Home – early mobile support in laatzen, hemmingen and the surrounding area

Home - early mobile support in laatzen, hemmingen and the surrounding area

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Mobile early intervention in Laatzen, Hemmingen and the surrounding area

Live together, develop together

What is early special education??

This support represents a comprehensive support for your child in his personal development (mentally, mentally and physically) and offers advice for his caregivers, such as: B. Guardians and carers in everyday life. The support and discussions take place at your child’s home or / and in the respective care facility. Children from birth to school are admitted who live in the municipalities of Laatzen, Hemmingen, Pattensen, Gehrden, Springe, Ronnenberg, Sarstedt and Nordstemmen. MOCA stands for Mobile early intervention in Calenberger land.

Who pays for the funding?

The early childhood welfare support is completely taken over by the social welfare office. Self-payment is also possible.

How can I contact you??

You can reach me at: 01578 5477349
or by email: [email protected]

I am happy to answer any open questions and look forward to your children!

Be yourself the change you want for this world." (Gandhi)

Areas of funding

  • the movement
  • the perception
  • cognition, concentration, endurance
  • the social behavior
  • communication, communication
  • the gaming behavior
  • the emotional state

Gaining the ability to act in everyday life


  • Play in and with the water
  • Find help for going to bed and falling asleep
  • Seek help for eating or feeding
  • Ayres sensory integration therapy (SI)
  • Aucouturier psychomotricity

Funded skills

  • improved body awareness
  • Coordination of the body and hands
  • Endurance and strength dosage
  • improved sleep-wake rhythm
  • Participation in everyday life

Play with friends


  • Memory and logic games
  • Color and number games
  • curative education game
  • role playing

Funded skills

  • retention
  • concentration
  • endurance
  • rule understanding

Listen and understand each other


  • language games
  • Songs, finger games, rhymes
  • Use of gestures accompanying the speech
  • TEACCH program

Funded skills

  • Listen to others
  • Get to know words
  • to come to an understanding
  • Communicate wishes
  • Gain the fun of speaking

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