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Family holidays are coming up, you are looking forward to spending more time with your toddler. No appointments, just sun and your family. But when your child arrives at the holiday resort, disillusionment spreads, your child whines because he/she has been missing his/her favourite teddy for hours, your partner has also had sunnier moments, it rains in the holiday resort, and the booked bungalow resembles a dump. Your thoughts wander off, how nice it would be if you were at work right now….

Every family has experienced this situation before. When the difference between imagination and reality becomes too big, frustration spreads. But that does not have to be the case! So that your holiday with small children succeeds we have some tips for you.

Destinations with toddler care

from 60 € Landhotel Azienda Gallo

from 70 € Country house Mas Fonrouge

from 150 € Family holiday village Rødvig

from 80 € Oil mill Il Mulino

from 80 € Hotel Stern (summer)

from 85 € Hotel Stern (winter)

from 90 € Hotel Babymio (summer)

from 95 € Hotel Babymio (winter)

The choice of holiday region is one of the most critical points.

Find out at an early stage which holiday destinations are suitable for you. Think about how you imagine your holiday, what you would like to do with the children and, of course, what your children like. If you like to spend an active holiday with your family, the temperatures are ideal for trips to the south in spring or autumn, especially for babies and toddlers. If you love to lie lazily in the sun and would like to swim, you should shortlist a region with a sun guarantee. We at Bambino-Tours offer you many different regions. Whether you want to stay in Germany, follow the sun to southern France, Italy or even Greece, or spend your holiday in the mountains of Austria or prefer the Baltic Sea to the north – we have many attractive regions for families with small children and babies on offer. Take a look at our overview map, or find family trips that suit you with our filter functions. You are guaranteed to find a trip that suits you!

The journey to your holiday destination will never be so relaxed again.

The journey to your holiday destination will never again be as relaxed as with a toddler. No matter if you are travelling by plane, train or car – in most cases your toddler will sleep well. You should keep your child busy during the phases when he or she is awake. So don’t forget your child’s favourite cuddly toy and toy.

In terms of health, the journey to the place of travel is normally not a problem for small children. If you are unsure, your paediatrician can help you.

If you are travelling with a baby, remember to take regular breaks (every 2 hours if possible) to remove your child from the infant carrier for at least 15 minutes.

Stay calm on your journey, even if you are stuck in traffic for the fifth time. Toddlers react sensitively to their parents’ mood. If you do not feel well or are in a bad mood, the chances are high that this mood will be transmitted to your child. Remember to take a little more food with you on the big trip to be prepared for all eventualities.

So you, as well as your children, are well prepared for a longer journey.

Family-friendly living

You have therefore decided on a holiday region and an arrival option. Now it is time to look for accommodation. Keep your eyes open for an accommodation that is specially designed for the needs of babies and small children. At Bambino-Tours we offer accommodation in holiday villages and family hotels. Special holiday villages and family hotels offer you the advantage that you and your children will quickly connect with the other travellers. Your children will quickly find playmates of their own age, which prevents boredom and contributes to the quality of the holiday. Furthermore, the children can enjoy themselves better than in conventional hotels, in which one or the other fellow traveller already looks annoyed if he only sees children. Another advantage of accommodation specially designed for children is that it can be adapted to children (e.g. fencing in dangerous areas). As a tour operator for holidays with children, we also offer childcare in many of our destinations. Childcare is designed for different age groups – get an overview.

When travelling abroad, remember to bring the necessary identification documents for your infants.

Since 2012, according to EU regulations, it is no longer enough to simply enter a baby or toddler in your passport, but it is much more necessary to apply for a separate identity document for your children if you plan to leave Germany for holidays and take your children abroad with you. Children under the age of 12 can apply for a children’s passport. This is valid for 6 years and can be extended once. Click here to go directly to the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

Create a list of all important items at an early stage

Planning is half the battle for living and travelling with small children!

Plan well in advance and you will be able to enjoy your holiday. Nothing is worse than to find out on your holiday shortly after arrival that urgently needed things have been forgotten. Then you need to find a shop as soon as possible where you can buy the things you need. This creates stress and, depending on what has been forgotten, also goes into the money.

So start early enough to keep a list of indispensable things and complete it over time. Before you leave, all you have to do is check the list. In this way you avoid stress, because toddlers are not very understanding if you miss your favourite teddy or your pacifier.

The list can also be used to ensure that nothing has been forgotten on holiday before the return journey.

Family hotels are prepared for many family requirements.

A family-friendly accommodation not only serves to enable you and your child to socialise with children of the same age and other parents on family holidays. A family hotel is also much better prepared for the problems of families with children. Most family hotels, for example, are equipped so that you can reduce your luggage to a minimum and everything important is already in your hotel room. If something is missing, it is much more likely that the hotel staff will be able to find the things they need somewhere compared to a conventional hotel. Many family hotels also have their own restaurant, which is also fully geared to the wishes of the little ones. Thus, for children, there are often special children’s menus with delicious and child-friendly dishes.

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