Homeopathy for adolescents

Young people are exposed to many and profound hormonal and physical changes. During this time, there are typical mental and physical complaints that do not always have to be treated with medication. During puberty, homeopathy can be used gently and supportively for a wide range of mental and physical complaints.

This guide is intended to give you a handbook on how you as parents can support your adolescent children with homeopathic remedies on the way to adulthood.

How can homeopathy help adolescents??

Homeopathic medicines have a gentle effect on body, soul and spirit and can therefore be used to support all levels. For example, they can be used by the adolescents themselves or by the parents for the most common puberty complaints such as mood changes, the physical complaints during menstruation or the typical acne pimples.

For the treatment of adolescent sleep disorders, headaches and digestive problems, you will find further information in the guide "Homeopathy for Children".

The topics of exam anxiety, homesickness and the first heartache are dealt with in detail in the guide "Homeopathy for school time".

The 8 main homeopathic remedies for puberty

Emotional complaints

Depressive moods

The main means:

Arsenicum album | Aurum | Calcium carbonicum | Sodium chloratum | Sepia | Thuja

During puberty, adolescents are sometimes in a bad mood or are depressed for no reason. It is often difficult for parents to tell whether the depressed mood is caused by hormonal changes during puberty or whether the child has serious psychological problems. If there are physical complaints or if the depressive mood persists over a longer period of time, a (pediatrician) doctor should first be consulted, who may be able to pass on to a child and adolescent psychiatrist.

Specialists should always be consulted for the following warning signs:

  • Difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep
  • anorexia
  • weight loss
  • "Morning low" with a feeling of depression in the morning, which improves during the day
  • listlessness
  • listlessness
  • Loss of interest in hobbies, friends or sports
  • retreat
  • Decreased self-confidence

Arsenicum album

The adolescents have weak self-confidence. They feel depressed and have no hope that they could get better again. They think the family would no longer love them.


The adolescents are deeply disappointed by everyone and also by themselves. They sigh and cry while sleeping.

Calcium carbonicum

The young people are overly ambitious or are challenged too much. They react to this with depressive mood.

Sodium chloratum

The young people react sadly and withdrawn to tensions within the family.

Sepia is more likely to appear in girls during puberty. The girls look depressed and indifferent to family or friends. If you talk to them about sadness, they casually ignore them and deny their mood.


The young people are very vulnerable and sensitive. Music moves her to tears. The teenagers ponder over little things for a long time. They are extremely sensitive to strangers.

mood swings

The main means:

Ignatia | Nux moschata | Musk | Phosphorus | Valeriana

During puberty, the mood fluctuates sometimes very violently between super good mood and completely depressed. For adolescents, these mood swings appear to be without reason. During puberty, a hormone change takes place, which are responsible for the violent mood changes. Growing up also goes hand in hand with increased independence, detachment from the parents takes place and perhaps a first love relationship is also lived. In addition to the physical-hormonal changes, all of this also means stress and leads to overwhelming situations in which the adolescents fluctuate between good mood, silliness, bad mood, anger, anger or despair.


Laughing and crying change quickly among the teenagers. The crying is rather convulsive and hysterical. Young people often laugh in inappropriate situations.

Nux moschata

A gossipy and mischievous, cheerful mood alternates with a depressed and tearful mood.


If the adolescent was just happy, he can cry or get angry from one moment to the next.


The young people are quickly enthusiastic about events, new hobbies or interests. As quickly as the enthusiasm has flared up, it disappears again. The youngsters cannot stay with one thing for long.


At that moment the youngsters are still lively, talkative and funny. And the next moment they are sad for no reason. The adolescents are very restless physically and have a violent urge to move.


The main means:

Barium carbonicum | Calcium carbonicum | Capsicum | Graphites

Chilling is the favorite activity of many adolescents. The teenagers lie in bed for hours, dozing in front of them, even though homework is waiting or the room needs to be cleaned up. Children often experience a drop in their academic performance during puberty, and parents are very concerned about their children’s future. The introvertedness of the adolescents is justified during puberty, as the children grow up to be young adults and have to deal with many unknown and unfamiliar things. Nevertheless, there should of course be time limits for "chilling". If this is not easy for adolescents, the following homeopathic remedies can be supportive.

Barium carbonicum

The youngsters are sluggish and stubborn when they should do something.

Calcium carbonicum

The children need a lot of warmth and attention. They gratefully accept it if you push them.


The adolescents have thick fur and can take a lot. They react positively when teachers or parents drive them.


The youngsters cannot pull themselves together. They tend to be overweight. Driving is completely futile. The young people react indifferently and continue as before.


The main means:

Agaricus muscarius | Calcium phosphoricum | Causticum | Cuprum | Gelsemium | Lachesis | Mercurius | Sodium carbonicum | Phosphorus | stramonium

In most children, stuttering disappears until puberty. For young people, friends are becoming increasingly important at this point in time than the family and the first approaches in love affairs take place. In this phase, the youngsters find stuttering particularly stressful.

Agaricus muscaricus

The children stutter and also show tic-like twitching of the muscles.

Calcium phosphoricum

The young stutterers are usually lean and tall. They are restless, bite or pinch their nails and suffer a lot a headache.


Stuttering in pale teenagers with dark circles that are weak and quickly exhausted. You learned to speak late and usually have other language errors.


Stuttering in troubled adolescents with a tendency to convulsive disorders.


In the event of excitement, after a fright, a performance or an exam, the adolescents suddenly start to stutter. They usually don’t stutter in quiet situations.


Although the children stutter, they have an extraordinarily great urge to speak. You move your mouth and facial muscles excessively when you speak. The adolescents usually stutter in stressful situations. Grief, worry, fright or even jealousy can trigger stuttering.


The adolescents are very restless on the inside and appear to be driven. So as feel, they speak too. They speak hastily and stutter strongly. The young people are difficult to deal with. They are stubborn, suspicious and sensitive.

Sodium carbonicum

Stuttering in adolescents, with big problems with their self-esteem. They are very sensitive and feel worthless. The youngsters long for a stable and harmonious environment.


Stuttering in adolescents who are very sensitive and anxious.


The teenagers are very afraid of the dark. In addition to stuttering, they grind their teeth during sleep and roll their heads violently back and forth.

Chewing finger nails

The main means:

Arsenicum album | Aurum triphyllum | Medorrhinum | Barium carbonicum | Lycopodium | Sodium chloratum | Silicea | Sulfur

Puberty is a time full of emotions, upheavals and stress. It is estimated that every second adolescent chews on the nails during this time. As a rule, behavior grows until adulthood. Nail biting can be an annoying habit to relieve stress. For some teenagers, it’s like a constraint. You just can’t stop chewing, nibbling, or biting your fingernails and skin around until you bleed. The hands become unsightly and infections such as nail bed inflammation due to invading pathogens can form.

Arsenicum album

Nail biting in pedantic adolescents. They don’t like the fingernail sticking out and bite off the excess of the fingernails. They are also very picky and precise in all of their activities.

Arum triphyllum

The teenagers are restless, nervous, moody and chew their nails until their fingers bleed.


These teenagers also chew their nails until they bleed. However, they are more fearful, frightened and erratic. You are passionate about new ones subjects or new experiences, but it is difficult to concentrate. You want to relieve tension by chewing your nails.

Barium carbonicum

Nail biting in rather shy youngsters who are delayed in their development. They chew their fingernails nervously in situations where they feel insecure.


The adolescents don’t seem like that, but they are very insecure inside. They chew their nails to cover up their insecurity.

Sodium chloratum

The adolescents chew their nails when there are emotionally stressful events, such as the first heartache or when there is stress within the family. They only cry when they are alone and vehemently reject comfort.


Nail biting in very shy and insecure adolescents. They are often pale and very tender.


The teenagers chew their nails nervously and scratch their whole body.


The main means:

Potassium bromatum | Phosphorus | Silica

Stress, lack of sleep, infections and emotional stress such as family conflicts or arguments with the girlfriend / boyfriend can trigger sleepwalking during puberty. The adolescents suffer from internal conflicts and intense tension, which can be responsible for sleep walking.

If the children also have problems during the day such as a brief loss of consciousness, a sudden fall, wetting or a tongue bite, a doctor should definitely be consulted urgently.

Potassium bromatum

The youngsters need absolute rest in order to be able to sleep. They also often request that parents or a sibling sleep in the same room. When they sleepwalk, they look for other people in the apartment.


The adolescents can only fall asleep in the light and demand that a small light be on throughout the night. They can be easily soothed by stroking and gentle massage. If they walk around at night, they are looking for a bright environment or a light source.


The adolescents cannot stand cold or cold air at all during sleep. When they freeze, they start to sleepwalk. They then look for a warm place or blanket.

Aggressive disorders / tantrums

The main means:

Aconite | Anacardium | Chamomilla | Cuprum | Ignatia | Lycopodium | Magnesium carbonicum | Nitricum acidum | Nux vomica | stramonium

Tantrums occur during childhood in the defiance phase as well as during puberty. The hormonal changes as well as the physical and mental changes during puberty can trigger tantrums, aggression and defiant reactions in adolescents.


Violent tantrums with the desire to destroy something.


The youngsters react furiously to trifles. The occasion is often not apparent to outsiders. In their anger, they can strike out.


Small things can trigger tantrums. The youngsters lash out, trample with their feet or throw themselves on the floor.


The youngsters scream with anger until they can no longer breathe. There is a tendency to convulsive disorders. The face turns blue-red during tantrums.


Young people tend to change moods quickly, from happy to angry to depressed. They are relatively easy to calm down.


The teenagers are in a very bad mood. They cannot stand a contradiction, they whack and scold loudly. It is difficult to talk to them about their behavior because they show little insight.

Magnesium carbonicum

The teenagers are angry and scared at the same time. It is difficult to get to them because they are very dismissive.

Nitricum acidum

The young people have little fun with their leisure activities and hobbies, especially not with learning. If homework or practice doesn’t work right away, they throw the textbooks around.

Nux vomica

The adolescents are remarkably irritable and self-centered. Little things lead to outbursts of anger. The adolescents are unreasonable. You don’t let anyone talk to you.


Stramonium shows just as rapid mood changes as Ignatia. The teenagers stand out due to intensely red cheeks and ears. The eyes shine strongly. Shining objects such as mirrors or the surface of a lake excite the youngsters extremely. Stramonium is the remedy most often indicated in practice for tantrums. Sometimes the youngsters are not only angry, but they use violence or destroy things.

Consequences of drug, television or computer use

Many adolescents feel overwhelmed and suffer from stress and unhealthy pressure to perform. Television, computer games or drugs seem to offer relief from everyday life.

Warning signs for addiction behavior requiring treatment:

  • Withdrawal of friends
  • No longer interested in loved hobbies or the sport practiced
  • Changes in nature (aggressiveness, depression, mood swings)
  • Sleep disorders, indigestion, loss of appetite, weight loss, fatigue, exhaustion, unhealthy appearance, difficulty concentrating
  • Neglect of physical hygiene

If you notice these changes in your child, you should not hesitate to seek professional help.

Drugs (intoxicants, alcohol)

The main means:

Avena sativa | Cannabis indica | Carbo vegetabilis | Sulfur | opium

Avena sativa

The teenagers can no longer sleep. You are nervous and hectic.

Cannabis indica

The adolescents are intoxicated and euphoric after drug use. You feel like you are floating or flying.

Carbo vegetabilis

The adolescents are pale and weak. They long for their home.


The adolescents are emaciated and neglected. They philosophize about God and the world.


Drugs offer young people an escape from reality that they find unbearable. Adolescents suffer from persistent constipation due to drug use.

TV and computer consumption

The main means:

Calcium carbonicum | Cocculus | Phosphorus | Ruta

Calcium carbonicum

Headaches and visual disturbances occur after watching TV or playing on the computer for too long.


The teenagers are over the top and can no longer sleep.


The teenagers are very excited. They suffer from nightmares and fears.


The eyes are strained. They burn and are flushed.

Physical complaints

All about menstruation

The main means:

Aconite | Kalium carbonicum | Sodium chloratum | Pulsatilla | Belladonna | Calcium phosphoricum | Chamomilla | Veratrum album

The first menstrual period now occurs around the age of 10 to 15 years. After a thorough physical examination, a decision should be made as to whether an early or late first menstrual period needs treatment.

After the first period, young girls often suffer from an irregular cycle and various complaints – especially abdominal pain – in the days before or during menstruation.

Menarche / first period


Due to a shock or shock, the first menstrual period in the girl’s life comes much too early.

Potassium carbonicum

The first bleeding comes relatively late and causes problems. It lasts a long time and the blood flows freely. The girls suffer from swelling and back weakness.

Sodium chloratum

After the first period, the cycle is very irregular and the bleeding is usually quite heavy. These girls often suffer from lovesickness, anger or a fright and, as a result, a depressed mood.


The remedy is particularly suitable for delicate, lightly crying and in need of harmony girls. The first period is late. Long before the breakthrough, the girls had cramps in their lower abdomen.

menstrual cramps


The bleeding is heavy and smells unpleasant. The girls feel intense internal heat and often have a red face. They reject any touch and have a great desire for rest.

Calcium phosphoricum

The product goes well with very slim and tall girls. The girls appear bad-tempered, tense and stand out due to their high sense of responsibility and disciplined behavior. Abdominal pain occurs like a fit before menstruation begins. The girls curl up to relieve the pain. Movement and warm applications on the stomach relieve the pain. The pain is worse during the night and when lying down.


Chamomilla is indicated if the abdominal pain appears a few days before the bleeding and runs in waves. Anger is often the cause of the complaint. The girls are very upset about their complaints. They react extremely irritably and are extremely sensitive to pain. Warmth and warm applications such as a warming pillow on the stomach relieve the pain.


The bleeding is still very irregular and rarely occurs. The girls are very needy and quickly break into tears. You are extremely tired and want to be massaged or kept.

Veratrum album

The pain is cramping and very severe. The girls are sick with pain and sometimes even vomit. You have diarrhea and freeze all over. Fainting spells during menstruation are possible. The girls are very ambitious and take on too much.

The main means:

Belladonna | Calcium phosphoricum | Graphites | Hepar sulfuris | Pulsatilla | Sulfur

Pimples all over the face are the biggest problem for many adolescents during puberty. The cause of the unsightly pimples is hormonal changes in the body. Above all, acne is a mental strain for the adolescents and can have a very negative impact on self-esteem. But acne can also become a physical burden. If the course is severe, a dermatologist should be consulted.


Pimples on reddened and dry, hot skin. Touching the skin worsens.

Calcium phosphoricum

The face is pale or yellowish and full of pimples. The remedy is often indicated in very slim and tall adolescents. Worsening of the skin in wet weather and improvement in summer in dry weather.


The pimples are not only on the face, but also on the eyes, lips, behind the ears and a sticky secretion. The skin is rough and dry. The skin improves during and after menstruation.

Hepar sulfuris

The adolescents have blemished skin and lots of pimples on the face and back. Purulent pimples often form, which cause stinging pain. The skin improves in damp weather. Dry, cold wind and touch aggravate the condition of the skin.


The pimples occur in connection with hormonal fluctuations. Acne intensifies before the period and after eating fatty food. Cold and cold applications improve the complexion.


Lots of purulent and itchy pimples that get worse from contact with water and scratching. The complexion improves in dry and warm weather.


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