Home remedies for toothache for children

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Home remedies for children’s toothache

What home remedies are there for children’s toothache?

Toothache can have many reasons and triggers. Already in baby age jaw pain begins when the first children’s teeth pierce. Knocked out teeth and tooth decay can also cause toothache in children. Medicines for children’s toothache should only be prescribed by the children’s dentist. There is first aid some home remedies that can relieve children’s toothache. Our children’s dental practice wrote down a few tips:

Your child has a toothache?

One of the most common children’s toothache triggers is tooth decay. In kindergarten children, the milk teeth are often carious. Does your child complain of toothache? When the pain is felt, the nervous system is already sending impulses to the brain. Then make an appointment with the children’s dentist practice in Munich Bogenhausen immediately! – Very important: When making an appointment, please tell us that your child is in pain so that you can get a reserved appointment that is free for pain patients-

Causes of children’s toothache?

The enamel is the hardest layer of the tooth. The milk teeth have a different structure than the following, permanent teeth. In the first so-called milk teeth of your child, the outer milk tooth layer is thinner. Caries can break through the enamel layer more easily and quickly spread into the pain-sensitive dentin layer.

There are home remedies for children’s toothache?

Home remedies can only temporarily relieve children’s toothache. However, we recommend that you visit the children’s dentist practice in Munich Bogenhausen as soon as possible. Because in the case of a child’s tooth that is already affected by caries, only a child’s dentist treatment will help. Nevertheless, the children’s dentist practice in Munich has put together some home remedies and tips for you and your kindergarten child, if a children’s dentist appointment is not immediately available. The following home remedies are entertaining and are intended to relieve children’s tooth pain for a short period of time.

Home remedies for children’s toothache

Use mouthwashes. Mouthwashes with sage tea, chamomile tea or Kaiser soda are common home remedies. These have a positive and antibacterial effect on the pain in the mouth. You can also try applying the sage directly to the affected area to get a stronger effect. This home remedy is mainly recommended for gum inflammation. Kaiser Natron as a mouthwash relieves children’s toothache. Due to the basic properties, the acidity in the mouth of the kindergarten child is balanced.

Cloves and rosemary are useful home remedies for children’s toothache. Give your kindergarten child a clove to chew on close to the painful area. The essential oils are released by chewing and can thus relieve children’s toothache. Similar to the clove, the same applies to the leaves of rosemary. The essential oils in the leaves kill germs in the mouth and so relieve the pain.

Rest and relaxation for children’s toothache. Your child should not be subjected to any stress so that it can rest. Maybe you can make your kindergarten child relax a little and find sleep. So you can possibly bridge a few hours.

Cool of the affected toothache. Cooling the affected area can temporarily relieve children’s tooth pain and is therefore an effective home remedy. You can have your kindergarten child suck an ice cube or cool the affected area with an ice pack.

footbath against children’s toothache. A foot bath should be very warm to get a grip on the children’s toothache. For example, a warm foot bath can virtually dissipate your child’s toothache from the body and thereby relieve the toothache. Warning: the water must not be too hot. Please pay attention to the water temperature to avoid burns.

How can I prevent children’s toothache in my kindergarten child?

Visit the pediatric dentist practice in Munich Bogenhausen for the checkups. The dental passport for children is therefore highly recommended. A regular visit to the children’s dentist’s practice in Munich can relieve the dentist of children. So a visit to the children’s dentist is a nice experience. You can also read our article on pediatric dentistry.

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