Holidays with the baby or toddler! The most beautiful destinations, fewo direct

Holidays with the baby or toddler! The most beautiful destinations, fewo direct

Vacation with baby or toddlers

On vacation with the baby? For some parents, but even more for the grandparents, an unimaginable thought. But why not? Even at the age of three months, the little ones can tolerate a change of location. They are no longer as fragile as most parents fear, and the baby does not consider moving away as an unpleasant interruption to their everyday life.

So enjoy your first vacation with a baby. Because when your offspring becomes more active and mobile, traveling with a child becomes a far greater challenge. The baby doesn’t care where the journey is going, as long as it has its familiar people around it. And if the washing, changing and feeding work smoothly, nothing stands in the way of a trip.

Nevertheless, many parents are wondering where to go with the baby or toddler? In order not to overload the still young organism with a long journey, the holiday destination should be reached within three hours, regardless of whether you are driving or getting on a plane. However, it should not be too hot at the destination, as babies are not yet able to cope with the temperature change so well. If the trip is to Spain, spring or late summer are more ideal travel months than the hot July or August. A fresh breeze always blows on the sea or in the mountains, ideal for the little ones who spend most of the day in the fresh air with them on vacation. Austria, for example, has the advantage that many hotels and apartments have been set up to visit families, especially those with small children. And even at the North Sea, the "lütten" guests are always welcome.

Where is the beach here? ?

The most popular travel destinations for family holidays in Germany include the North and Baltic Sea coasts. Babies and small children feel at home on the beach. Buckets and shovels are usually enough for a successful holiday, because children can use them to build castles for hours or simply try out why wet sand lasts much better than drier. This promotes the joy of discovery and the children’s motor skills. In any case, building material is abundant.

If possible, choose a fine sandy beach for your vacation with baby. Here the little ones can also move around undisturbed on all fours without the risk of injury. The question remains about the wrapping options. This is also well taken care of on many beaches. Another plus: Many places on the North and Baltic Sea offer so-called "Windelabos" on. So instead of having to laboriously bring along the entire diaper supply for your holiday from home, simply conclude such a subscription and always get the right amount and size delivered to the accommodation. You can also leave the stroller for your baby at home. A cart is much better for the beach, and you can borrow it from the farmer around the corner.

Farm or museum ?

What type of vacation with baby you book also depends on the age of the child. In the first months of life, mom and dad can have fun on a city tour. Most museums have ramps and lifts that can be easily used even with a stroller. In order not to disturb other visitors, you should choose the visiting times so that they coincide with your baby’s bedtime.

If the child is a little older, a museum is super boring. Our tip: Transfer the vacation with baby to a farm. It offers many exciting opportunities for little explorers. There are such in Germany "Baby Farms" in many regions, e.g. B. in Bavaria. Many baby farms offer their own babysitting service. In this way, parents can enjoy a visit to the restaurant in the evening and know that their child is in good hands. There is another highlight for families at the baby farms in the Allgäu – mountain hiking with a baby. A luggage, a kind of backpack, in which you can safely accommodate your child during the mountain hike should be part of the luggage. You can also rent a box in most holiday resorts.

A jump to the neighboring country

For a holiday with a baby, the journey should ideally not exceed three hours. Austria is therefore an ideal destination if you want to go abroad. If you are traveling in your own car, you can easily adapt to the child’s sleep pattern. This way your baby sleeps through the travel time and the family arrives relaxed at the holiday destination. And since Austria is known as a hiking country, you can go straight away after a short break. There are easy hiking routes, which you can also tackle with a buggy or a sports car. B. in Tyrol. The Karwendel region in particular is perfect for families. A hike from Vomp to the rock monastery of St. Georgenberg is really family-friendly. You can start directly from a parking lot that is easily accessible from the Inn Valley. The forest roads are well developed and the gradients are extremely moderate. In addition to the rock monastery, there is another curious sight near Vomp, which especially delights the little ones: here a house is literally upside down. The roof is at the bottom, the floor is at the top, and the entire interior is upside down. Go for a walk on the ceiling like Spiderman without falling – here it is possible.

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