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child has problems with bedwetting or incontinence.
We believe that with the right product, even child incontinence or bedwetting is no problem.
With the kiwisto Kids products we offer you and your child solutions for a carefree everyday life.

So that your child can simply be a child.

Since we started kiwisto in 2007, we have spoken to countless parents. Again and again we were asked a question: why is there no suitable diaper for my child??

Of course we did not always want to answer with “sorry, but unfortunately there is nothing”. Therefore, we have gathered the numerous experiences of our customers. This resulted in our first kiwisto Kids product for children with bladder weakness: the kiwisto Kids diapers for children from 3-8 years. With this children’s diaper we have closed the gap that existed between diapers for small children and incontinence care for adults. Now we could finally answer the question with “yes, there are”.

We continued to listen closely to the many positive feedback and grateful customers encouraged.

Another point we noticed again and again. There are products for children with bladder weakness. However, these products were often only useful. Points such as discretion or easy use were often not the focus.

kiwisto Kids – products designed from a child’s perspective

That was not enough for us. We wanted reliable security and a high level of acceptance of our products. Because what do the safest articles bring if the children with bladder weakness do not want to use them.

We are therefore particularly proud of the kiwisto Kids ActivePants. Because this product contains everything we have gained in experience in recent years. Older children with bladder weakness in particular want products that nobody recognizes as a diaper from the outside. That’s why the ActivePants is not a diaper, but a pair of underpants – just with an insert pocket for absorbent pads.

This way we fulfill the two most important wishes of the children: the pants stay dry and nobody notices anything. That is why the kiwisto Kids ActivePants are also available in many children’s sizes from 122 – 176.

Incontinence safety is also an issue in the water. We didn’t always want to have to refer to expensive and custom-made swimming diapers.

With the kiwisto kids neoprene swimming diapers, we have therefore launched a product with which children with incontinence can safely go into the water. Now there is nothing standing in the way of a lot of fun in the water and at a reasonable price.

Properly dressed as a diaper child

The current range is rounded off by the kiwisto kids diaper bodies. Often a body for diaper wearers is simply a really practical piece of clothing. In baby care, the diaper body is therefore indispensable to buy.

From kiwisto Kids there are also suitable bodysuits for larger children and adolescents. But of course, the bodysuits would not be real kiwisto kids products if they had not been developed from a child’s and parents’ perspective. Therefore, the kiwisto kids diaper bodysuits are designed exactly like a T-shirt and therefore wonderfully inconspicuous. In the crotch they have the buttons they are used to from bodies.

The bodysuits are made in Germany from 100% cotton.

Of course the way is not over yet. Finally, there are many other products for children with bladder weakness waiting to be invented or improved.

We are still dependent on your help and your ideas, because we make the products for your children and your needs.

We look forward to your messages, please write to us.


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