Holidays with children: the best travel destinations for the whole family

Holidays with children: the best travel destinations for the whole family

Holidays with children: the best travel destinations for the whole family

The children have fun, the parents can relax – that sounds like a perfect family vacation. Whether by rental car to the most beautiful holiday regions in Europe or to dream destinations all over the world – here you will find the top travel destinations for holidays with children and bowlers.

The checklist for relaxing holidays with the kids

Spontaneously pack your bags and go on vacation – this is hardly possible for families with children. So that you can start your vacation relaxed, check off a few important things beforehand:

  • Book early to secure your favorite top travel destinations. Because the best addresses are very well known among experienced family vacationers. And therefore quickly booked up.
  • If you can and your children are not yet school children, set your travel date outside of school holidays. This ensures a larger offer, lower prices and a more relaxed atmosphere at the holiday location.
  • Families hungry for the sun should think twice about heading to a tropical destination. Because the strong climatic changes burden the child’s organism. Better temperate sunny destinations are better. Or a travel appointment outside the warmest months.
  • Take care of the child passport in good time, because entries in the travel documents of the parents will no longer be renewed after the expiry.
  • Check whether your family insurance is also valid abroad.
  • Inquire in advance about local medical care. This way you know who you can contact in an emergency.

Rental car, train, plane: this is how you get to your holiday destination in a relaxed manner

To ensure that you get a holiday mood on the way to your holiday, you should consider a few tips on the various modes of transport:

  • If you are traveling by car or rental car, it is best to start early in the morning. This way, the little ones sleep through a large part of the way and don’t let the long route upset them. Also ensure that you have enough work, lots of breaks and distraction while driving. A stopover with an overnight stay is ideal for particularly long distances.
  • Night flights are the most relaxed way to get to distant travel destinations. Reserve a place for yourself and your kids in the front row, there is more space. With the check-in the evening before you save yourself the stress hurdle called departure counter on the day of travel.
  • Train rides offer children plenty of variety and freedom of movement. Check the connection times and choose connections where there is enough time between trains to change at a leisurely pace – even if this increases the duration of the journey.

Camping, hotel or holiday home: where you can stay with children

Every accommodation has its advantages and disadvantages for families. Of course, what your budget says about this also plays a role:

Campgrounds offer a lot of adventure and a relatively informal atmosphere. This type of vacation also saves the budget considerably. But the weather can quickly thwart your plans – be prepared.

On hotel offers more comfort, but should specialize in families. Family or children’s hotels have menus and leisure activities for the little ones and score with suitable rooms for a family of several.

Switch and act as you like – on holiday home does not throw you as a family out of the ordinary. However, the relaxation for the parents may be neglected, after all you have to take care of everything yourself. It is best to reserve places in family-friendly holiday home areas, where other families make new acquaintances and variety.

The best travel destinations for families with children in Europe

Image source: unsplash / Natalia Zaritskaya

Why wander far when relaxation is practically on your doorstep? Europe offers numerous ideas for family vacations. An overview of our favorite travel destinations:

Family visit to the neighbors in Austria

It doesn’t always have to be the sea: the Austrian mountains are a highlight for active families. In winter, many ski areas attract children, in summer farms and family hotels with sparkling swimming lakes are a hit. Austria is still a little insider tip, but not only the short travel route should soon change that.

  • Ski vacation with baby? This works extremely well in the Mayrhofen-Penken-Ahorn-Rastkogel-Eggalm ski area in Tyrol. For example, there is a baby tour here. And in the House of Nature in Salzburg, exploratory mini-researchers get their money’s worth with hands-on experiments.

Mallorca – The classic shows itself in family clothes

The German favorite island has undergone an amazing change in image in recent years. Families in particular now benefit from the short flight time, a perfect infrastructure on the island, which you can explore with a rental car, and the varied landscape. The northern part of Mallorca in particular has made itself chic with family hotels and offers. From here it is a stone’s throw to the bustling Palma de Mallorca – thanks to the rental car.

In Alcúdia, the Hidropark is the only water park in the north with many offers. The Jungle Parc in the south, the largest climbing park on the island, is also worth a day trip.

The Canary Islands are a diverse island world

With its location next to Africa and belonging to Spain, the Canary Islands connect many worlds with each other. Of the four main islands, Tenerife and Gran Canaria are particularly worthwhile for families: the climate is extremely pleasant, despite the intense hours of sunshine. The most beautiful sand castles are created on the coasts with the beautiful beaches with constant spring temperatures. There are also fantastic natural attractions: cloud forests, occasional whale sightings, amphibians and other animals. You can experience the natural phenomena of the Canary Islands in a concentrated and mysterious way, for example in the fairy tale forest Bosque de Las Mercedes in the north of Tenerife. In Gran Canaria, the Sioux City Western City offers an exciting contrast program to the sun and nature.

Portugal – off to the Algarve

The Algarve has become a top destination for families. You will notice this in the huge range of hotels and excursions that awaits you. You can also quickly and easily reach the beautiful beaches under the pleasant Mediterranean sun using all means of transport. The bays in the south are a real relaxation mecca – and can be easily explored by rental car.

  • For example, visit Europe’s largest water park Slide & Splash in Lagoa or discover the exciting wildlife at the Lagos Zoo.

Visiting the ancient world – Greece

Of the popular Greek islands, Kos has firmly established itself as a destination for family trips. In just about three hours you can be on site by plane and get from A to B with a rental car. Things are more cultural in Crete, where even the smallest are enchanted by the ancient buildings – and then you go to the beach. Kos is also the island of the water parks – and therefore a real challenge for the slipping and splashing condition of the whole family.

Bulgaria is more than a party stronghold

As a climatically pleasant travel destination with affordable prices, Bulgaria has developed into a popular holiday destination – by no means only for party-goers! Families are best drawn south to the sunny beach near Burgas, where things are much more contemplative. The Sea Garden in Burgas has numerous playgrounds and carousels and the beach is right next door.

International family vacation – with the children to the most beautiful destinations in the world

Egypt, Turkey or other famous holiday destinations are increasingly adapting to families. Here you are really far away from everyday life and discover new cultures together with your children.

Egypt – the fascinating land of the pharaohs

Egypt is and remains one of the most exciting holiday destinations in the world and offers countless impressions for the whole family. It is only a few hours to Egypt by plane. It is best to use a rental car on site.

Make sure you visit the Sphinx and the pyramids in Cairo – you and your children will certainly not forget this visit. A fun counter program is, for example, the Makadi Waterworld in Hurghada, in which 50 slides are waiting for all ages.

Relive the familiar – discover Turkey

Turkey, which jumped on the family train early on, is also very close to the front door. The focus here is on the sun, the beach and the sea. The markets or the breathtaking natural surroundings offer variety. Antalya is particularly lively and exciting. From here, various excursion destinations can best be reached by rental car.

In the Antalya Aquarium – one of the largest aquariums in the world – you get very close to the sea creatures. Plenty of exercise and nature experiences are on the program on a trip to the Adventure Park Manaygat Oymapinar with climbing course and hiking trails.

Caribbean for the whole family – Welcome to the Dominican Republic

Although you have to plan a longer flight for this travel destination, you will be welcomed in the Dominican Republic by a very pleasant climate and numerous family offers. This vacation is something special and worth considering especially in the cold winter months of Europe.

If the sun gets too much, the Aquamundo Sambil Santo Domingo Aquarium offers shadows and exciting insights into the underwater world of the Caribbean.

Family holidays made to measure

No question – families are absolutely the trend with tour operators and vacation regions. And you can only benefit from it. With a little planning, family vacations are guaranteed to be a success – especially if you are equipped for independence and numerous excursion ideas with a rental car.

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