Holistic support through (accompanied) painting

Painting and creative design are an essential contribution to the holistic promotion of children and young people. Accompanied painting in particular, but also free painting, promotes much more skills than can be seen at first glance.

Promotion of fine and gross motor skills

The large paper format on the wall enables large, sweeping movements, as well as small and difficult execution of details. It promotes gross and fine motor skills alike.

Perfection of natural painting development

The normal painting development of children is interrupted by demands in parents’ house, day care center and school. Accompanied painting or free painting without any guidelines gives children the opportunity to complete this development. In doing so, they develop their own representation of spatiality, which is important for the networking of the two hemispheres.

Promotion of silence and concentration

There is a concentrated and calm atmosphere in the painting studio. Otherwise, the painting manager creates them and ensures that they are adhered to. Even restless children are introduced to silence and learn to endure and enjoy it.

Language and communication

The conversation on the picture promotes communication skills. “Tell me something about your picture!” Means that the child fully conveys a story with the necessary backgrounds. The child is learning, important separate from unimportant information.

Relationships / social skills

By working in a group with limited material, consideration and consultation is essential. A relationship develops between the painting children and the painting manager.

Help me do it myself!

Painting helps to find your own creative solutions. Alleged errors lead to often surprising solutions.

Creative solutions for dealing with difficult life situations

When working on your own pictures, difficult and stressful situations can be put on paper. This enables children to address and solve their problems.

Possibility to try new behavior patterns

We assume that someone behaves in the same way when painting as in other life. Children can playfully try out and practice new behavior patterns on paper.

Support self-esteem

The appreciation of the achievements and the experiencing one’s own productive creativity directly strengthens the children’s self-esteem. Wow – I painted this picture myself!

Own activity instead of passive consumption

Especially in the media age, children are flooded with given pictures. The visual language of adults is specified in books, TV or computer / game console. Painting sets his own pictures against it and brings expressing them. A craft box can be made with little effort and should be available to every child.


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