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Nice gestures when traveling – the DoubleTree effect in Amsterdam

In cooperation with DoubleTree by Hilton Where it attracts many tourists, it must be beautiful. But how does a metropolis deal with the rush? Amsterdam is not only considered a liberal city but also one of the friendliest cities. A,

On the way in North Holland – three days Enkhuizen and a detour to Hoorn

I recently left for the Netherlands again without a single glance at one of these “offline maps”. Check the course beforehand or something. What for? I have a navigation system. It does have, in the years, in

Burgers Zoo in Arnhem – the best tips for a visit to Holland’s most beautiful zoo

Burgers Zoo is certainly one of the most beautiful zoos for families with children. A visit to an animal park is still the greatest thing for my boys. No matter which country we are in – we usually go animals sooner or later

Travel with us to South Holland – via Instagram

Holland had poured rain on my last stay in Aalsmeer from the top. For four days. I gave my neighbor the chance to make amends, grabbed my boys and drove them to South Holland. And

On the road in North Holland – four days around Aalsmeer

Aalsmeer is a small village in North Holland. With pretty little houses and lots of water around it. Nearly 30,000 inhabitants live here. Yet. You meet for quad biking, horse riding, sailing or fishing. Pure idyll. IF there were not the many planes in the

Counting sheep 2.0 – Aalsmeer who are you? On the Road in North Holland Day 1

1 plane flies over the hotel 2 planes fly over the hotel 3 planes fly over the hotel. , , I pull the blanket over my ears. Slowly, I hope for a night ban on the airport Amsterdam Schiphol. Make

At the cheese market in Alkmaar – a look behind the scenes

A visit to the cheese market in Alkmaar. “You have to be careful that the cheese carriers do not knock you over.” I got this warning from the Alkmaar Tourist Office when I picked up my press accreditation. I thought about it for a moment and came

On the way in North Holland # 3

On day 3 of my North Holland trip ‘for Holland’, there was no alarm but the smell of fresh rolls and freshly brewed coffees. The boys and I packed our things and prepared everything for the check out of the hotel. We enjoyed the delicious

On the Road in North Holland # 2 – Cheese Market in Alkmaar

My alarm clock rang today at 6:30 clock SEX 30 THIRTY. I wanted to hit it and just turn around. I briefly questioned how much cheese is close to my heart. Luckily my curiosity outweighed and

On the road in North Holland – Haarlem # 1

I’m currently in action. For the Netherlands. Almost as a blogger on a business trip in Holland. I’m allowed to spend a few days in Haarlem in northern Holland to explore the city and the surrounding area and tell you about my experiences. I am

Travel with me to Maastricht – via Instagram

Maastricht – a Dutch town just a stone’s throw away from Cologne. I need exactly one hour from my door to my ‘parking garage’ on the city’s marketplace. In the last few years I often went for one

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