your vacation easier.

Here are a few tips on how to use the equipment in the holiday home to spend a wonderful holiday with children.

Before arrival, you should know the possibilities of the house before departure – in short: what you have to bring with you and what is available in the house.

washing machine and dryer

Booking a house with a washing machine and dryer has several advantages. You have to bring less clothes and you can wash them in between if the jam spills onto the dress or the meat sauce ends up on your pants. You also have more space in the car for other things, such as toys or board games.

Extra bathroom

Multiple baths are always an advantage, and especially when you go on vacation with children! The advantages are obvious: several people can shower at the same time and it saves time. The children can have one bath, and the adults the other, which keeps sand from the beach, swimming animals and sand toys in the children’s bath, and a clean bath without sand and toys is reserved for parents.

Good facilities – opportunities for activity

Many of our holiday homes are nicely decorated with many activities both inside and outside. Some houses have swings, sandpit, etc. on the house. So you can also enjoy the vacation time at home. No matter if it is sunshine or pouring rain. So remember to pack the right clothes for every weather.

Of course there are also many activities in the house – and what is more comfortable than reading, playing and drawing indoors, while it is storming and raining outside. Some of the houses even have activity rooms where you can let go and, for example, play a table tennis match or a FIFA tournament.

Ultimately there is also the electronic equipment – TV, Playstation etc. Here it is recommended to set limits so that the television does not run all the time. But if the children watch a film, the adults can use this break for themselves.

More space – inside and outside

The houses are all close to the beach, so there are many ways to explore nature. Children love action – and what offers more action than the sea, the clouds and the wind? Here you can feel the power of nature in one moment, in the next the unique tranquility along the coast. Children love to play on the beach – this has always been the case and will remain so. Let your imagination free and build sand castles, sculptures and pits. So many hours can be spent. If there is a storm and the waves rustle, you can also look for amber or prong. Or simply explore the coastal landscape in rubber boots.

Extra orders

If there is space for the whole family in the car, there is little storage space left. To solve the problem, you have to be tactical. We can help here. Use our service and order e.g. Bed linen, towels, handcart, children’s chairs, children’s beds and much more. with us by phone, email or directly on site in our office. The ordered items can then be taken with you on arrival.

Vacation with children


Car vacation with children

If you are going on vacation with children, it is a good idea to plan your trip carefully – otherwise there is quickly restlessness in the back seat, impatient children and frustrated parents. You don’t want to start your vacation like this. This can be avoided with a little bit of preparation and prudence.

First of all, the basics have to be in order: prepare the children for a long drive. Then they know what to expect. Take water bottles, wet wipes, paper towels and garbage bags with you. So you are well prepared for the trip.

And what should the children do in the back seat for hours? Here are a few ideas from us that can make the trip fun and varied and forget about asking the children: "When are we there??".

Rear seat pocket or travel case

Most children love little surprises, snacks (which can be healthy) and unpacking things. It’s a good idea, one "Rear seat pocket" to buy or make them yourself. You can fill the small inside pockets with books, fruit or small toys. Children will find it fun to search the contents of the bags and maybe even sort them themselves. You can also make a few small suitcases, e.g. with LEGO. Glue a building board in the case lid and fill the case with blocks and figures. Another option would be to pack small things in the suitcase that are useful on the go. For example soap bubbles, a small notebook, crayons, pictures or a juice.

Auto vacation Bingo

Autobingo is that every passenger in the car receives a bingo card with pictures of things that can typically be seen along the major European roads – e.g. various vehicles, animals, buildings, traffic signs etc. You can use the bingo card yourself with drawings or pictures from the Internet as a template. For example, make a map with a windmill, a cow, a truck, a camper, a 100km / h sign, a red car, an Audi logo, a German flag, a stop sign, a church etc. You can also google and see if there are any cards that you can use.

Each participant has to put a cross if he or she recognizes something on the card. If a player has a "full card", you could reward it with a small gift. Or you can play the game so everyone helps everyone. You decide whether everyone gets the same playing card or different cards.

Plate Bingo

License plate bingo is a classic. You can also prepare this game well. Here you make some playing cards with numbers for the kids. The person in the passenger seat directs the game and calls numbers from the number plates that pass you. The children then tick them off the cards. There are prizes for one row, two rows or a full card. A bonus could be money for an ice cream or something similar, for example.

Guess an animal / person / thing

This game consists of taking turns thinking of an animal. The others in the car then have to guess which animal the person is thinking of by asking what the animal eats, whether it has fur, etc. The player who first guessed the animal can then think of the next animal. People could be guessed instead of animals. It could be family members, e.g. Uncle Peter or people from favorite books like Harry Potter – or well-known singers like Rihanna – or a mixture of all categories.

Guess a hiding place

This game is similar to "Guess an animal / a person" – only this time you imagine a place where you can hide. The other participants ask whether it is at home, in kindergarten, with grandma, etc. This game can also be varied so that you can conjure yourself up small and hide in a thimble or a flower pot.

Invent a song

Here, each of you should find a song from a very specific topic. It could be songs about animals, or if it was more difficult, songs about birds or something like that. You can also choose a word that must appear in the song – e.g. "Man," and then you have to alternate between coming up with the songs on the topic. On the subject of "animals", the first player may suggest "The monkeys race through the forest", and the next player suggests "All birds are already there". It can be one common Be task where you play together to find the first 5, then 10 or more songs.

Once the desire to play together has been curbed, there are other activities that allow you to relax separately and activities that do not require the same level of adult participation.

Drawings and exercise books

The internet is full of Drawings of children’s favorites – from Pokémons to Disney princesses. These drawings can be colored in the back seat. Also remember to take notebooks and exercise books with you.

Magnetic games

When the children are of a certain age, they can benefit greatly from each other in the back seat and play together. It is one good idea use magnetic pawns so that they don’t slip when the car turns.

Audio Books

Invite your imagination on the journey and hear an exciting story. Find a good audiobook that fits the age of the children.

Map of the route

Print out a map and let the children draw the route on the map. When you reach the larger cities, the children should find them on the map – a kind of "point to point". This way, the children can see how far they have come. By marking the location on the map you can see how far it is to the holiday destination.

Tablet PC

Of course, you can give the impatient children a tablet PC. There are many advantages to a tablet PC, but there are also disadvantages. So children are often so deep that they do not notice the changes in the landscape, wind and weather. In addition, many children become motion sick when they draw their attention to the tablet PC.

Last but not least!

Remember to take a toilet break every 2-3 hours. Drive to a rest area and exercise a little – this is good for both children and adults.


Children on the beach

If you are going on a summer vacation on the North Sea, it makes sense to go on beach trips. Nature is beautiful and wild, the sea foams and splashes and the sky is (maybe even) blue. If there’s one thing that most kids love, it’s playing in the waves or at the water’s edge. Wet feet and sand in the sandals mean summer and happy days.

A good beach trip with children requires more than just children and the sea. It requires planning and a bag full of necessities and ideas. What do you have to remember when you go on a full-day beach trip with the little kids? How can you use the bath breaks playfully?

Here are some ideas for cozy entertainment and beautiful "belongings".

The perfect beach bag

If you want to spend a whole day on the beach, just wrapping towels and a good mood is not enough. You also need to think about sun protection, eating, drinking, and other beach equipment. In the ultimate beach bag there is:

The practical

  • Large beach towels that you can snuggle up in after swimming.
  • Towels so you can dry yourself without the beach towel getting wet immediately.
  • Swimsuit and swimming trunks – maybe even under your summer clothes, so that you can jump into the water without having to change on the beach. UV clothing is recommended for the little ones so that they are optimally protected.
  • Clean underwear for the return trip.
  • Sunscreen with high UVA protection. Remember to apply cream both small and large several times during the day. Even after every swim, even if the sunscreen is waterproof. A good rule is that a handful of sunscreen is the right amount for good sun protection.
  • Sun hats for the whole family. It’s good to be able to hide from the sun every now and then. Otherwise you risk sunstroke.
  • An umbrella under which you can find protection from the sun.
  • Swimming wings for the little ones

To eat and drink

  • Lots of water and maybe a little juice so that you don’t get too low in sugar.
  • Break bread to have energy for the whole day.
  • Fruit and snacks for a quick appetite.
  • Thermos with coffee, so that adults can spend a whole day with children at high speed.

have fun

  • Shovel and bucket so you can catch crabs, build sand castles and explore jellyfish.
  • Beach games like beach tennis.
  • Books and comics for relaxation and swimming breaks.
  • Money for a delicious cold ice cream.
  • Swim animal or swim ring for water games and relaxation in the water.
  • Diving goggles and snorkels so you can look for the coolest stones and maybe even spot a fish or a jellyfish.
  • Beach ball for a round of beach volleyball, soccer or throwing and catching games in the water.

Beach games made from natural materials

Fortunately, if you don’t want to pack a huge bag of beach items, there is a reduced packing list. The beach itself offers a lot of fun and materials for fun games. However, you can’t bypass swimwear, towels, and sunscreen – even if you just want to relax for a moment. The sun sticks quickly and the skin turns red and burns. Here are a few ideas for beach games where you can use nature yourself as a tool:

You can collect a lot of small stones, dig holes in the sand and play a beach Kalaha game

You can send the children in search of beautiful shells and stones

The children can draw a bouncy box in the wet sand and play heaven and hell

You can dig a hole at the water’s edge so that it is filled with water: Voila! A small private bath

You can dig each other in the sand or build big sand castles

You can jump and play in the waves – for example, you can play 10-20-30 and then dive when you reach 100

Water safety

As fun as it is to play in the waves, it can be just as dangerous if you don’t take some important measures. TrygFonden has set up five swimming councils that you can follow and enjoy the beach trip safely.

Learn to swim. It goes without saying: if you can swim, you can stay afloat. As a rule, you should never go into the water if you cannot keep yourself up. If your children are not yet able to swim, they must be under constant supervision and may only be in the water when it is quiet – and only up to the knee, unless you are there

Never go into the water alone. This also applies if you are an experienced swimmer. Community makes you strong. If you are more than one, you can take care of each other and react quickly when the water and weather conditions change.

Watch the wind and water. The water can be deceptive. It can look calm, but hide a strong undercurrent. Check the flow conditions and note the wind direction. When the wind is offshore, bathing animals, rubber boats and air mattresses quickly float out to sea. In onshore wind there is a greater risk of strong undercurrent in the case of surf backflows.

Get to know the beach. Ask a local person about the peculiarities of the beach before going into the water. Like water and wind, it can be difficult to judge the look of the beach. Does the beach drop particularly steeply? Are sharp stones and shells hidden in the sand? Are there ferries that generate big waves? Is the flow influenced by something??

Never let your children out of your sight while bathing and playing on the beach. Even older children who can swim well in the indoor pool can quickly get into trouble with currents and waves. Make sure you stay as close as possible so you can hear yourself.


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