Holidays with small children, family holidays with small children

Vacation with young children

What you have to consider!

As soon as the young family happiness is perfect with a new little person, the first imponderables appear. One of these is vacation planning, because not every accommodation and resort is suitable for a vacation with small children. A lot should be taken into account when planning your vacation. A guest post about family-friendly apartments and holiday homes.

Children on vacation

The first difficulty arises when you arrive: For children it is very difficult to travel long distances or flights. A distant vacation destination should be avoided if possible. Also to facilitate a possible earlier return trip.

In addition, small children place very different demands on a holiday location than adults. The first problems already arise with the furniture. Before booking the trip, you should definitely inquire in advance whether the selected accommodation has minimal furniture for small children. These include cots and a high chair at the dining table. It would be ideal, of course, if the hotel room or the apartment is also aimed at small children. Sockets should be provided with a child lock and the windows and balcony doors should be lockable so that you can take your children away from their eyes for a few minutes. If strollers or strollers are carried on the trip, you should inquire in advance whether there are dedicated parking spaces in the hotel. Otherwise, it can get quite cramped in the hotel room or apartment.

Social program for small children

Many holiday resorts offer a special social program for children. This has the advantage for parents that they can spend a few hours alone or together on vacation. At the same time, the children come into contact with their peers. Many hotels offer their own childcare. Here, however, you have to pay attention to the age limit of the childcare offered for a holiday with smaller children.

If the accommodation is not linked to childcare, you should find out whether a special children’s program is provided by the municipality of the holiday location. To be on the safe side, you should inquire about the quality of childcare in travel and discussion forums online.

If you want to be on the safe side and are looking for a holiday apartment or holiday home for your vacation, you should inquire with the travel provider about family-friendly holiday apartments and holiday homes. Here, most organizers offer a wide range of child-friendly accommodation options and can provide detailed information. You can find information about accommodation here. Family-friendly hotels and holiday parks usually also offer in-house childcare, as well as comprehensive room equipment with a baby monitor, baby bath and baby bed.

With a little planning, even a vacation with small children will be a success and will be an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

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