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Health beyond the tooth

A radiant appearance gives people self-assurance and recognition. Those who feel healthy and strong go through life confidently and happily. A cheerful smile shows this attitude towards life. It radiates from others and creates sympathy and recognition.

Healthy teeth are essential for a bright smile. But professional dental treatment does not end with the teeth. After all, the teeth are not simply cut off from the organism. Rather, they are closely related to him. This means that every change in the teeth, such as dental work, affects other organs. A wrong bite can cause back pain up to the herniated disc, an incorrectly loaded jaw joint often causes dizziness and tinnitus, dental materials cause allergies, nocturnal teeth grinding disrupts the hormonal balance etc.

Holistic dentistry as we see it in Dr. Practicing Lindauer is therefore not limited to the teeth. It takes into account the interplay between teeth and other parts of the body and has these interactions in view as well as the balance of body and mind. She traces the true causes of the symptoms and uses the materials that the patient can best tolerate. So it ensures an all-round well-being of body and soul.

We show you what the teeth reveal about people, what effects they have on other parts of the body and what a holistic treatment looks like under Holistic therapies.

If you would like a dental treatment from a holistic point of view, please contact us.

We hope the information on this page has helped you. If so, we would be happy if you recommend the site to others.

Finding parking in Ottensen

Dear patients,

the search for a parking space in Ottensen has finally come to an end. In Behringstrasse (where the Zeisehallen car park used to be) diagonally opposite the practice, there is a new public car park with 3 parking levels.

So: with a bit of luck, look for a parking space somewhere around the practice or relax in the underground car park.

Interrelationship between tooth and organs

The interrelations between the tooth-jaw area and your organism

The notes drawn in during testing correspond to the loads found and explained to you. Please discuss these results with your doctor, dentist or alternative practitioner for further therapy.

yellow rail

Help with back pain + tinnitus

Professor Gelb’s bite correction splint brings the balance back

First of all, the yellow splint does not look yellow, but the American orthopedist and dentist Professor Dr. Harold Gelb at the University of New Jersey, New York, developed it (and if you like: invented it), and so it was named after him. By the way, the color of the splint is milky transparent. It must be worn as often as possible in the beginning. Always at night and often during the day.

Together we discussed the possibility of supportive treatment of your deformity-related back (cervical spine, lumbar spine, neck – tinnitus) problems with a “splint to yellow”. You felt the change in your muscle tension during a quick orientation test. Not only the back pain, but also the symptoms associated with an inclined shoulder or pelvic girdle can be influenced with the yellow splint. The reorientation of the lower jaw to the upper jaw found during the extensive testing is initiated by the yellow splint.

With regular use, the yellow splint will address the change in muscle tension, the nerve supply to these muscles and the resulting bony deformity and thus the cause of pain. At the beginning, therefore, muscle distortions unknown to you and even pain can occur. This pain is described by some of my patients as "sore muscles", others complain for a short time about significant tension to headaches.
These symptoms are not uncommon for the first 10 days and indicate that the deformity is beginning to change. On the left you can see the fatal effects of an untreated bite of the bite block (not necessary!). Therefore, one-sided insoles for the treatment of pelvic obliquity are not always advisable. We should discuss and investigate any longer-lasting complaints that you have never known before in person or by telephone. Especially if your symptoms worsen.

I already point out the necessary cooperation with a trained back therapist. The maintenance of the yellow rail is easy, it is described in detail on our leaflet. You can easily treat discolouration with “cleaning tablets”, for example from Kukident.

I would like to emphasize once again that wearing the yellow splint alone, even if it often brings the desired changes quickly, the subsequent necessary therapy cannot change without changing the malposition due to the osteopathic and dental regulation alone.

In most cases, the dentist must make a permanent change in the malposition by adjusting the bite block. This also means that you will receive therapeutic advice from me, which will result in a new and occasionally cost-intensive permanent new restoration with inlays, partial crowns or whole crowns. The newly found bite in a balanced balance over the yellow rail is thus permanently and firmly transferred to a safe, stable and relaxed position. The original complaints are usually reduced in the long term.

But do not worry, you alone decide on your further treatment according to your wishes. Very good long-term results are achieved with the Invisalign treatment. This invisible orthodontic therapy developed in the USA (by the way, again with – this time very thin – delicate and almost invisible splints) for adults, in addition to the excellent visual effect of finally straight teeth, also has the stable, aesthetically pleasing bite regulation in the new yellow bite position result. Yellow splint therapy is very well known in the United States and Invisalign therefore knows Prof. Gelb. In addition, treatment with holistic additional therapies such as bioresonance, magnetic field, deacidification, magnesium infusion therapy is often correct and necessary for full-body balancing .

Physiotherapy according to "Lilo Kross" has proven itself. In her Bielefeld school, Ms. Kross has developed a holistically oriented new combination of various physiotherapy treatments. I therefore particularly recommend physiotherapy practices with this training. You can get contacts through practice. For example, Mr. Grossmann’s practice. This unusually soft-rhythmic, but highly effective Kross therapy brings a clearly noticeable relief and balance to many sick backs and joints in a short time due to the synergy effects that build up on each other in connection with the yellow splint.

All of these things therefore require comprehensive, holistic medical and dental advice and examination, as well as measurement of the jaw position and shoulder and pelvic girdles. The diagnostics and therapy presented are only partially covered by the statutory health insurance companies. Therefore, please ask me about the possible follow-up costs and please observe the regulations of your respective health insurance company.

I wish you a speedy recovery from your complaints and thank you for your trust.

Metal-free orthodontics + psychodontics

Invisalign: Gentle therapy through low-dose forces

All-ceramic restorations in prosthetics and all-ceramic implants have become an important standard in dentistry today. With Invisalign, we can now also achieve metal-free, predictable results in orthodontics without compromising aesthetics.

Your effort as an adult for Invisalign treatment is relatively low. Before the treatment, the course of treatment is simulated on the computer, the duration of the treatment is foreseeable and the number of splints is therefore determined relatively precisely.

You wear the splints day and night except for eating and dental care, and you receive another pair of splints every 14 days. If you should be traveling to the next rail appointment, simply take the additional pair of rails with you. Dental care doesn’t change, you take out the splints and take care of your teeth as you always did.

The biggest concerns of my Invisalign patients are the questions:
Can I speak normally with it? Now look at everyone else on my mouth?

Rest assured: With all my patients and from the experience of all other practitioners, after a short settling-in period of 8 to 24 hours, the pronunciation with and without a splint is almost identical. Because the rails are invisible (invisible), they are hardly noticed by the other person.

The treatment usually lasts between 9 to approx. 18 months (but rarely also significantly longer), and then comes the “retainer phase” that is common in all orthodontic procedures. You only wear a newly made splint from our laboratory at night for approx. 3 to 6 months (but sometimes significantly longer!). That means: occasionally some teeth want to return to their old position.

Depending on the scope and difficulty, the costs amount to a total of around 2200 to 5100 euros, depending on whether only the front teeth or the entire jaw arch is changed. You can pay this amount in up to 24 installments.

Before the splints are manufactured, Invisalign sends a video from the beginning to the end of the treatment for pre-control via the Internet. In practice you will take a look at this specification with me and discuss your wishes (and my suggestions) with regard to the result and thus before the rails are finally manufactured. You certainly saw the complex computerized measurement and manufacture of the splints at the beginning of the treatment in the Invisalign video, so that you can get an idea of ​​the high effort required to manufacture the splints.

In the meantime, Invisalign has also been recognized by the various German orthodontic societies as well as the American orthodontic society as a full treatment method.

The statutory health insurance companies only cover the costs for this treatment and classic orthodontic treatment up to the age of 18 with some restrictions, after which all orthodontic treatments are purely self-pay treatments. The private health insurance companies subsidize depending on your individual contractual arrangement.

Of course, I am happy to assist you, as not all of your questions can be adequately answered with this information. Please contact me or find out from one of my employees.

Take a look at these two cases of a congestion situation and a patchy starting situation: It could soon look so much nicer for you too.

Your advantages again: nobody sees the brackets like usual, you can speak pretty well, no trouble eating (nothing gets stuck!), Dental care as usual (no caries under banded teeth), costs no higher than visible orthodontics.

Psychodontics or the language of the teeth

What does the shape and (incorrect) position of the teeth say from a holistic perspective? ?

Jaw shapes vary and with them and with them the tooth positions, but these too can change.
Each tooth has a signature due to its shape, its position. This gives him a kind of outside message, which can change, however. He tilts due to loosening, he becomes weak from caries, so he can change "his message".

First, an overview of the most common malpositions, which are usually orthodontic – often regulated in childhood. These changes are often inherited, but can usually be treated successfully.

The narrow pine
The most common type of jaw shape is probably the narrow jaw. Here the side’s own developmental powers are reduced, and the forces of the outside world prevail, which press the narrow-range bearer or even threaten to overwhelm it. They prevent him from developing broadly and developing his own personality power.

The narrow jaw with pointed front

One speaks here also of a "pearl necklace" comparison: If a pearl necklace is pushed sideways, it dodges to the front and becomes pointed (pointed front). With the reduced X-axis development, the resistance also appears reduced. Instead of remaining steadfast, the "escape forward" is started. With the upper jaw pointed front at narrow jaw, instead of massive self-assertion, you prefer to have a “pointed tongue” as compensation, drive a wedge (to the front), so become verbally aggressive and biting. However, the old saying applies here: "Dogs that bark don’t bite!"

The cross bite
We often find a lateral shift of the lower jaw, the upper jaw is symmetrical cialis acheter ligne. There is a one-sided cross bite. Since the lower jaw stands for “deed”, there is overemphasis (right cross bite) or omissions to do (left cross bite).

The nonocclusion
The situation is different with nonocclusion: here the teeth don’t bite at all, but past one another. The upper jaw is too wide, the lower jaw too narrow. The willpower and imagination of the upper jaw dominate here, and the energies of implementing it into reality are weak. "It is not enough to want, you have to do it!", Goethe rightly says. This could be a problem for the carrier of the nonocclusion.

The narrow deck bite
Here the 2-series are in the front and the 1-series are straight or pointing backwards / inwards. Or it is the other way round: Nature, the unconscious "id" (1-way) points inwards, is defensive. The personality compensates through conscious countermeasures by pushing forward and becoming "pointed", ie aggressive. That can be "dangerous" – and become. If you go beyond your nature, "leans too far out of the window", you could fall on your mouth – and break your teeth. These teeth do not form a front or wall as a unit: the middle ones withdraw too far, the side ones venture too far. A risky, unbalanced and weakened impression arises.

The canine tooth stand and stand position
Now the reader should already be able to derive the corresponding signature. Canines are power teeth. The top ones don’t reach the bottom ones. Wanting lies above, doing below. Wanting to have power does not achieve actual implementation. You could say "paper tiger" because the powerful canines have no bite. You reach into the void.

The progen gearing
The lower teeth are not overlapped by the upper ones, but the lower teeth stand upside down in front of the upper teeth and overlap them. Doesn’t that remind you of the boar and wild boar? The signature should be clear: the lower teeth are the teeth of the deed, the physical effort, the action dominates: power can be brutal and reason can be neglected.

The diastema
the gap between the middle incisors
Who does not know Arnold with the characteristic tooth gap, who saves the world as a terminator and brings the male diastema bearer so wonderfully with actionism, strength, brutality and vitality? In contrast, the feminine form stands for openness, permeability, gentleness.

Now the teeth again in detail

1) The central incisors (11/21/31/41).
Dominant teeth symbolize the person’s duality / love power and your relationship with parents
11: male archetype, father, authority, god, animus, fire, sun.
21: female archetype, mother, woman, anima, moon, water
31/41: Parents’ place in the child’s everyday social life.

Different appearances in the area of ​​the incisors:
Diastema: gap between teeth
a) "Lucky teeth" – because here in the love area (Venus) more space and space
is created .
b) this picture also often shows difficulties, the male and the female
Integrate side equally.

Chipped incisors: Often a demonstration to point out the missing
to point out parental care, maybe even the break in the relationship
Superimposed incisors: dominance of one parent over the other Growing backwards: shadow role of the parents, standing back, lack of opinion.

2) Lateral incisors (12/22/32/42)
They are shaped by the front incisors and show information about the temperament of a person and how they react to female and male energies (father / mother).

a) Protrusion of the lateral incisors: early escape from the family home,
Escape from conflict with parents
Survive: dominance of children over parents
c) to the rear: signs of submissiveness that conform to the authority of the father or mother
d) Caries in the lateral incisor area: Often a sign of strong emotional stress with the opposite sex (disappointment, frustration, etc.)
e) Significant reduction in size of the posterior tooth (rice grain tooth): people prevented from aggression (peaceful, immediate submission),
3) Canines (13/23/33/43)
Appear at the age of 13/14 years: Development of the emotional level, appear in sexual age- competitive behavior, assertion- power, aggression- male power- Martial power

13: How we want to show ourselves to the outside world (withdrawal, refusal, dominance)
23: inner attitude we take towards change (inner agreement, inner rejection)
43: Expression of everything we want to do outside (growth energy)
33: How we express inner changes (readiness to conflict, conflict prevention)

4) Front molars (14/24/34/44)
Stand for the I and all our longings "I want" – Jupiter power, I consciousness.

14: how we want to show ourselves to the outside world
24: all desires related to our emotional world and our affections
34: how we express our wishes in the immediate vicinity (emotional message)
44: Realization of our plans

5) posterior molars (15/25/35/445)
"I want to sleep" – creative self, children’s love affairs, artistic values ​​Uranus power

15: Development in the outside world (children, plans that we want to realize)
Miscarriages, abortions, this tooth is often dead.
25: Plants that lie deep inside us, an inherent character, which is why man was born in this world.
35: how the mother’s energy is integrated into our being.
45: Realization of our plans (especially at work)

6) Front molars (16/26/36/46)
The way of being indecent, rebellion against constriction and paternalism, claim to the status that we want to assume – Saturn tooth
16: Rank that we want to occupy in the outside world
26: Corresponds to the role we want to play in expressing our feelings
36 Desire to be loved by his parents, desire for parental attention
46: Represents work, death from old structures, rebirth, fear of loss

7) rear molars (17/27/37/47)
Appears around the age of 12, reflects the relationship with the environment, i.e. how we project onto our environment and what image it throws back at us, how our fellow human beings react to us

17: Events are expressed here that have to do with the external circumstances of work and everyday life
27: We harmonize affective relationships with our fellow human beings with our nights?
37: Concretization of emotional problems in 27 (disappointments etc.)
47: Relationships and their circumstances

8) wisdom teeth
Normally do not appear before the age of 21, beginning of spiritual development, relationship of the individual to the community and the cosmos, mystical ego-possibility of merging-plutokraft

18: corresponds to the strength we develop in trying to develop ourselves into the material and spiritual world
28: deep-seated fears of being excluded from the material and spiritual world
38: Ability to share feelings with the environment
48: Physical energy that is released when we find our place in the world.

Nowadays wisdom teeth are pulled in rows or do not naturally arise. This can be an indication that today’s people have little sense of becoming one with nature and the cosmos and thus have a lack of spirituality – furthermore they have developed a lack of community spirit and weak social energies ("individualist society")

The psychodontic knowledge of the mental-spiritual background of jaw and tooth position anomalies enables holistic dentistry to have fewer therapy resistances and to avoid recurrences, because not only is the “gearwheel” turned, but the whole person is seen and treated.
Psychodontics not only tells us the secret (subconsciously known) body language of the teeth, with which you can now read and understand the dental signals, but is also holistic dentistry – for better understanding .

Well, it sounds hard as it stands for the individual, but it is astonishing how these observations are repeated.

Of course, the question arises: and if this misalignment is corrected, then my character, my behavior changes ?
No, of course not, everything remains unchanged, the given systems cannot be treated. But we experience again and again that after a straightening orthodontic treatment, self-confidence also increases, you can show teeth again, according to the motto:

The teeth are the white bumpers of life.

Getting sick while sleeping

Milling the jaws while sleeping can cause illness. Especially women between 18 and 50 years grind their teeth at night or clench them without realizing it.

This can create a pressure that is up to ten times higher than the normal pressure when chewing. In the long term, permanent tension can lead to hardening and shortening of the neck muscles, resulting in tension and pain in the muscles.

Defects on the tooth neck and cracks in the enamel can occur on the teeth, teeth with extensive fillings can even break. The dentist can prevent nighttime crunching with a so-called bite guard and thus protect the teeth from major damage.

Pull oil

Oil pulling – an easy way to treat periodontitis

Self-treatment with sesame or sunflower oil offers a simple and inexpensive method of treating gum inflammation. This so-called "oil pulling" has been known from Ayurveda for 4000 years. Acheter du cialis en allemagne. It promotes detoxification, cleansing and anti-inflammation in the body through the oral mucous membranes.

This way, harmful mouth germs and inflammation can be treated safely and gently. For the treatment of simple minor changes (also to support implantations and bone building), the morning use before brushing your teeth is sufficient. Put a tablespoon of sesame oil in your mouth and squeeze the oil through the interdental spaces. At first the oil is still transparent and relatively firm, after 10 to 12 minutes it takes on a milky color and is very fluid. Please spit the oil out now. Then brush your teeth as usual.

The following applies only in the case of very severe inflammation and in consultation with practice: in the beginning, pull oil for 10 minutes twice a day, in the morning and evening before brushing your teeth.

By pulling the oil there is a fundamental improvement in the discharge through the oral mucosa into the oil. Viruses, bacteria and fungi are reduced and brought back into their normal relationship. This method has a very favorable and supportive effect, especially in the case of chronic heavy metal contamination (amalgam).

Gum infections heal faster and the pain associated with them quickly subsides. Bad breath improves. Even loosened teeth become firmer again by reducing the inflammation. The coating on the tongue decreases, some patients even notice a clear whitening of their teeth. This effect is said to be stronger with sesame oil than with sunflower oil. A note: the oil must be spit out after you have finished pulling the oil, please never swallow this oil.

Further information on the use of oil extraction and the overall program to improve oral hygiene (self-treatment of periodontitis) can be found on the website of Dr. Lindauer (www.dr-lindauer.de).

Please keep in mind, even this co-treatment does not replace a visit to the dentist and certainly not a necessary gum therapy, such as a prophylactic treatment or periodontal treatment.

Mouth flow measurement

Mouth currents between different filling materials such as Gold and amalgam occur in all people.

In the healthy jaw environment there is a tension between 50 and 70 millivolts, between amalgam fillings and gold or between stainless steel prosthesis components and other tooth metals, however, tensions up to 800 millivolts can be demonstrated.

A small flashlight battery is already lit up with these currents.

Why is the knowledge of these mouth currents important?

With high mouth currents + voltages, sensitive people can experience a disturbance due to the electrical phenomena described in the area of ​​nerve supply to the maxillary nerves and the adjacent brain.

Quite a few patients are also familiar with the effect of accidentally reaching tooth restorations with a silver fork and noticing a small electric shock. Generic cialis jelly online.


Bioresonance therapy was established in 1987 by Hans Brüggemann as "therapy with the patient’s own vibrations". The form of therapy goes to the inventors, the doctors Dr. Morell and Dr. Full back, who first presented their idea in 1977. It started a kind of biophysics of another dimension.

How it works

I would like to briefly explain the theory here: electromagnetic vibrations (fields) exist in every body. If the body is burdened by a disease-causing factor, there are disease-causing vibrations in addition to the normal functional vibrations. These disease-causing vibrations trigger a disease that manifests itself in a wide variety of symptoms.

With the help of special electrodes, the entire vibration pattern of the body is now recorded and analyzed in the so-called Bicom device. The harmonic and disharmonic frequencies are then separated. At the exit there are other electrodes that return the therapy vibrations to the body. The harmonic vibrations are positively amplified and the disharmonic vibrations are returned in exactly the opposite way.

Circuits that vary the intensity and frequency of these oscillation processes can be set. This process repeats itself in fractions of a second. In biophysical theory, an originally sick wave vibration from the inside now coincides with the polarity of the opposite polarity from the outside. As with any physical action, a positive and negative field vibration meet. When plus and minus collide, these vibrations cancel each other out. As a result, the pathogenic signals in the body are reduced and ideally even canceled.

The body’s own regulatory powers can now regulate the biological processes unhindered and the body’s energy balance is restored.

Tooth forms and your tasks

Depending on the shape, human teeth take on different tasks. The incisors resemble a pair of scissors that tip canines more like fangs. The small molars take over the first rough food crushing cialis 20mg andorre. Your colleagues, the big ones molars, then grind the food finely using large chewing surfaces and four or five humps.

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