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What do Tom Cruise, Miley Cyrus, Christiano Ronaldo, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Morgan Freeman have in common? They all “had something done”. On their teeth.

Since many Hollywood greats and football stars have not necessarily had perfect front teeth in their cradle, dentists skilfully help some celebrities and conjure up a great Hollywood smile on the prominent faces with modern high-tech methods. Whether bleaching, transparent braces for straight front teeth, deceptively genuine ceramic crowns, bright veneers, gum corrections or even combined with a bite elevation – an optimized front tooth row is also possible for the ordinary citizen between Hamburg and Bremen. The Zeven dentist Marten Jan Lindeman is a Master of Science in Aesthetic Reconstructive Dentistry and is passionate about facing aesthetically challenging challenges. “It is so satisfying when I can make a patient happy with optimized front teeth and when his self-confidence and self-esteem change significantly with a few aesthetic corrections,” says the expert in aesthetic dentistry.

Bright, bright teeth look healthier

Hand on your heart: We all know that white, straight teeth suggest health, success and vitality. Perfect front teeth stand for beauty and are for some a status symbol. And it is not so difficult to help nature. Or at least to invest in the intensive care of your teeth. A PZR – a professional tooth cleaning – is not only recommended for health reasons at least twice a year, it can also whiten the teeth a little: The grey haze – mainly caused by nicotine, coffee, black tea, red wine or certain medicines – disappears through professional tooth cleaning. Dark plaque is reliably removed in Lindeman’s practice and the surfaces are beautifully polished, which also prevents periodontitis – the number one widespread disease. This professional quality can hardly be achieved with home dental care. Therefore, you should enter the regular PZR appointments in your calendar in good time. But – naturally yellow teeth are not snow-white due to PZR. If you want whiter teeth, you should bleach.

From bleaching to veneers

A fast and gentle whitening of yellow or greyish teeth is no longer a problem today. At the Lindeman dental practice, patients can have up to nine shades of brighter teeth in a single session using a gel based on 30 percent hydrogen peroxide and a whitening accelerating lamp (light energy from LED). The treatment is finished after about 90 minutes. In comparison, commercially available bleaching products for home use only create up to three shades. The application of peroxides attacks neither enamel nor dentin or the pulp (tooth nerve) – on the contrary: Various studies have even shown that bleaching can have a caries-preventive effect. Plaque is more difficult to attach to freshly whitened teeth. By the way, fillings or crowns cannot be whitened.

The “bright joy” has already inspired many patients in Zeven and the surrounding area. However, “Hellauf-enthusiasts” should definitely have themselves examined by the specialist M. J. Lindeman before bleaching – for example for fine enamel cracks, gingivitis or caries. So you don’t experience any nasty surprises when bleaching. Professional tooth cleaning in the prophylaxis department of the Lindeman practice is necessary before every bleaching procedure in order to first remove the superficial discolorations and plaque.

Does tooth whitening with hydrogen peroxide make teeth more sensitive?

Dentist Marten Jan Lindeman states: “Most people do not notice any bleaching or only a slight sensitivity to cold on the whitened teeth for the first two days. According to studies*, 91 percent of patients have little or no sensitivity. It is recommended to apply a remineralizing fluoride gel to the enamel at the end of the treatment. This can reduce any sensitivities.

How long does the whitening of teeth last?

Depending on the patient’s behaviour, whitening can last about three to five years. The aesthetics expert Lindeman advises daily dental care with a fluoridating gentle toothpaste without abrasive particles as well as dental floss or interdental brushes. The lifestyle is decisive for a long-lasting bleaching result. Who smokes or drinks regularly coffee or black tea, will probably not have so long enthusiasm at the bright joy .

Veneers for front teeth – natural appearance thanks to high-quality ceramics

Veneers – i.e. glued-on ceramic veneers – have the desired (lighter) tooth colour right from the start and can give pleasure to the optimised appearance for a very long time. Dentist Lindeman explains: “The delicate ceramic veneers can offer much more than just a lighter shade: They compensate for unattractive irregularities or even broken corners and cutting edges. Even small gaps in the front teeth can be cleverly concealed with veneers.” The natural light refraction of the ceramic veneers ensures a deceptively genuine anterior tooth appearance. And in comparison to ceramic crowns or partial crowns, the fine veneers are much more gentle on the tooth substance, since hardly anything has to be removed from the patient’s own anterior tooth surface.

And what about the durability of veneers? “My experience shows that veneers that I have glued to the front teeth of my patients already last well over 20 years. Provided the patient treats his teeth with care, the durability limits are open at the top,” says the experienced dentist for aesthetic-reconstructive dentistry.

Gently correct crooked front teeth – with almost invisible teeth splints

Tom Cruise has demonstrated it: crooked teeth can also be straightened in more mature years. In the dental practice of M. J. Lindeman, adults can also benefit from an innovative, gentle orthodontic method that came to Germany from America some time ago – even to Zeven. With transparent teeth splints, which look similar to grinding splints, dentist Lindeman moves crooked, twisted and nested front teeth very discreetly and gently over a longer period of time (depending on approx. 6 – 18 weeks). These so-called “aligners” offer the advantage over fixed orthodontic appliances (brackets) and braces that they are virtually invisible, that they can be removed during meals and dental care, and that hardly any painful pressure or chafing occurs when worn. For this method, the patient is given several splints – depending on the individual crookedness – which are replaced one after the other after one week. This continues until the front teeth finally stand next to each other like a row of pearls. “The results of this Aligner method are impressive,” says dental aesthetics expert Lindeman, “When a patient is happy with the beautiful straight anterior row, I usually fix the result with an invisible retainer wire on the back. This keeps the straight anterior teeth in place permanently.”

Highlight on the front teeth – tooth jewellery is trendy

If you would like to add another one, you can have an eye-catching effect glued to a front tooth: Tooth jewellery like Twinkles, Dazzler, Skyces or Grillz sparkle on the front teeth like stars from showbiz, sport and music scene. This tooth jewelry is completely harmless, because the glue does not hurt the enamel. But the gluing belongs in professional hands. In the Lindeman dental practice, the small highlights are easy to apply. The teeth shine a spark more when you smile.

Dental aesthetics becomes affordable

Front teeth are the business card of the face – while beautiful bright and straight front teeth give us self-confidence and charisma every time we smile and speak. If you would like to treat yourself to aesthetic tooth corrections, you should simply ask for advice at the Marten Jan Lindeman practice in Zeven. Attractive financing options make dental aesthetic wishes feasible even for non-celebrities – so that you can afford even more beautiful things in life with the new radiant smile.

*Survey DGDH on the myths of tooth whitening, DZW Nachbericht Part III “Most people don’t notice anything”, Issue 14/2016, 06.04.2016

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