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I am pleased that you have found my way to my website.

Sometimes you get to a point in life where you get the feeling that you are only turning in circles, standing on the spot, feeling like you are sinking, … Somehow you cannot get ahead on your own or together with your partner, friends or other people.

I would like to support you in understanding your difficulties with yourself or with other people. Only with understanding can a process of change begin and new paths be broken.

As a naturopath for psychotherapy and a psychoanalytic couple and family therapist, I find it important to take a look into the past when dealing with the current problems. There are many patterns already learned in childhood that are still powerful in the here and now. Understanding this can be very helpful for personal development.

A personal conversation in the practice rooms, as well On-line-Consultations via Skype are possible.


In my many years of supportive work with people, I have already encountered many subject areas. Most of the time I was accompanied in upheaval situations (birth of a child, retirement, sudden illness of a self or of relatives, round birthdays and the question of personal content in life, life with mental illness, dealing with addiction, dealing with one’s own identity) asked.
Resource-oriented and with a view to practical feasibility, we can work out a suitable way of dealing with your topics.

Contact me here by phone (gladly also AB) or email. I will get back to you shortly to make an initial appointment.

Couples / families

I offer you a supporting framework for the diverse topics that require professional support in a couple or family relationship (or other forms of relationship).
These could be:
Your communication is broken off, you hardly talk to each other anymore.
Your communication is characterized by misunderstandings and disputes escalating.
A partner has cheated.
You have problems with your sexuality.
There is an unfulfilled desire to have children.

I support you in gaining more clarity about what is happening, maturing internally, being able to take good care of yourself and finding individual solutions.

Depending on the situation, mediation, advice or therapy may be necessary. This is decided after clarification of the topics in the first meeting or bring with you as a concern.

Advice: Your problems are discussed on a seemingly practical and solution-oriented level.
Therapy: In order to understand and solve your current difficulties, underlying problems (from your past) are taken into account.
Mediation: In a clearly structured process, your conflicts with other people (partner, parents, work colleague, …) can be solved constructively.

A conversation is seldom enough. It is advisable to schedule several sessions, since problem solving is a complex process. Depending on the individual requirements, these are time-consuming.

Contact me here by phone (gladly also AB) or email. I will get back to you shortly to make an initial appointment.


The fee is not covered by the statutory health insurance companies. Services based on the Alternative Practitioners Act are not included in the statutory health care system.

The regular costs are:
Individual talk: 60 min = 60, – Euro
Couple talk: 90 min = 90, – Euro

For people with a net income of less than 1,000 euros, I estimate:
Individual talk: 60 min = 45, – Euro
Couple talk: 90 min = 70, – Euro

Appointments after prior arrangement by phone.
Please also speak to me on the answering machine, I will call you back as soon as possible. Telephone: 01 51 – 21 54 02 74

As a self-payer you remain anonymous, your health insurance or other institutions will not be informed.
There are also no longer waiting times due to the application therapy and looking for a therapist.

Private health insurance and supplementary insurance may contribute to the costs of psychotherapeutic alternative practitioner services. Please check with your insurance company in advance.
The fee is payable in cash after the meeting or can be transferred within 14 days. You will receive an invoice from me.

Appointments can be canceled up to 48 hours before the agreed appointment. In all other cases, you will be charged a cancellation fee of half the agreed session price.

About me

In 2012, after a year of training as a mediator (MediationsBüro Mitte in Berlin), I started working as a part-time self-employed in this industry. My wish was to deal with conflicts more constructively and to pass on my knowledge to other people.
I accompanied individuals and several people in various work, life and living contexts (smaller companies, love relationships, families, shared apartments) in their conflict management.
After working as a mediator for several years, I noticed that this very structural approach neglected emotional processes and, as a result, conflicts could not be deeply understood and dealt with.

The extensive three-year training course for psychoanalytic couple and family therapist (International Psychoanalytic University Berlin) brought me the appropriate know-how. The reflected differentiation of inter- and intrapsychic (inter: between people and intra: in the person himself) deepened my professional competence.

Other methods I use are nonviolent communication (according to M. Rosenberg) and motivational conversation.

As a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy, I received permission to practice medicine without an appointment, limited to the field of psychotherapy (District Office Tempelhof-Schöneberg von Berlin -Gesundheitsamt- (06.06.2016).

As a qualified rehabilitation educator (2008, Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences at the Humboldt University in Berlin)
am i experienced in Dealing with social law and psychosocial issues.


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