Home remedies for toothache – 16 tips – tricks

Home remedies for toothache – 16 tips & tricks

Ouch! It pulls and hurts? Toothache is horrible. But we have 16 home remedies that can give you relief – for now. Unfortunately, you cannot avoid visiting the dentist in the long term.

Off to the dentist!

Almost everyone has a toothache at some point in their lives. The The causes are very diverse his. So it doesn’t always have to be a hole in the tooth. Despite that, toothache is always a reason to see the dentist and have the cause clarified. In most cases, the pain will not go away on its own, because it causes one inflammation underlying that needs to be addressed. This can be gum infection or even an overdue root canal treatment.

First aid for toothache

You can wait a few days to see if the pain subsides again by itself and helps yourself during this time. Toothache also likes to kick on the weekend so that you don’t necessarily want to go to the emergency services, or you have to wait a few days for an appointment if the pain isn’t too severe. But what helps against toothache? Some good home remedies are actually designed to give you some relief from this nasty pain. However, they should not replace going to the dentist in the long term. If it’s really bad, you can also contact an emergency dentist.

Natural remedies for toothache

With its flora, nature considers some ingredients old home remedies ready. Everyone has to try out for themselves whether they actually work. After all, it is natural medicine and not chemical clubs.

Natural means
Juniper berries, coltsfoot leaves and dried juniper tips
special tea made from peppermint, St. John’s wort, lemon balm, quendel and valerian
Chew clove
Envelopes made from fresh savoy cabbage leaves
a piece of apple

Out Juniper berries, coltsfoot leaves and dried juniper tips a mixture is made in equal parts, and then lit in a fire-proof pot. If you now suck up the smoke with your mouth, the vapors can relieve the toothache (caution: source for this tip is not known).

You can get one in the pharmacy special tea if you have a toothache, mix it in three parts peppermint, four parts each Johannis herbs and balm, a part Quendel and five parts valerian. Of this, brew about three teaspoons with 250 ml of boiling water and then let the tea steep for 14 minutes before straining it. If you have a toothache, take a cup or two of it.

Small children often have pain when the teeth break through, they are very lumpy and cry more often. To relieve the pain a little a piece of apple Put in a chilled washcloth and give the child to bite on. The children like the apple and the cold can relieve the pain at the same time.

Acupressure for toothache

There are a few points on the body that are known from acupuncture to help relieve toothache when stimulated.

Next to the fingernail of the index finger
The area behind the outer ankle
The thigh, in the area in front of the hip
On the skull, in front of the earlobe

One of these acupressure points is located next to the fingernail of the index finger, on the far right. Here you press hard with your fingernail on the thumb, even if it is quite painful.

There are also three other parts of the body that can be worked on to relieve toothache. On the one hand you can Area behind the outer ankle massage firmly with the tips of the index finger and thumb.
You can also use your index finger on Thigh, in the area in front of the hip, Push firmly in and then massage the thumb side over the wrist.

Another pain point is on the skull, in front of the earlobe. If you stimulate the pain points you will be amazed that the pain actually improves.

Other home remedies for toothache

Home remedies can also provide a little relief for acute tooth problems.

home remedies
High percentage of alcohol
A strong salt solution
Diluted tea tree oil or clove oil
Dried rosemary leaves or stone clover
A chopped onion

Since the toothache is in most cases based on inflammation high percentage of alcohol help. One should, however do not drink, just rinse your mouth with it, so that bacteria are killed. It works very well with cognac, which you simply put in your mouth and leave the liquid in your mouth for a while. (Please do not use on children!)

Another option is, a strong saline solution by making as much table salt as possible in warm water. This solution is then kept in the mouth until the toothache subsides, usually about two minutes. (Please do not use on children – danger of swallowing!)

To relieve the toothache you can also Rinse your mouth with diluted tea tree oil, or something clove oil Applying to the painful area, even rinsing with sage tea sometimes helps real miracles, as it counteracts the inflammation.

You can also dried rosemary leaves chew or get one Garlic solution from stone clover and hot water produce.

If you don’t mind the watery eyes, you can too put a chopped onion in a cloth and then press it on the cheek.

With all home remedies, you will not be spared the trip to the dentist in the end. Only he can ensure that your teeth are healthy in the long term and that you no longer feel pain. If you want to support your dental health, professional tooth cleaning is a good option.

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Press the cold pack or ice cube onto the pain area (cheek) (if possible) and cool, because the cold numbs the pain.

Hello the alcohol is a great idea thanks. But a tip for smokers, please do not smoke if your nerves are exposed! It only makes things worse.

Let the black tea rinse in your mouth, of course without sugar. Salt works too.

Aspirin also helps .

I was once told that the ice cream should be very good.

Chamomile tea is also anti-inflammatory;)

mouthwash & Mix warm water and rinse your mouth with it for about 3-5 minutes. :)

Put clove oil directly on the tooth and for at least 30 you have rest! Do not use if the gums are affected! Because you will notice that the oil is not so bad in taste and effect! Use only 1-2 drops! It also helps me, at least now in cold weather, when I let my mouth in or breathe through a scarf, or when I fall asleep, breathe in the blanket. ;) It helps me mostly. but I still need painkillers.

Monastic woman melissa spirit. 1-2 drops on the tooth and it gets better. I’ve tried it before. But it doesn’t help long or you just repeat it a few times. Caution: a lot of alcohol in the lemon balm spirit!

Whether tip works 7 times. I am skeptical. But next time I have a toothache, I’ll definitely give it a try. Anything that helps is happy to take ;-) Maike

So the tip with the Klosterfrau Melissengeist is awesome! Then I also have one: a good sip of vodka – but be careful, you get a headache the next day! Incidentally, it also works with rum, gin, double grain and absinthe. Depending on what you can best tolerate.

So sometimes I also have toothache. My home remedy is simple and: D costs almost nothing! Just take a glass of cold water and take a sip in your mouth, then press with your mouth like a pump through your teeth against the inside of the cheek (where the malefactor lives) and let it flow back and so on minute after that the pain is gone.

If I have a toothache, I brush my teeth immediately. Then I take lukewarm water, mix it with mouthwash and use it to rinse my mouth and spit it out again. The rinsing should be repeated 6 times and then the pain is gone !! Also works for gum pain!!

Thanks for the tip with alcohol that was jut :-P I mixed a super delicious exotic cocktail out of it: 4cl Aperol, 6cl multivitamin juice and enough ICECUBES secret recipe for toothache :-)

The best solution: Go to the dentist: D No matter if you are afraid or not, I have overcome my fear because I don’t want my teeth to be gone by 20 or so and I don’t think you want that either? Just good advice Lg Mia

Japanese mint oil is very effective. Simply put a few drops on your finger at regular intervals and rub in the affected area. Then breathe through your mouth if possible. This gets very hot and cold, but it helps immensely!

So I’ve had a really bad toothache for a few months. and only one tooth at a time. I was already at the dentist and he got all the nerves out in several sessions, including the ones next to the tooth. well it helped 2 months and it started again overnight. The dentist could not imagine anything .. well .. now I am looking for a solution. The cloves are good and I’ll try the tea tomorrow. So cold envelopes are not good … they are good for some time but then it gets worse. Try a hot envelope at around 37 degrees. Please not too hot and then not too cold. But still it is still too little and I have to take the 800 mg Iboprophen all the time.

Thanks Angie the mouthwash helped a lot ^^

So what also helps against toothache: go to the pharmacy and get a small bottle of clove oil. Put the oil on the index finger and rub it on the painful tooth. Helps really well and in a few minutes. lg Mandy

Thanks Angie, the mouthwash also helped me a lot. At least now I can sleep well. But I still have to see a doctor. xD

I had a severe toothache and in the evening I bit a clove for about 45 minutes. That helped all night long. Then in the morning to the dentist.

Hi, I once heard that you have to halve an onion and then put it in the fridge for about 30 minutes. Then wrap the onion in a tea towel and hold it on the cheek.

I think comments like going to the dentist could have been saved -.-

Painkillers are still best if I only have them. arghhh

But when painkillers have no effect? I have Ibuhexal 400 there (the higher ones are only available on prescription) and are not helping at the moment. Will go through the list here, I have time until 7.: D

I also had a bad toothache, and I like to take a nut schnapps to gargle but it also helps if you drink it.

I’m lucky / unlucky this Friday night and I probably have a painful and sleepless weekend ahead of me. because of: well then go to the dentist @ VIVIEN: I feel the same way. has it already improved with you? am VERY naive to let my nagging go @simon: I know your problem too well. I would also be interested in what ‘helps’ you

First of all I want to say thank you for the tip with the warm water and mouthwash! This is really the very best of everything you can do. Acts quickly and for a long time. And then I would like to thank you for the fact that so many people have bothered to post their statements here. Helped me a lot, really. THANKS TO ALL. =)) And another tip from me: Avoid everything that is cold. Better let that press on the cheek with the cold water tip or with the ice, because everything that is cold only causes more pain. At first it may help but then it only gets twice as bad. The best thing is always warmth believe me. Another tip from me: mix warm alcohol with mouthwash and gargle and spit out for 5 – 10 minutes. So about 5 times. Works wonders. And of course chamomile tea. Sage works too. Asperin didn’t help me, but Thomaphyrin did. So that’s it from me. Thanks for reading and listening ^^ Tschüüüss Lg Xelin

You can’t say what helps. Everyone is individual. You just have to try it out. I give you good advice. Go to the dentist if you are in pain, this is the best solution. And if it happens at the weekend, help yourself with pills over the mountain.

The advice with the dentist is certainly good. The stupid thing about this is that you have to register at least 2-3 months in advance to get an appointment. In addition, a monthly wage goes to the dentist for a treatment of 2-3 teeth. The health insurance does not pay anything with the basic insurance.

What really helps with gum inflammation is iodine. So half a glass of water and about 4 drops every hour. Works wonders and doesn’t even cost € 5

So I just tried the tip with the salt water, sit here on the sofa and have my mouth full :-) Because of my pregnancy I didn’t want to take any pills, and I have to say that the salt water works really well: – )

Hi folks, I was pulled a tooth on Monday and instead of getting better I have a hell of a pain. Especially at night when I come to rest. I take a lot of tablets, have already chewed on cloves but nothing lasts forever. :-(

So I’m constantly struggling with a toothache, now that’s why I ended up on this page;) First I brushed my teeth, then I rinsed and now I rinsed with vodka 30sec, which numbs, but only helps for a few minutes, that’s why I got it previously taken two painkillers, the vodka is just a transition until the tablets take effect. And it really works. Nevertheless, nobody gets around to the dentist. I keep trying.

So that with the mouthwash and warm water was terrible for me that hurt so it helps so villt only for half an hour but where the tooth hurts toothpaste in 2-3 seconds the pain is gone but then helps but at most nä std unfortunately :( or you do it every half or whole hour but who is up for it: D

Imagine it’s Friday evening and you get a toothache. I’ve been sitting here for about 3 hours, the tooth simply doesn’t leave me alone, always rinsing with water, in between I let the cold wind blow through my tooth, then rinse again, etc. the emergency service closes in exactly 20 minutes. I definitely can’t get it there (about 10 km in the city) and now? Such a crap. :(

Thanks, the tea was great. My tip is: take NEURALGIN tablets and in 5min everything is gone.

First of all thanks for all the tips, I also wanted to make my contribution. I’ve been sitting here in pain for 3 hours and trying to get rid of it. My dentist advised us to stay this way for another 1-2 days (with antibiotics) so that we can get a better diagnosis. Nothing helped me until I found this page. I’m already taking 800g ibuprofen. A hot foot bath – I read somewhere should also help. I try everything now, this helps at least insofar as my feet are burning now and it distracts from the other pain. ;) Otherwise rinse with sage tea, gargle and drink. Until you have everything through, hopefully the tablets will work. It would be interesting to know who of you could still get your teeth after all these stories. Get well soon!

Hello again, just for information: I finally had to have a root canal treatment, since then I’ve been at peace. The treatment was even done without anesthesia and I still had no pain, so don’t be afraid people, it’s really half as bad. You really worry before you go to the dentist but in the end it helps the best and you could save yourself some pain and painkillers. All the best to you, maybe you will see each other here again.

What also helps, buy 2 packs of blue poppy seeds and a lemon in the supermarket. Put the packets in a 1.5L bottle and the juice of half a lemon. Then fill up with warm water, approx. 0.4-0.5L. Let stand for half an hour, shake every now and then. Then filter and drink the brew. Half an acetaminophen can be taken to increase the analgesic effect.

insane rinsing with the really helped! Warm water with mouthwash really cooooollll! But the 4 can also be pakimed !

Huhu 1tbsp baking powder; Dissolve 1 tablespoon of table salt and everything in 250 ml of hot water and rinse your mouth with it, about 1 minute per sip until the mixture is exhausted.

I tried it with a little sunflower oil. Sounds disgusting, but is very effective. Leave sunflower oil in your mouth and literally chew and rinse through your teeth for about 2 minutes. After a short time the pain is gone. Sunflower oil is also antibacterial.

I had a terrible toothache the other night (of course). I also took mouthwash, namely concentrated, which rolled on cotton swabs and very carefully over the gums, the three / four times and it was gone! Hours earlier I had taken a very strong prescription pain reliever that hardly helped.

So sit here now with a lot of pain and can only go to the doc tomorrow morning. Tried that with the mouthwash and the lukewarm water. that may help 30 minutes and then the pain comes back. What helps with the degree is with the massage in front of the earlobe. However, I have to come up with something for tonight. I already know that I will wake up from the pain in two or three hours.

Hi there! there is also someone here who is just covering the night because it is so funny. So I’ve never had a toothache as bad as today (although I have to say that I’ve generally been spared from it so far). calls me mimosa, but as soon as I bring something warm to rinse in the area of ​​the pain, it turns up – the warmer the worse – so much that I almost had to cry out before trying the sage tea. At the moment nothing helps but rinse with cool water every few minutes. let’s see if I can get to sleep that night. I have now put the sage tea in the fridge – maybe it will be something. Unfortunately, I ignored the pain for too long and now (of course on the weekend) it can hardly be endured. btw. if you have acute pain, you can usually get an appointment with the dentist. I really hope for that now; at least i urgently need medis to help.

Yes, the tip with the dentist is really good, but not every city has an emergency service and ours has been over at 10. Now I sit here and just keep cold water in my mouth to cool the inflammation. Painkillers don’t help my wisdom tooth and you don’t get an appointment to remove the tooth that quickly. I was with 4 dentists today and none of them had an appointment for me.

I have a toothache. Saturday 6 p.m. It is probably the first tooth from my bridge. My guess: tooth root enlargement. For tonight I have planned: alcohol until I don’t notice anything anymore. First rinse, then drink! Tomorrow then: painkillers. Monday after work to the dentist. What else do I have left? I hope my planning helps me too.

Regards, thanks to everyone for the tips For me it was a single tooth, (stupidly) the penultimate top left. The warm water with mouthwash unfortunately had no effect, so I quickly looked for something high-proof: D What actually helped was whiskey: first a (more if you like) sip, then rinse about 4 tablespoons at the said point for about 10 minutes ( had to keep my head tilted or lie down) Burns a little, but it is worth it. A marijuana cigarette afterwards also helped a lot. Best tip but still: distraction. If you keep thinking about the tooth, it only gets worse! Gambling, music, reading a book, laughing with friends etc. just don’t think about it: P Kind regards from Tyrol

Now stop toothache is the worst pain and I have an open wisdom tooth and none of these tricks help

So the tip with the cold water – he definitely needs a dentist if I run over it. I’ve had toothache in various places for about 4 years, I’ve already used up a dozen dentists, and nobody knows what it could be. I actually rinse with chamomile tea every day, and take tablets that are highly addictive to overcome the pain, but wake up again and again after a few hours of sleep, nothing has helped me so far in the tips here, so if someone else finds one has in stock, then out with it, I try everything to get rid of the shit

Never rinse with cold water. It only helps for the moment, but then. the pain gets even worse! Have had a very bad experience! My tip besides alcohol etc. are onion rings. Simply place a slice of onion on the gums and hold. The pain subsides. Good luck. And then people give the dentist a chance!

that with the cold water or camomile helps me, but only about 30 seconds before the pain starts again. the high-proof alcohol only aggravated the pain. painkillers do not work. it’s Thursday evening and I’ve been plaguing with it for a few hours now. i thought that would go away again .. but i’m afraid this night will be extremely sleepless. I assume that it is an inflammation of the roots .. Unfortunately, I cannot try most of the tips here because I have the necessary ones "ingredients" not there. The acupressure helps only marginally, although I have to concentrate on rinsing every few seconds (maybe it is because of this). however, the pain is unbearable even for a few seconds without rinsing (yes, I’m a sissy .. but for me there is no pain in the world that is worse than a toothache .. if I could somehow, I would just pulling the tooth myself.) this is the first time that i’m looking forward to a visit to the dentist tomorrow .. it’s already sick what toothache can do.

I also tried the clove and it works wonderfully!

Chew garlic where it hurts!!

I think I’d rather go to the dentist. Everything else about miracle drugs is too unsafe for me.

the carnation is really great. I had such a toothache that I almost had to cry then I took a clove and bit it and the pain was almost gone :-) I took 4 ibufrofen 800mg before and they didn’t work. That with salt also helps but it makes you feel sick :-(

Have just tried Echinacea (coneflower). Doesn’t work badly. May be due to alcohol (22%) or sun hat. Run through the area with toothache all day. Until I googled. Important. Not drinking, but rinsing.

That with the salt water solution in connection with comb tea helped me a lot.

Now the man, the woman himself: Rinse the tooth area with chlorhexidine for 3 minutes and then lidocaine (there is no prescription) superficially dusted. With a new but halved razor blade in the scalpel holder, open the gums slightly on both sides and loosen the tooth with gentle but certain lever movements (widen the tooth compartment) and finally remove it. After 10-15 minutes the thing is out, then bite on a swab and you’re done.

If you have a recurring toothache without a clear cause, have the cervical spine examined. Pinched nerves in the cervical spine area can also be very nervous. Otherwise, the carnation is my personal leader. Greetings to all fellow sufferers Medea in professional life physiotherapist

So I always take 4 small ibuhexal and drink jägermeister. Maybe a glass. So that works wonders. then i go to sleep and when i’m awake i feel like newborn. usually it gave me 2 nice pain-free weeks. then they come back. I have to say, half a tooth broke off. and I’ve been waiting for my appointment for 2 months

So I tried Angie’s tip and it just helps really well and especially totally quickly :) I modified it a bit: P Warm the cherry stone pillow but not too hot then mix mouthwash and warm water 1/1 then brush your teeth afterwards 5- 6 times use the mouthwash mixed nicely gargle and then swallow 2 paracetamol 500mg with normal warm water and then gargle 5-6 times :) then the pain is gurgled away: P

I have a toothache again late in the evening that I could scream. Pills don’t help, now I’m trying cloves. I had no pain all day, now that it was time to go to sleep, the toothache is back. The night before, my molar tooth had kept me awake and this morning I had no pain without taking a pain reliever. A couple of times I was tempted to take a painkiller, but I thought the pain had to stop without painkillers. At some point in the morning I finally fell asleep. Of course I was smashed in the morning, but I also spent the day today. Now I hope that the carnations help me at least something that I can sleep through again tonight.

For cooling, it also helps to suck a frozen raspberry – you can get it from Aldi. So you have the cold in your mouth, but it’s not as uncomfortable as with an ice cube.

rub an ice cube (or something frozen from the freezer) on your hand for five to seven minutes, exactly where the thumb and index finger bones meet. American researchers have found that this is exactly how the nerve pathway that pain usually moves is addressed. Success rate of this method in studies: 60 to 90 percent. For me it worked 100% very quickly, but only for about 30-45 minutes. But I enjoyed the pain-free minutes ;-)

As it is now, it is Sunday and I have had terrible toothache since last night that did not let me sleep. I tried a few of the tips and the one with the salt water works quite well, even if it tastes awful. Unfortunately, the pain is now tolerable, but now I have a pea-sized pus on my gums. What I would now like to know is whether it is of any use to puncture them with a (previously boiled) needle in order to release at least some pressure?

I have a severe toothache is definitely an inflammation, I take painkillers too but it doesn’t help Can someone please help me and tell me what would help me. Thank you.

huhu .. also had a severe toothache recently, unfortunately they are just starting again. The last time I took a glass, some mouthwash (for the extinguishing of the bacteria, so-called toothpaste in liquid) mixed with warm water and pumped for 2 minutes. Did not last long then I just went for a hot bath and kept my cheeks under water and after a short time it was gone .. Relaxing music helps really well! :)

@zdenka: if you would read this page (in full) you would have more than 50 things that could help you. :) but try this mouthwash, it helped me really well. if you want to know more about it, scroll up a bit, you don’t have to write everything twice. ;)

Ok my tip sounds a bit strange but at least it helps me! so you need spicy mustard! just brush the outside of the cheek where the pain is because there is a little bit of fire on the cheek to distract from the toothache or son mouthwash is called listerine that is also good but be careful there may be a few tears the stuff skin clean ^^

I have had pain in the entire mouth for a week (my teeth are also dung). I went to the dentist who said that all of my tooth necks were exposed and that abrasion was the reason for my pain. I got a rather complex and expensive salvation and cost plan, which is why he said he couldn’t take a wand and then everything would be fine. I have to endure it as we go through this plan over the next few weeks. First I tried it with the chemical club (ibuprophen), which I had to overdose so that I even noticed something. I was on 5 tablets a day and even there I had to hold back (3 are allowed). After howling for hours and lying awake, I got myself in the pharmacy today "Pyralvex" fetched, so you brush your teeth. The whole in connection with "Original rescue drops", which serves as a sedative. Drink 4 drops in a glass of water and spread throughout the day and if necessary it also helps if you also brush it on your gums. Everything is vegetable. I just slept 6 hours without waking up. Now I could cry with joy that I have had a rest for a week now. I don’t know how long it will last, but the above two things have really helped me

For me, hardly any of the remedies mentioned (except tablets) help and if, then only very briefly. Then the tooth starts to hurt again. And I can’t go to the dentist because it’s closed until April 15th.

So I have to say for 3 days the worst toothache no idea why. now that it gets uncomfortable i thought i google. and first i found pages in which tips were the eigtl hardly anyone in the household has, although there were household tips. But then I came across a few good tricks, but I wanted to try them out, but I got lost in the comments and I have to say one thing, reading the comments made my toothache disappear, so stupid that sounds

all that with the starch salt solution is full of ass my darling did it and how it had to come it got worse

I am a smoker myself and have to say dear fellow sufferers, stop smoking if you have a toothache. I made the mistake and really had tears in my eyes from the pain. Now for my tip. I brewed a chamomile tea. and because warm tea bags were still placed on the painful area and ehwola after less than a minute the pain was almost gone and after a good 2 minutes they were completely gone. Long live the chamomile tea .. and what else do you like yourself and for God’s sake don’t give sugar for tea tastes disgusting for those who don’t actually drink tea or only reluctantly but with sugar it only gets worse. Of course, the best tip is still to the dentist as soon as possible, but I tell you I’m so panicky about dentists that I prefer to almost die from pain: D

Boil the potatoes and mash them on a linen cloth. place the warm potatoes (in the linen cloth, of course) on the cheek.

So I just tested it with the warm water and mouthwash helps fact :) great

hello leave out the hard clubs! no alcohol, no heavy tablets or drops. I sold everything (40 Eur) for free. What helped. At night: Chamomile tea is hot to drink and rinse the area beforehand. Carnations during the day if you can’t cook or a thermos. You save money, side effects. After tablets and drops I was hy and not fit to drive! But as many have written here. by trying. Get well soon

You know that when you get a headache so slowly. And it is actually a toothache :( Sunday night and I have never had any chamomile tea, tablets and cloves. Unfortunately, mouthwash / water mixture does not help :( help

Hello everyone, I would have to work with us tomorrow is 4:26 and I have so much pain my tip hot chewing gum they cool the mouth and hot candy go but it shouldn’t be chilli but hot mint chewing gum

Pills and drops none: only make hi, cost money and have side effects "ulf",nausea, imperial chair. and make you unfit to drive! Carnation and chamomile tea helped!!

Tea without sugar always helps me! :-)

I myself am terrified of the dentist, which is why I only go in extreme emergencies. but recently noticed that you can now have your teeth treated under general anesthesia. however, you have to submit a psychological report beforehand otherwise the health insurance will not pay. Basically you are right with the dentist. However, since our dentists are all on vacation this week (3 in number) I ended up here after 3 days of self-treatment with Ibuprofen400 and have to say: THANKS FOR THE TIP WITH THE MOUTHWATER on 08/17/2012

I find the tip interesting for people whose pain occurs on weekends: "Juniper berries, coltsfoot leaves and dried juniper tips" – what is the probability of having something like this at home?

1.) Rinse with vodka. Vodka contains no sugar and is anesthetized. 2.) cooling. Water ice, a bottle of mineral water from the fridge or cold tap water are numbing. You can always take a sip and keep it in the painful area for a few seconds. In the case of inflammation, the melts sometimes even disappear completely. But only for a few minutes. 3.) Mint oil-Japanese oil. Has a cooling and numbing effect. 4.) Pain reliever. Dentists often prescribe Ibubrofen 800. I even got my inflamed whitening tooth under control. Ibu 400s are also available without a prescription. I find paracetamol too weak for toothache and aspirin can even aggravate the pain (throbbing) in the worst case, because it dilutes the blood. Also unfavorable if the tooth should be pulled. Heavy bleeding! After treatment, speak to the dentist about decent pain relievers. If you poke and drilled in the painful tooth, the pain at home with diminishing anesthesia can be much worse in the short term than before. And don’t forget, you will have to go to the dentist sooner or later anyway. The longer you wait, the more uncomfortable and the longer the treatment takes. After a few years, drilling from a few seconds turns into an hour-long session, where long needles are used to poke deep into the root canal and, thanks to the great inflammation, the anesthetic does not work properly. Get well soon!

So I tried tip 10 with the salt water I made 3-4 sips of the salt water 2 min. left it in and then spat it out again and it helped! so far i have no pain for 15 minutes who knows how long it stays that way .

Hello everyone, I have often read here that one or the other is supposed to work, and then in the same breath pull back an antibiotic or prescription pain reliever an hour ago, and then the ear buds should have helped with mouth rinsing ? You are all aware of the pain reliever only after a certain time, some people feel relief after only 10 to 20 minutes but for others it also takes 1 to 1 1/2 hours, so much for that and now my tip , You take 5-6 cloves 1 lemon, and 3 tea spoons of salt, boil the whole thing in a small saucepan with 500 ml of water and let it boil down to a greater or lesser extent, when it has boiled down, let it boil until it is at room temperature, then a small shot of alcohol in about 40cl that kills the bacteria, and thus every 2 to 3 hours for 5 minutes, just rinse out, you have no more worries and come well over the weekend or to the ZA tremin, I hope could help Mfg Rafi

by home remedies i mean something else. I don’t even have most of the things at home. and the acupressure could be better explained, so I do not find the position.

Hello, Today I was at the dentist. it filled my hole in my tooth. After a couple of hours I have endless pain. :( What can that be ?! Carnations don’t help. :( Pain pills no longer either. :( Help

So tip mixed with mouthwash and warm water was very good. What I had been doing all along was chewing on the cloves, which relieved the pain a little, but not entirely. But at least a little numb. and so towards the night if you don’t want to go gurgling all the time the ideal tip for me. And the pressure points above the lip and in front of the earlobe are also ideal. I almost fell asleep "depressed". Great site here. Many thanks.

well, first of all I am also currently suffering from a blistering toothache. Irgentwie has fallen out of the blombe and now the nerve is free. sounds bad and it is. Accompanied by the constant throbbing in the tooth, I would grade the pain scale from 8/10. What have I done so far. Well, I tried to kill the nerve with a toothpick in the drunken kopp. is relatively uncomfortable but helped for a short time until the alk level was down then we started again. In between I eat 4 ibutrop 500mg tablets a day which help quite well. if you have no tablets and the toothping becomes too violent, it is definitely advisable to go to the emergency pharmacy first.If there is no money, you should ask your colleagues or relatives, so my sis always has some bombs at the start was cool. but can no longer find it. otherwise, unfortunately, there is only the dentist we all love so much. So all the best and keep up with ^^ lg

some tips helped me too .. could not try everything straight away as I am at work: D but everything I could do worked. Thank you very much. I will definitely pass the page on: D

As "MAN"`I have to say that "DOLORMINE FOR WOMEN" are optimal. Just great. If my wife doesn’t need any, fg. Greetings @ all.

So OSA tooth track for children. works wonders.

Warm water mixed with stinky normal IODINE SALT has helped a lot, so far I am almost 15min almost pain free and I feel sick because I took too much salt :-D I will try the chamomile tea tip to put an end to the pain: D

Unfortunately, nothing helped me, except for the monastery woman Melissengeist. From what I can draw is to rub tiger balm on the cheek, I did out of desperation, burns like hell.

So. take some salt on your finger and rub it on the spot where you are in pain, then you go to a sink and open your mouth very wide, then you bend over the sink, all the bacteria disappear in the spit and drip into it You have to do this for 2-3 minutes.

Ma nen super tip from me, I found it myself on the Internet and it seems to be really helpful ^^ 2 teaspoons of sage, 1 flat teaspoon of salt and then pour vodka in a shot glass .. Let it steep for 5 minutes until the liquid turns greenish brown. And then rinse with little sips and chew the sage where it hurts. Don’t swallow the stuff.

achso..alcoholics please refrain from doing so as the alcohol also acts on the mucous membranes..

Hello first, I guess I am the first to have a tooth in 2013 and hang around here. Ertsmal it helped me a lot to read the comments to distract myself from my pain that gave me a sleepless night. It is only so Friday morning that I will have to get through before I force myself to the ZA, I have made myself an e-shop list to test your tips. later then a list of what helped well .. you have to say self-diagnosis is end-of-tooth wuzel of broken molar tooth with gum swelling (tooth broken off for a few months) have had pain a couple of times because of this, so I ZA, the root canal treatment, I among them blanket, very large aua with treatment that we had to abort, he pressed some piece of fabric soaked in antibiotics into the gap and closed it with a paste. I haven’t been there since. because of fear :-( he spoke threatening words like: we have to do it again! so the rag has of course long since fallen out and I had aua again because of it. until now I always went away alone without visiting ZA, hope it claps this time too. my household favorite number 1 for previous aua, just hold the onion wrap cold from the outside at the aua site.washed a lot with water or chamomile solution from alcohol and chamomile tea, smear toothpaste on the aua site and after 2-3 days was with me Always good.This time it is so bad that no painkillers can do anything anymore, so I overdose in ibu-lysinHexal every 3 hours (max 3 a day) because it doesn’t go on and I don’t have to shoot my stomach or kidneys over we ran a 3-hour bridging replacement solution. I very much hope for your tips, especially so that I can sleep at least a couple of hours in a row :-( Ps: onion wrap stinks badly angular and my friend therefore finds me again ^^ but it helps me a lot ^^ LG

Me again, so mud water helps 1a. Although not antibacterial for a long time. Then I just took a needle out of desperation and rammed it into the thick place in my gums. result: pus ran out without end pressed until blood came out so that everything is out! Quite certainly I know it is certainly not so smart to treat yourself, but fear of the ZA makes it possible: D so pressure is away from the tooth .. and the pain can now be endured without tablets. I only drink water or chamomile tea, I eat almost nothing, especially nothing with sugar, and I regularly rinse with vodka and / or mouthwash to keep it antibacterial! do not know now whether I recommend this further .. but wanted to tell you about the improvement of the pain .. in this sense LG your hard hard sum bee

Lubricating toothpaste helps as soon as the toothpaste is on you have to believe that it really helps!

What I write here I derived from a publication from the magazine Spektrum der Wissenschaft by I believe in 1982. At first glance, I would like to make a somewhat unorthodox treatment for acute toothache or gum inflammation better known. I use milk sugar. It sounds a bit strange, as I said, but it’s not (do you know a breastfed baby with tooth decay?). At the moment I have acute toothache after dental treatment three days ago. I was at the dentist again today, who said that there could be nothing and gave me two injections of pain as a precaution and sent me home. But if I eat something especially sugary now, I get a hell of a toothache, which I treat with milk sugar. It takes as soon as I take it and dissolve it in the mouth and thus it does not take long for the affected area and the pain subsides. So the milk sugar must get to the painful area! I have been using milk sugar for a long time to treat my gum loss and it works satisfactorily to very well. My explanation for what happens when I have milk sugar in my mouth? Lactic acid bacteria start to eat and multiply. These then compete with the bacteria that are currently present and release acid that causes the toothache. The pain relief is logically a temporary one. As soon as that "feed" is gone, the cause is not gone. The pain almost goes away with me until I eat something again. I take the milk sugar because of the gum loss before going to bed so that it stays in the mouth as long as possible and I have a noticeably clean mouth. What I am writing here is not a proven home remedy, it is a self-experiment with a certain scientific background and I want to understand it that way. Everyone who is interested in trying it out does it at their own responsibility (that sounds dramatic, but if you are lactose intolerant it is strongly advised against this type of pain treatment, but you probably know that yourself). I would be grateful for experience reports.

Hello everyone, it is Shrove Monday and the dentists have closed with us. I have really bad teeth and on New Year’s Eve I also lost a filling. But since there was no pain, I thought that I would make the ZA appointment next week. Now it’s Rose Monday and ZA is closed. Goofy because I was too lazy to make the appointment, now you’re sitting here with pain. However, what I have observed as long as I distract myself and do not think about the tooth is the pain to endure. As soon as I come to rest, watch TV or try to sleep, the pain is back. Have now tried the salt solution, since I really have it in the household, if necessary I also have a bottle of Scotch there. However, I dread even before the night, because I know exactly, because I will not find sleep and go to ZA completely tired and can wait until he can take me in between. Can only recommend you all go to the ZA, if the time is there and don’t be lazy. So long your big cheek.

Hi there. I have been in pain since Saturday morning. Of course I was too lazy to make an appointment or go to the dentist. So I have to go to the dentist quickly in the morning !! -.- Now I’m sitting here and trying it out with the warm water and mouthwash. Wish me luck. I will say afterwards if it worked.

So it helped me first with a strong salt solution and then with mouthwash to rinse the mouth out (make sure the clove oil is in the mouthwash)

Hey! So first of all thank you for your tips. Tried a few things and have to say that the salt water helped the most. Just put a cup of hot n warm sip of water in and then put in half a tablespoon of salt .. (It helped so well that after a day I was finally able to eat something !! Therefore thumbs up. What is so bad is cold water At first it feels good, but as soon as the water is out and the mouth warms up again, the pain (from my own experience) will definitely be twice as bad to distract yourself no matter what, the main thing is that you no longer think about the toothache. Ps: I have a huge hole in the tooth that you know what helped = P

Huhu had also been around 4 hours. Toothache = / does aua aua I’ve never had in life and now of all times during pregnancy :( The salt water stuff works really miraculous but afterwards I drank a 7 herbal tea from milford at least you are gone now. Hope for no return tonight.

Hey hey So the one with the saline solution is the most brilliant thing there is. It really works wonders. Just a sip of water in a glass, a lot of salt in and rinse the area with it. Then rinse with mouthwash (with cloves) and most of the pain is gone! Before I go to sleep I take a paracetamol. Chamomile tea also helps well! I’ll go to the dentist early Monday! Btw for the scaredy rabbits, GO TO ZA. For me, they also drilled around like crazy, but better coping with a little pain like a man than beating around with their teeth!

I only put a little toothpaste on my tooth and left it on for a while. Then alternately rinsed or gargled with vodka and salt water, and then dipped a piece of cotton wool in vodka and put it in the hole in the tooth. After half an hour, all the pain evaporated! :)

I folded a chamomile tea bag in hot water and put it on the tooth until it tasted good and then gurgled with the hot water. Of course, the water tastes like chamomile, but you can only dip the bag into the water once and then on the tooth do: 3

Am I actually the only one who has no clove oil and no dentist in the medicine cabinet and who suffers from toothache at four in the night? The vodka seemed more obvious to me but none of it is in the house.

Hello everyone, after about 1 hour of sleep I woke up with a severe toothache. Tried it with the mouthwash + lukewarm water, unfortunately it had no effect on me. I tried it with alcohol (Johnny Black Label) about 4 cl, so I rinsed it and swallowed it. See there the pain is completely gone.

Huhu I got a toothache on Friday night, which almost drove me crazy. First I took a 500mg tablet, then brushed my teeth properly (personally I take the herbal toothpaste, it is not too aggressive.) Then after the tip with warm water and salt. The dosage was half a cup full of salt and then filled with warm water You let your mouth rest for a minute, then gurgle gently back and forth and at the end your mouth and throat are angular, but I’m sitting there as if I had never had a toothache. Since you can survive the We well. : D alcohol made it worse for me. Maximum to rinse and preferably pure alcohol. If you drink vodka etc., it can happen that you wake up after a few hours or in the middle of the night and it is even more irritable. When the pain is so bad that it is no longer possible. Exercising helps for a short time, but it’s best to call the health insurance association if you don’t know which dentist has emergency services.

I’ve had quite a toothache since last night – yesterday morning I was finished with a root canal treatment and the treatment was painless even without anesthesia! But in the evening it started with this pain. I always have painkillers at home – you never know! I also have for "emergencies" Always cortisone at home (I get that for my rheumatism if I have a flare again). If someone is also prescribed cortisone because of rheumatism or another disease – so that usually helps a lot – but definitely not to exceed the maximum dose per day! I also tried the tip with the mouthwash earlier – absolutely no effect on me! So everyone is different and reacts differently. I have read a few times now that you should not put on cold but warm or something. I warn you against doing this! A dentist even advised me that several years ago – I had to go to the hospital for THREE weeks because of this warming up. And believe me, it wasn’t easy to be in the hospital for this reason! The fact is that there are bacteria & Co feel better in a warm climate than in a cold and can then multiply extremely quickly! So be careful! In any case, I would never put on WARM again. In any case, I’ll wait for Monday – and then sit in my dentist’s waiting room early in the morning. If the emergency services were closer to me this weekend, I would also use them, but unfortunately I would have to travel a lot more than 150 km – and I think that would not be really good in these circumstances. In any case, I wish everyone the best and a (toothless) pain-free weekend! LG from Austria

I went to my dentist earlier this morning because of the terrible pain at the weekend – caused by a root canal that my body doesn’t seem to really like, although it doesn’t usually hurt. A pus lump has formed next to the closed tooth and this had to be cut open – THAT and the syringe previously hurt a lot! I was also given sick leave. have to take antibiotics and be absolutely gentle on me. I only post now for one reason: I asked my doctor who said this "warming" Advice here. My doctor did NOT mean to warm up or anything like that! ONLY COLD is fine – and of course it may pull a little at first, but if you put something cold on for at least 10 minutes, you really feel a significant improvement – and the throbbing also stops (almost) completely. Of course, every person reacts differently – but bacteria react almost the same to heat worldwide. By the way. you shouldn’t have freezers or anything at home. it is suitable for almost anything that is frozen, whether it is schnitzel or anything. Then wrap the frozen part in a dish towel or something and place it on the outside of the sick area. If you have no frozen products, then simply something from the fridge – bottles with liquid inside are particularly good because they can keep the cold longer. My doctor also said that it is probably not worse for me because I just put on COLD – and even now after the slicing, it is not a mistake if I still did it. On Saturday I definitely played COLD for half an hour (if not longer). but after that I could sleep at least a few hours at night. I wish everyone here that they can make ends meet as painlessly as possible. LG from Austria

i’m 37 weeks pregnant i can’t go to the doctor because they don’t want or are not allowed to pull my teeth during pregnancy. i have a sore throat and this is a real pain. I’ve been in pain for two days, can’t sleep and can’t eat. The best against it is simply cold against the cheek of the painful wound

The warm water with mouthwash really works! Unfortunately I still have to go to the dentist :(

Toothache is nasty, I always took cold water, but this page helped me to rinse my mouth – thank you .

My tip takes a pain pill and reads all comments about it and when you are done you have already forgotten that you are no longer in pain

So I already have quite a few paracetamol in my mouth and have tried it with the mouthwash but nothing helps I hope that I can still sleep the night

Be sanctified "grandma’s" Household tips. The saline solution relieves the pain enormously.

So what also helps are strong sugar-free menthol candies, keep them in the mouth where the tooth hurts. Soothes the tooth.

6.37 am the toothache is unbearable. I pray to God – help me. My skull is buzzing. I am exhausted. I also feel dizzy. I am terribly tired, but this cursed toothache prevents sleep. I got dark circles. It is the night from Sunday to Monday and I have to wait 2 hours before I storm the practice. 9.20 am just at the dentist, the presence here alone relieves the pain. He wants to pull the wisdom tooth, hopefully he doesn’t pull the innocent. It is more like a molar tooth, which is further ahead. I hardly closed my eyes. Concentration, memory performance are in the bum. I am sure that one or the other medical assistant finds me cute or laughs at me. Lord, help me. He wants to pull the tooth.

Hello I too lie around with a toothache and have some intimate tablets! What really helped me was the pressure point on the index finger although I’m very skeptical about things like that. Also the comments help especially that of Ando is the roaring greeting Niko

Sitting at home on Fridays and can hardly do anything that worked.

Have had toothache for a long time. Always the same tooth. And the pain at irregular intervals. Now I’ve used up all the painkillers. The clove thing might make it 2% better. Saline solution had no effect. And right now I’m testing that with the onions. I am so tired and my only wish would be to sleep. If I hadn’t had such a panic from the ZA, I would of course have been there. But despite the insane pain, I can’t jump over my shadow. , hope it subsides soon and I can calm down.

Hey toothache is bad, but a cold cotton cloth works wonders just make a wash lap wet (cold) and an ice pack of pure cotton pulls the pain out the best ever

So I was in bed all night and couldn’t sleep. Now I just sat down in front of the laptop. I googled and just came across her. So the house recipes sound good, but I lack the ingredients. I would have tried the one with the alcohol and the one with the cloves, but as I said, I didn’t have this. Now I just cut an onion apart and hope that it works. Now I can wait another day until a dentist finally opens. I have a bad toothache that I almost cry. But that came from then to then. For the smokers, I would miss little / no smoking because that only makes things worse. And I would not try the house recipe with the alcohol / salt water in children because there is a risk of choking. Have fun with your toothache if you still have some. If so you are not alone :)

The one with the water (tip 16) worked I had a hell of a mess and now it’s gone yaaaay :) :) :) :) :)

just a pair of pliers take out pull is calm

I was in really bad pain yesterday. I had also taken pills, but they did not work as expected. Hence the experiment with cold runs. That made it worse, so I would recommend everyone to see if it really helps. But what really helped was the warm water with the mouthwash (I only had Odol). Applied three times and the pain is almost gone, I can only recommend it! All the best to everyone suffering from toothache!

I still find that painkillers work best, but I have angina and have to take pills. I don’t think I can take anybody else: ‘(Auuuuuuu.

Thanks for the many tips. I rubbed my teeth and gums with a cotton ball soaked in the monastic woman Melissengeist. Due to the effects of alcohol (I rarely drink anything) and reading this, my toothache has disappeared. I wish all those seeking help a speedy recovery.

heeei was sitting for hours and gurgle cold water because everything else does not help that with mouthwash and warm water had made it worse what I should do -.- despair ^^

A little Voltaren cream on the painful area also helps, but please use it from the outside and not in the mouth.

Hi, thanks for your comments – actually distracts something from your own pain. I also followed a few of your tips, which didn’t really help me. So I killed myself with cold Gurgle water for several hours – until I decided to call a dentist & I got an appointment right away. Got a root canal – without pain. Don’t be afraid of the dentist, who should really be afraid, just think; 5 min. on the chair & the pain is gone! :-) Get well soon you!

So folks I’ve had the worst kind of toothache for 1 hour. The point on the index finger provides minimal and only brief relief. Gargling with mouthwash and warm water helps for the moment. extract a tooth.

I did it with the mouthwash only helps for a moment

uiuiui. very bad Zahnaua :( and extreme anxiety patient: ((((with a racing heart dizziness ect :( I’m still looking for a good doc in the zip code area 29640. I would be very grateful for tips :(

everything to do with sex. because the pleasure and pain centers are adjacent in the brain.

Pour one or two Japanese medicinal plant oils onto a cotton swab on the affected area and then apply to the affected area

I wrote down a tip or two. Thanks for the lineup. LG Romy

I read that if you have a toothache you should NOT lie on a down pillow because the pain will get worse from the heat.

That with the cold water and the mouthwash works perfectly.

hello dear people i have had animal toothache for 4 days i was at the dentist he told me the tooth has broken off and a piece of the tooth is hanging in the gums and has to be surgically removed my appointment is on 16.3 some tips help ya that i tried here someone knows even more (from painkillers I get high) but please without painkillers thanks in advance :))

If I take tea I should be without sugar or with?

Are you serious about sugar? xDDDDDDDDD

Tear off the toilet paper or a piece of the serving in high-proof alcohol and chew it lightly like chewing gum and bring it to the painful tooth and bite it lightly and bite on it and then rinse your mouth with mouthwash.

My friend makes me jz chamomile tea, is that good I have such a toothache that I already have a headache.

Toothache has always been my companion! All tips listed here are helpful. The principle is actually very simple. The area around the tooth should be cooled strongly. This slows the nerve impulses and the blood circulation and the pain subsides. You can take alcohol to numb it. The stronger the better. And it should be cold too! If you don’t want ice cream or a wet rag on your face you can recommend a silk scarf. The silk pulls out the warmth. Everyone can do acupressure themselves. Simply feel on the painful half of the face on the ear, on the tooth itself where the pulse is pounding. Then massage the area clockwise with light pressure. Breathing is also important. Inhale cold air slowly and, if possible, let it pull on the painful tooth. and then exhale slowly. It sometimes helps if you just put your chin on your chest and breathe calmly. Last but not least . Distraction also helps immensely :-D just don’t think about the pain ;-)

The tip with the onion was great. There is only one problem, try giving your wife a good night kiss or cuddling a little after using it. .

Hello, since I am also suffering from a toothache at the moment, I ended up here on the page by googling. Since I generally have very sensitive teeth and gums, it happens again and again that I have a toothache. Here are a few tips from me: – for all those who prefer to take tablets, I recommend paracetamol 1000mg, they are the strongest tablets known to me, which are freely available;) – the thing with the lukewarm water and the mouthwash I can also do very well recommend, I generally do this when brushing my teeth – salviagalen and salviathymol; the first is medical toothpaste and the second are the associated mouth drops. I am currently using and am very satisfied with it – use the two things in general for prevention and also for pain – GUM paroex with 0.12% chlorhexidine .. this is a medical mouthwash; I had used before and is also highly recommended. But make sure that it is the solution with 0.12% chlorhexidine, because there is also a solution with 0.06% chlorhexidine, and there is also the associated toothpaste with both active ingredient strengths … but I haven’t had that yet – forget cold , that only excites even more and runs through the marrow and bone. better is really heat. i hope i could help a little, lg

Hey, I’ve had a massive toothache for a few days now. (My pain threshold is generally quite high, but that now, violently) I have well above that "allowed" Dose of ibuprofen swallowed, no improvement. Water + mouthwash only helped briefly, and only the first time. So somehow I was able to get 3 hours of sleep. I can’t try most of the home remedies here because of a lack of resources, so let me go through the comments. The nice person who spoke to the pleasure and pain center in the brain gave me an idea "to lend a hand". The pain was gone during the procedure"beaten". Came back, but a little more bearable. Since it is already 7:39 am and I can’t sleep anyway, I will get distraction. Gamers among you? Play any action-packed game. Or thinking games. That distracts immensely: P MFG

I did it with the Ibo 400, just break through once and then take it with warm water, at least if you want to fall asleep I only have pain far beyond my pain limits when I come to rest

I just got insane toothache between the years. Ibuprofen 400 and a chewed clove close to the painful area. helped me well. Tomorrow we go to the dentist.

I can also warmly recommend to all of you, cold is not possible otherwise the remaining tips are really great

Since I have phobia from a dentist, I urgently need a means to relieve my pain. ? Can someone help me?!

Cherry stone pillow, simply in the microwave for three minutes, relieves the pain.

I also have a massive phobia and a massive toothache at the moment. I have already tried everything and all that helps is to take a sip of water (cold, it hurts worse when it is warm) and leave it there until it is too warm , That means maximum duration of relief is 5 min. Now half past two in the morning just a minute.

I have a toothache like hell I have to calm the nerve with cold water. I go to the ceiling with warm water I have now taken 4 x 600 ibus but the pain does not go away Just keep it in your mouth with cold water then the pain is completely gone. Has got tips to keep an eye out for. I went through the night and as always it is a Sunday where everything is closed -.-"

Unfortunately I also have quite a dentist phobia and am currently avoiding the way to the dentist. I tried cooling water last night and that calmed it down a bit, only now it starts again and I’ll try the lukewarm salt solution.

Hello and thanks Stefano, EXACTLY so it is with me! – For 2 days I sometimes thought that aspirin or ibuprofen would have helped for a while (hope now for an Ibu again! Paracetamol did not work at all). But really only helps .. keep cold water in your mouth (and then after a few seconds the pain is almost always completely gone!)! Has (hopefully) the situation improved for you in the meantime? And did it turn out exactly what it was in the end? Did you have to go to the dentist or were there chances that e.g. inflammation has gone back? Or was it definitely the nerve and would only get worse as long as the tooth isn’t out? Thanks for feedback and sincerely: All the best!

Hello Maria, did the saline solution work (or as feared sauweh)? Thanks for advice and warm: All the best!

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