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No more abundance: Miss order gives tips for minimalism beginners

Less is more, many of us have probably already heard of her grandparents. As a megatrend “minimalism”, the proverb celebrates a successful comeback for several years. Denise Colquhoun is a blogger and expert on minimalism. As a Miss order, she helps people to live more beautifully and throw out unnecessary ballast. Her most important tips she has for […]

Smart Home and Privacy: a W > November 8, 2019 Gunnar Oehlenschlager

Control the temperature of the apartment by smartphone, switch the exterior lighting on or off, open the garage door, or conveniently look up from bed to see who is at the front door on Sunday morning – everything possible with a networked home. What you should consider in terms of security, has our author Gunnar under the microscope.

Baukindergeld: 3.1 billion are already gone

We have received new figures from KfW regarding the building allowance: 147,000 applications have been submitted so far. The funding volume is now more than 3 billion euros. Most applicants come from North Rhine-Westphalia, live in the city rather than in the countryside, have one or two children and earn a maximum of € 40,000 gross a year.

Say no to risk: How to save the Germans

Today is World Savings Day! This day we take as an opportunity to take a closer look at the savings habits of the Germans. How do you save your money? And what do you want to do with your savings? Our editor Caro got to the bottom of it.

ECB leadership change: farewell to the anti-hero

Mario Draghi polarises: While some celebrate the ECB president as heroes and rescuers of the euro zone, others demonize him as a saver fright, which has missed the exit from the zero interest rate policy. What will remain of Mario Draghi and what are the challenges for his successor Christine Lagarde, we discuss in the interest commentary of October 2019.

Berlin on record course: house prices rise fastest in the capital

In Berlin is hardly built and living space has become a scarce commodity. At the same time, more and more people are moving to the hip capital. For real estate is therefore still valid: The demand is huge and the offer much too small. Anyone who is currently looking for their own house or flat in the Spree metropolis needs a lot of time.

The property is too expensive – I should still buy?

Property prices have risen in recent years, some extremely. Given the high prices, many are unsure: If the purchase price is still appropriate, the house or apartment is overpriced, should I buy anyway? Pascal Schultes is a consultant with Dr. med. Klein in Leverkusen and gives tips to help with the decision.

Installing the fireplace – a cozy living trend or an environmental sin?

More and more private people – tenants and property owners – can install a fireplace. Our guest author Henrike Dörr wanted to know what to pay attention to, what costs are incurred and whether approvals are required for the fireplace installation. But above all, she is concerned with the question of how this environmental sustainability trend looks. After all, wood stoves carry much […]

Make the house burglar-proof – tips for tenants and owners

The days are getting shorter, the nights longer: Sounds really cozy, but the darkness also makes work easier for the burglars. In autumn, therefore, their high season begins. It is all the more important to make your own home burglar-proof now. Editor Kim researched burglary protection and summarized the most important tips!

30 years after the fall of the Wall: How to build “East” and “West”

For the 29th day of the German Unity we once looked at the construction characteristics of the Germans. And lo and behold: In the East and in the West of the Federal Republic to build differently. Exactly what the differences are, has researcher Caro researched.



  • No more abundance: Miss order gives tips for minimalism novices November 13, 2019
  • Smart Home and Privacy: a W >November 8, 2019
  • Baukindergeld: 3.1 billion are already gone November 7, 2019


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