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Zeeland at a glance

Beach or adventure vacation?

Discover the sunniest region in the Netherlands during your family holiday: Zeeland is located on the Dutch North Sea coast and invites you and your loved ones to a relaxing holiday. No matter whether you want to spend a beach or an adventure holiday in Zeeland – everyone will get their money’s worth here!

One adventure chases the next

In the southwest of the country, the province of Zeeland welcomes you for a relaxing break. Of course it doesn’t matter whether you have chosen a family hotel or a holiday home in Zeeland – the adventures here are for everyone.

For example, discover the provincial capital, Middelburg. Stroll through the pretty old town and feel the charm of the former trading town. In Vlissingen little pirates can get their money’s worth, because here you can become a real pirate: In "Het Arsenaal" can she with Immerse your children in the world of pirates.

Beach vacation with the family

Especially when you spend your family vacation in Zeeland in summer, you definitely don’t want to do without one thing: the beach! It’s a good thing that there are numerous family-friendly beaches in the province where you can splash around and build sand castles with the children. There are also beach pavilions on many beaches where you can relax while the kids fly kites.

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Come on, let’s discover Zeeland!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a family hotel on your holiday in Holland with childcare or have booked a nice holiday home in Zeeland – boredom certainly does not arise here. Between relaxing walks on the beach and unforgettable adventures, you can expect a lot on the Dutch North Sea coast!

Water march!

The Delta Works are so impressive that you have the floor "wonders" in his mouth when he talks about it. You should take a closer look at this with your children: The Delta Works are made up of a total of 13 buildings and form the world’s largest storm surge barrier. The highlight is the eight-kilometer Oosterschelde barrage: thanks to this, the entire Oosterschelde can be completed within 75 minutes.

Before you and the children return to your hotel in Zeeland, you should pay a visit to the muZEEum in Vlissingen, the provincial maritime museum. The museum is spread across a complex of buildings from the 16th, 17th, 18th and 21st centuries and shows you vividly Zeeland’s glorious maritime past. There is even a special guessing game for the young guests.

Little pirates will "Het Arsenaal", which is also located in Vlissingen. Here you can not only see what life was like in the time of the pirates, but become one yourself: After an adventurous mission, the kids with a proud chest can call themselves a trained pirate – if that is not even a very special souvenir of family vacation is in Zeeland.

Discover pretty towns

Domburg is one of the oldest and most popular seaside resorts in the country. The town, the center of which is dominated by a stately church, enchants its visitors with typical Dutch houses and a listed water tower. Another highlight is the kilometer-long sandy beach, which is lined with beach houses in all colors.

The provincial capital is Middelburg. After breakfast in your family hotel in Zeeland you can stroll through winding alleys, past historic canal houses. When you walk through the city, your way will surely also lead to the late Gothic town hall and the tower "Long Jahn" past. After you have climbed the 207 steps of the tower, a wonderful view awaits you.

Immerse yourself in the history of Zeeland

If you want to combine a stroll through the city with a visit to the museum, Middelburg is the place for you. Here is the Zeeuws Museum, where the history of Province takes center stage. In the permanent exhibition "This is Zeeland", what to German "This is Zeeland" means, among other things, you can marvel at historical tapestries, traditional costumes and special finds from the region. But not only the exhibits, the museum building itself is also worth a look, as the exhibition is housed in an old abbey.

This is also in Middelburg "Miniature walcheren". Many of the most important buildings and areas in Zeeland are reproduced here in dwarf format. Visitors are comfortably taken from station to station on a small train. But that was not all: in addition to an indoor playground and an area for the smallest visitors, there is also a fun park with a family roller coaster, a carousel, a boat swing and much more.

Off to the beach!

If you book a family hotel or a holiday home on the North Sea in Holland, you want one thing above all: on the beach! No matter what time of year you are in Zeeland, a walk on the beach is always worthwhile! As is typical of the country, it is best to cycle to the beach.

The beaches of Ouddorp are particularly family-friendly. Here you can expect not only wide beaches, but also opportunities for children to play, parents can relax in one of the beach pavilions in the meantime. But you can also look forward to another highlight: on the beach at Flaauwe Werk, seals can be observed at low tide, sunbathing on the sandbars.

Particularly family-friendly beaches await you in Cadzand. Here you can not only swim and build sand castles, but also go on a tour of discovery: with a little luck you will find a million-year-old shark tooth that you can take home with you as a very special souvenir of your family holiday in Zeeland.

There are also wide and clean beaches in Oostkapelle. Those who have had enough of swimming can ride here, fly a kite or surf. The very little vacationers will surely find themselves especially on the beach "de Location of Duintjes" feel great as a poodle, because it is particularly calm and wide.

Where is Zeeland??

The Dutch province of Zeeland is located in the south-west of the country and is divided into a number of islands, peninsulas and a piece of mainland. The provincial capital, located in the Meuse and Scheldt estuary, is Middelburg.

In the west, Zeeland borders on the North Sea, in the north the province is bordered by Zuid-Holland. The province of Noord-Braband is in the east and Zeeland borders the Belgian provinces of West-Vlaanderen and Oost-Vlaanderen in the south. If you are planning a vacation with children in Zeeland, it is best to travel by car – so you are flexible on site and can explore the province in all its beauty.

What is the weather like in Zeeland??

Those who spend a family holiday in Zeeland can look forward to good weather: the province has the most hours of sunshine in the Netherlands! In August the average temperature is 17.5 degrees, the annual average temperature is 10 degrees. It can get cold between December and February: Then there are temperatures around freezing at night.

If you want to book a family hotel on the North Sea in Holland, you should take a look at Zeeland: the beaches of the province attract visitors from home and abroad, in midsummer you can splash around in the sea thanks to a water temperature of around 20 degrees. But rain gear should never be missing in the suitcase either: the open nature of the landscape means that rain and wind are free in Zeeland.

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A day in Zeeland!

Get on the bike! If you spend a holiday in the Netherlands, of course, no holiday day can do without a bike ride – that’s the same in Zeeland! Your route could take you to the pretty town of Domburg, for example. Not only a beautiful city center awaits you here, the kilometer-long beach is also worth a visit. The many colorful beach houses are, for example, a great motif for a vacation photo with the whole family!


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