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The men’s soccer team of the gymnastics and sports club Grünenplan is a new champion of the Holzminden district league and can look forward to new goal nets!

Photo: Braunschweigische Sparkassenstiftung

The badminton department of MTSV Jahn v. 1864 Eschershausen is in the upswing, especially the youth department. The Braunschweigische Sparkassenstiftung supported the purchase of fifteen dozen feather balls :-)!

Photo: Oliver Fuchs

in the Rowing club Holzminden youth work is very important and thanks to the successful cooperation with the Campe Gymnasium the youth department has grown to 55 active members. Last season the RCH rowed a total of 20,142 kilometers!

The club was able to purchase another used “gigvier” and successfully repair the 25-year-old boat. The Sparkassenstiftung wishes you lots of fun and success with the new boat!

Oliver Fuchs and Christiane Voss invited you to the "promotional breakfast". All of the institutions and people considered in 2018 were invited and took the opportunity to exchange ideas and network.

The regional advisory councils of the Braunschweigische Sparkassenstiftung thanked the great voluntary work of the many people from different associations and institutions. The region would be much poorer without their tireless efforts. Oliver Fuchs emphasized how much the Foundation likes to support diverse projects and asked people to always ask for funding. Support was given to clubs and institutions from the areas of sport, culture and social affairs, as well as schools and kindergartens, which initiate projects that go beyond teaching.

Photos: Braunschweigische Sparkassenstiftung

The aim of the World Youth Expedition association is to promote public youth welfare and thus to promote projects for children, adolescents and young adults that focus on providing and promoting education.

With the funding, workshops with a total of 55 young people were implemented. Main topics, such as team building, personal development, "I" and my social engagement in society. Together with the Stadtoldendorf secondary school, donations of over 4,000 euros were worked out for the restoration of the forest children’s playground as part of the WOLRD YOUTH EXPEDITION. The young people organized a sponsorship / donation run and did the corresponding media outreach. In addition to personal support from the coaches from the WORLD YOUTH EXPEDITION, the students were given T-shirts.

In collaboration with the Lademann Realschule in Helmstedt, a meeting room is created at the school. The pupils are accompanied through the process in various workshops and the concept for the conversion is created. As a module for personal development within the workshops, the association also uses the idea that students work together with craftsmen as part of this project and are themselves involved in the renovation of the room. Getting to know professions in a different way is the idea that the pupils have committed themselves to.

At a WORLD YOUTH EXPEDITION workshop, students dealt with the thoughts: What do we need? What concerns us? How do digital media shape our lives? The conclusion from three years of WORLD YOUTH EXPEDITION shows that young people adapt to the circumstances of the environment. Technical challenges shape the development and in combination with analog methodical work WORLD YOUTH EXPEDITION creates a platform and the opportunities to try it out.

Drawing: Sandra Wukovich

In addition to sporting activities, maintaining team spirit plays a very important role in the Weiß-Rot Stadtoldendorf association. The integration of the young shooters into the club life is particularly important to the club members. In the future, this will also be maintained in the grill hut, to which the foundation was able to contribute a part.

Photo: Braunschweigische Sparkassenstiftung

The teams of the soccer club SV 06 Holzminden could be equipped with first aid bags so that minor injuries that can occur in recreational sports are treated immediately can.

Photo: Braunschweigische Sparkassenstiftung

The Lower Saxony Savings Bank Foundation subscribes to the District craftsmanship Holzminden for the exemplary restoration of the Half-timbered house Markt 16 in Holzminden with the Monument Conservation Award the Lower Saxony Savings Bank Foundation. Axel Richter, Managing Director of the Braunschweigische Sparkassenstiftung, Oliver A. Fuchs, Regional Advisory Board of the Braunschweigische Sparkassenstiftung, and Michael Heinrich Schormann, Deputy managing director of the Lower Saxony Sparkassenstiftung presented the award at a ceremony.

The award-winning project essentially involves the renovation of the front facade of the district craftsman’s house to the market square in Holzminden in 2016. The jury praised the careful handling of the existing building structure and the associated dismantling of the plinth facade. The successful and successful balancing act here on the upper floors to restore the condition of the half-timbered facade built in the second half of the 17th century in connection with the end of the 19th century, in favor of large-scale shop window areas, changed plinth area, earned special recognition. The exposure and inclusion of the industrial steel pillars and beams unexpectedly rediscovered during the renovation work on the ground floor revives the "old days" and shows great respect on the part of the client and the architects for the history of the house.

"The personal commitment of the award winner and the exemplary handling of the existing building fabric deserve special recognition," emphasized Michael Heinrich Schormann at the award ceremony.

Axel Richter added: “The restoration of the half-timbered house Markt 16 in Holzminden is exemplary. It represents an important building block for the preservation of the Lower Saxony monument landscape. "

In 2018, the Lower Saxony Sparkassenstiftung awarded the monument conservation prize for the 17th time. The award is endowed with a total of 75,000 euros and honors the private commitment that owners have for the preservation of historical monuments. In addition to the state and special award winners, 17 monuments will be awarded a prize this year, and another seven will be commended.

Picture 1 Oliver Fuchs; Picture 2 Jutta brothers

A complete ant population has been relocated from the Harz to the Solling and now has a new home in the so-called Formicarium in the entrance area of ​​the forest experience facility of the Neuhaus Forestry Office. The hill nest and the insects are protected by transparent plexiglass. Visitors to the wildlife park can observe the ants up close when building a nest or looking for food, at burials or on guard duty. The ant sight enclosure is used for environmental education work and will in future also be used by schools and kindergartens as an extra-curricular learning location.

Weather and sun protection is created by a wooden pavilion, the roof and external dimensions of which reproduce the shape of a honeycomb. In addition to protecting the ants, the state forests also want to provide information about wild bees. In future, visitors to the wildlife park will be able to use a flap to independently observe the bee colony inside the hive.

Photos: Rudolph and Hapke / Landesforsten

The Braunschweigische Sparkassenstiftung has invited volunteers from the Holzminden region from clubs, schools, daycare centers, projects and institutions for breakfast. The background was a Thank you to all volunteers accept. In 2017, the foundation sponsored the facilities of the representatives present with almost 16,000 euros.

Without the great commitment of the volunteers, all the projects that could be implemented would not be possible! Support was given to the Arche Dionys family center, the German Child Protection Association, the Handball Sports Association in Stadtoldendorf, the Freundeskreis Schloss Bevern, the Himmelsleiter daycare center in Boffzen and others. a.

Pleasing perspective: thanks to the lottery campaign "Save + Earn", which is still used intensively by the citizens of the Holzminden region, will also become a means of funding in 2018 "Doing good" flow directly back into the region.

Trampoline jumping is very popular at TG Lauenförde. For children, adolescents and adults! To be able to appear as a team in competitions, new tracksuits have now been purchased. We wish you continued success and joy!

Photo: Oliver Fuchs

The children of Club Einstein and the pedagogical lunch table of the family center in Stadtoldendorf feel very comfortable there – they are well looked after, get a delicious lunch, do their homework and are allowed to play. In a sweet letter, however, they complained to their Le />. The Braunschweigische Sparkassenstiftung was very happy to fulfill this wish!

Photo: Braunschweigische Sparkassenstiftung

Drawing: a boy from the group

The children of the St. Josef day care center in Holzminden are happy about her new ball pit. In addition to the joy of romping, jumping in, crawling or sorting the plastic balls by color, sitting, lying or standing on the balls supports the children’s perception and body balance. Have fun with "to bathe"!

Photo: St. Josef day care center

The members of the regional advisory board of our foundation have all sponsorship partners who were supported by the 2016 Win + Save lottery "Conveyor Breakfast" invited to Holzminden. Christiane Voss and Oliver Fuchs thanked those present for their great voluntary work. With a total of 19,000 euros, the following could be supported: Friends of the Glasmuseum Boffzen, TG-Tennissparte Lauenförde, FC Blau-Weiß Weser, support association of the elementary school Lauenförde, men’s gymnastics club Fürstenberg, Heimat- und Geschichtsverein Golmbach, Campe-Gymnasium Holuzminden, traffic watch "Weser-Solling Holzminden, TSV Jahn Eschershausen, multi-generation house and the Kidnertarten dwarf house.

In autumn 2016, a three-part, half-open wooden pavilion in honeycomb form will be built in the Neuhaus wildlife park. The Braunschweigische Sparkassenstiftung supports the inclusion of a complete formicarium with nest area, wintering shaft and feed area. Information boards, visual aids and supplies on the subject of wild bees, honey bees and beekeeping as well as the settlement and operation of a beehive are also supported.

The project is funded by the Future Foundation Forest along with the Nds. Neuhaus Forest Office and Neuhaus am Solling Wildlife Park planned and implemented and accompanied by public campaigns. School classes and kindergartens are actively involved in these topics.

With the support of the Braunschweigische Sparkassenstiftung, the "fleet" of the kindergarten Zwergenhaus in Grünenplan could be enlarged this year – the little ones are happy about two new scooters!

The sports club is committed to increasing its activities in the field of youth work and thereby promoting integration. There was a lack of equipment for this – the Braunschweigische Sparkassenstiftung gladly has an amount to purchase handball goals and nets and the like. a. Material done.

The Association of Business Juniors organized a children’s cooking festival. In addition to cooking classes with four well-known chefs from the region, a sensory course, a cereal mix stand and a “market place with fresh vegetables were offered to give the children knowledge about and desire for healthy food.

The traveling exhibition “Mathematics to touch” with 25 exhibits will be guests in Holzminden in June. Around 2,000 children and adolescents were confronted with the topic of MINT in a variety of ways.


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