Holidays with dog in france: tips for a successful holiday with dog – travel4dogs – travel4dogs

Holidays with dog in france: tips for a successful holiday with dog - travel4dogs - travel4dogs

Holiday with dog in France

Worth knowing about your holidays with a dog in France

France as a holiday destination with a dog is on top of our list: the wonderful food, the good wines, the relaxed way of life. Just the right ingredients for a successful holiday with a dog. Especially off the big cities, inland or on the coasts, France is a dog dream.

And whether you are looking for a holiday apartment by the sea, a farmhouse in the countryside, a castle or a holiday home with its own swimming pool: in France you will find cottages with dog in all sizes and shapes.

The climate in France varies widely by region. Normandy and Brittany are not very different from our own, but it is warmer in the summer. Southern France has a Mediterranean climate with many hours of sunshine. In the summer it can be very hot, so we recommend this region rather spring and early summer and autumn and early winter.
In the Alps and Pyrenees, the temperature in winter can sometimes drop below zero, while it is still 18 degrees in the medium.
France can be visited year-round, depending on the planned alternatives.

In France, especially from April to October, the risk of ticks. Protect your dog with spot-on or a spray against ticks, possibly in combination with a tick collar (watch out! Not all products can be combined, ask your veterinarian.). And of course, check well after every outdoor stay.

On the Mediterranean coast and in Corsica there is a risk of transmission of leishmaniasis by the sandfly, especially in the summer months. Although there is no one hundred percent protection you should take some preventive measures and have your dog tested safely in case of suspected infection when you come back from vacation: consult your veterinarian!

With dog in the restaurant
In many restaurants, there is no problem if you want to take your dog with you. But you should also ask here before. With larger dogs you may better avoid the main meal time of the French (from 8pm). In quieter times there will be a water bowl for your four-legged friend by the restaurant staff.

In France you will find all kinds of restaurants, from nice, small addresses to the renowned restaurants. In the restaurants, the carafe of water and bread as well as the service are always included in the price, even if it is customary to leave a tip. Most restaurants offer cuisine from 12:00 to 15:00 and from 19:00 to 23:00, often much later.

With dog on the beach
In the summer months, dogs are prohibited on most (large) beaches. This is true for Nice and Cannes anyway.
But as everywhere, France’s beaches are always home to cookies where your dog – possibly only on a leash – can go to the beach. You just have to search a bit.

In cities and forest areas it is often indicated if dogs can walk freely. Otherwise, we recommend a practical handling of the freewheel: if your dog is available and does not hunt, you can also let it run without a leash. Meet other people, call your dog to yourself and leash it.

In the trains you pay 50% of the normal fare, small dogs often travel for free if they are transported in a bag or basket.
In the big cities it is not always easy to use public transport (bus, tram, metro), especially when traveling with big dogs. Dogs of the 1st and 2nd category are not allowed to travel on public transport.
Taxis do not take your dog with you. There are, however

Prohibited dogs – restrictions of certain breeds
Dogs without official pedigree papers, whose exterior matches the following breeds, belong to the category 1 in France: American Staffordshire Terrier (“Pittbul”), Mastiff (“Burbull”), Tosa.

These dogs are prohibited for entry and transit.

Purebred dogs of the breed American Staffordshire Terrier, Rottweiler, Tosa and dogs whose appearance agrees with the Rottweilerrasse belong to the second category (watchdogs and defense dogs). Entry into France is allowed under the following conditions:

  • Muzzle and leash duty on public roads and buildings.
  • The owner / owner of the dog must be at least 18 years old and must not be sentenced to prison.
  • For the dog, a liability insurance must be completed.
  • In the event of an inspection, a pedigree approved by the international dog federation must be presented in order to recognize purebredness.

Dobermann and German mastiff do not belong to the first or second category. Their import is allowed. Wearing a muzzle is recommended.

If you are not sure that your dog could not possibly be assigned to a prohibited dog type, we recommend another destination.

Detailed information can be found on the website of the French Embassy.

Tip for the turn of the year
France is the ideal holiday destination if you want to escape the New Year‘s Eve. Your dog will thank you twice: Böller and other fireworks are prohibited in France at the turn of the year.

Obtain the telephone number of a veterinary emergency service at your destination before departure or on arrival. There is even an app for this VetFinder – the fast vet search.


travel4dogs can not give you any information about rules and regulations in individual locations or areas. We recommend that you contact the local tourist office of your resort.

Our travel information is compiled to the best of our knowledge and belief. A guarantee for the correctness and completeness as well as a liability can not be taken over by travel4dogs however. Entry requirements (especially for certain breeds of dogs) may change at short notice. Holders of a dog breed classified as ‘dangerous’ are always advised to check the current entry information of the embassy of your holiday destination when planning their journey. The decision to carry out a trip is solely your responsibility.

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