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Updated on: November 18, 2019

As Home bleaching is called teeth whitening at home. So instead of doing an in-office whitening, you can simply whiten your teeth with products yourself. Teeth whitening is almost as fast as a doctor’s visit, but costs a lot less.

There are different products that differ in application and price. We show you on our site, whereupon You have to pay attention to the differences in the products and which of these are our personal test winners. Let us first come to the different products with which we have had home bleaching experiences.

The various home whitening products

The most popular tooth whitening product is the gel. Home Whitening Gel is used in almost all products and contains chemical agents, mostly based on oxygen peroxide, which make your teeth whiter.

With a tooth whitening pen you either apply the gel directly to your teeth or you use a splint. These are then worn in the mouth for a few minutes. A combination of these products is often put together and sold as a set.

Another very popular way to get your teeth white on television is stripes. You simply stick them on your teeth and let them work. They actually work exactly like the other products.

Then there is the toothpaste and powder. Both are rubbed on the teeth during or before brushing your teeth. The dirt is rubbed off the teeth with microgranules or natural means beautify your smile. Some of these products are sold in different combinations as sets.

Teeth whitening costs at home

The cost of teeth whitening products differ between the different methods of teeth whitening, but in almost every case they are lower than those for dentist. And they work just as well. A good gel get You already for 10 € – 35 € and usually there is also a rail or even a lamp.

The lamp noticeably accelerates teeth whitening. Strips are around € 50, but contain a lot of bleach strips that you can use for a long time or with several people. A top toothpaste is available for € 8 and the similar powder for € 3.

Teeth whitening pens usually cost € 10 – € 30, but have the great advantage that you can take them anywhere and you don’t have to use a splint.

Get your teeth really white at home

We want to help you with our experience on teeth whitening at home and help you to achieve your most beautiful smile. We are constantly testing new home whitening products and looking for dentists near you where you can do bleeching.


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