Home remedies for cough

Onion juice, potato wrap & Co. – Grandmother’s insider tips against common everyday complaints are also a pleasure today still very popular. And although their effectiveness is usually not proven beyond any doubt, at least they seem to do well for many affected people.

Home remedies for cough: what can they do?

Evidence of efficacy from scientific studies is missing for most home remedies. In the case of cough in particular, heat applications, steam inhalations or various herbal formulations are often recommended. For example, they are said to have an expectorant effect, keep the airways moist or have anti-inflammatory and germicidal effects. The fact is that many of these old tips against cough contribute to the well-being of those affected – and this can have a positive effect on the recovery process.

Cough: home remedies from grandma’s bag of tricks

Onion juice for cough

It is one of the classic household remedies for cough: onion syrup with sugar candy. For this you need a glass and a strainer that fits into the glass. Place equal parts of onion and brown candy cut into small cubes in the sieve. After about an hour, a juice is created that runs into the glass. The resulting syrup is primarily intended to alleviate dry, irritable cough.

Tip: If you don’t like onions, you can also make radish juice. Hollow out a black radish and place it in a glass or bottle filled with brown candy. Here, too, a syrup is created, which you can take in spoons.

Hot potato wrap

Potato wrap is also one of the tried and tested tips for coughing. No wonder, because they provide soothing warmth and can be easily produced: just boil two to three potatoes. Place unpeeled, soft potatoes on a cloth and crush them with a fork. Then fold the ends of the cloth over the shredded potatoes so that a “packet” is created that you can lay on your chest.

Inhale when coughing

For colds with cough, many doctors recommend water vapor inhalations with saline. In the past, people simply inhaled with hot water over a bowl – today special inhalation devices are available that make it easier to use and also offer greater protection against scalding. Special additives such as chamomile can also have a calming effect on the bronchi. But be careful: Many people are allergic to the ingredients of the medicinal plant.

Tea for cough

Grandma’s insider tip # 1: drink tea. For example, coltsfoot, mallow or sage are said to have a calming effect on cough. An expectorant effect is said to include thyme, ginger and eucalyptus. Regardless of whether the herbs in cough teas actually work or not: This tip is recommendable if you cough and drink enough fluids important is. And a warm tea is always beneficial for colds.

Cough honey

One thing is clear: this home remedy tastes good. Hot milk with honey is one of the best-known home remedies from Grandma’s home pharmacy and is used above all for dry, irritable cough before going to bed. Some also swear by cough take a spoonful of honey several times a day and others simply stir the honey into their cough tea.


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