Holistic dentist berlin, dentistry, dr

Holistic dentist berlin, dentistry, dr

Holistic dentist Berlin

A holistic dentist in Berlin focuses not only on the preservation or restoration of dental and oral health, but on the holistic connection to the entire body. In holistic dentistry, teeth are no longer regarded as an independent unit, as certain diseases of the teeth can lead to damage in the organism. A thorough diagnosis is therefore very important.

We can offer you various therapies in the field of holistic dentistry in Berlin. This includes, for example:

Arrange a first consultation with us in our practice in Berlin with Dr. med. med. dent Meusel and learn more about holistic dentistry and its possibilities.

Holistic dentistry in Berlin – what exactly is that?

In holistic dentistry you as a person are in the foreground and not just your teeth. There are a number of diseases, both chronic and acute, which are related to the teeth. The jaw also plays an important role in the holistic dentistry in Berlin, because even there may be causes for malpositions or dysfunctions of the body. Our diagnostics and treatment focus on the entire body.

But it can work differently too. Diseases in the organism can have a negative effect on your dental health. For this reason too, comprehensive diagnostics and individually tailored treatment in holistic dentistry is important. The goal is to relieve the burden on the organism and not burden it further.

What does holistic dentistry mean for your health?

Often, the human body is allergic to certain dental fillings and this is exactly where holistic dentistry in Berlin can help you. Together with you, we can develop a holistic treatment concept that can permanently rid your body of useless pollutants.

Just amalgam fillings can cause side effects that affect your health. For example, it can lead to chronic headaches or cardiac arrhythmias that are caused by the amalgam fillings. In the context of holistic dentistry, we can show you alternatives to amalgam fillings and replace existing fillings with compatible materials. Talk to us and we will show you what holistic dentistry can do for your health.

An amalgam restoration is divided into different parts. In the first step, the fillings are removed, taking care that no amalgam gets into your body. In the second step, the pollutants must be led out of the body. Thereafter, an adequate filling material is used, which does not burden your organism.

How important is a holistic dentist in Berlin??

For many people who think holistically in medicine or health, a gan time dentist is very important. Again and again, patients asked us whether our practice also works holistically. We took these questions seriously and specialized ourselves accordingly.

Further questions about Holistic Dentistry in Berlin at a glance

In the context of holistic dentistry, there are still many questions that can be answered in advance. Below we have listed the most common questions and answers.

Amalgam removal Berlin – How does the amalgam removal take place??

In order to keep the mercury load as low as possible for the dentist and the patient, special grinding tools are used. The filling is removed, thereby a rough cutting is achieved. So that less mercury vapors are released. Thus, turbulence and dust formation is avoided.

In our rinse water is for you a complexing agent, which selectively binds Schmermetallionen. The measure provides another way to reduce the mercury particles in the mouth. After drilling, additional cleaning of the oral cavity can be achieved with the aid of a special alginate impression material. Due to its fine consistency and adaptability amalgam particles remaining in the oral cavity can be picked up.

When drilling out deep places of the mouth are stuffed with pulp. This allows fine filling particles and the aerosol to be absorbed directly by the processed amalgam fillings. Thus, a spread of mercury vapors in the oral cavity and subsequently in the treatment room can be significantly reduced. A fresh air mask for the patient can unfortunately not be used because the mouth must remain free.

For a period of about 6 months, the teeth must be provisionally treated with a non-metallic material, because in the dentinal tubules, despite very careful drilling, there are still the finest, invisible amalgam residues. These are bound to the temporary, non-metallic filling over time and can be removed later. Subsequently, the prosthetic restoration takes place.

Amalgam removal costs

The cost of removing amalgam from your teeth, your health insurance does not take over, as well as the provisional care.
Therefore, for the distance per tooth (depending on size and number of surfaces) and the provisional supply (usually glass ionomer cement) for about ½ year between 85 euros – 150 euros expected.

What is a mercury / heavy metal pollution?

Mercury is a heavy metal released from amalgam fillings during filling and drilling out of the filling, and then deposited somewhere in the cells of the body.

Which symptoms indicate a mercury exposure?

Most of the time, there are no specific symptoms because the immune system compensates for this burden to a certain extent for the body! If there are too many fillings, diets containing mercury-containing foods, or if the patient takes medications containing mercury, nonspecific symptoms such as headache, joint pain, and various inflammations may be indicative of stress.

How do mercury leaks and the testing of which form of diversion is necessary??

The removal of mercury always takes place after the removal of amalgam fillings, as during the drilling mercury vapors are liberated, which are stored in the body (cerebellum, lungs, etc.) These should be washed out of the body. Here we use the concept of intracellular and extracellular secretion from the body. After individual excretion, black cumin and selenium preparations (bind mercury), high-dose doses of freshwater algae and homeopathic drainage agents are used. Frequently caused by the years of mercury pollution a lack of vitamins and trace elements, which is individually tested and must be corrected. Depending on which and how many funds are found for the elimination or compensation of vitamin + trace element deficiency, arise for the procurement (mostly in the pharmacy) costs between 100 and 250 euros! These costs are neither covered by the statutory health insurance nor by private health insurance.

Testing by means of the radial pulse test (RAC) costs about 80 euros!

What can you do to reduce heavy metal pollution (mercury) for your body??

    • eat little or no fish from coastal waters and no seafood, especially since this is contaminated with mercury (for example, tuna)
      • Drink a small amount of orange juice from the shopping mall, as the skin is sprayed with mercury-containing liquid for preservation and dissolve during the pressing of the shell and land directly in the juice
        • Do not make new amalgam fillings
          • on additive mercury in medicines pay attention, if necessary, can be prescribed alternative drugs or buy

          Why is holistic dentistry important for some patients??

          There are certain patients who can be helped with holistic dentistry in Berlin. This may be the case, for example, for neck pain or persistent headache resulting from a temporomandibular joint disorder. Other symptoms, such as persistent fatigue or ear noises can be caused by mouth problems. It is important to find the causes to find the adequate treatment in the field of holistic dentistry.

          In our practice in Berlin we attach importance to a thorough diagnosis, a comprehensive consultation and the satisfaction of our patients. Together with you we can apply the holistic dentistry to an added value for your well-being.

          Do you have questions about holistic dentistry? Need an appointment?

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