Homeopathy for toothache – what helps? The best globules!

Homeopathy for toothache - what helps? The best globules!

Treat toothache homeopathically

What are toothache?

Toothache can affect anyone and is incredibly uncomfortable. The reasons for toothache can vary widely. You should therefore always take a close look and ask yourself: "Where does the toothache come from and what helps against it?". Is cold or warmth more helpful or does the pain only occur during certain movements and activities? Depending on the cause, different homeopathic medicines can combat pain and treat the cause.

Toothache can also feel very different. There may be dull and throbbing pain, such as that associated with inflammation. Or there are stinging and sudden pains that can occur in affected nerves. Perhaps it is also an undefined and difficult to localize pain, such as that which can occur with tension in the head and neck area. Other illnesses can also be the cause of the annoying pain.

Many of the reasons for toothache can be treated with homeopathy. In all other cases, you can bridge the time to the dentist with them as gently and pain-relieving as possible.

Homeopathic remedies for the treatment of toothache

You can take the hydrofluoric acid Acidum hydrofluoricum as globules. The fluorine contained strengthens your tooth structure. This way you can prevent tooth decay from spreading further. It also has a positive effect on inflammation in the sinus area and on the muscles in the head and neck.

The blue aconite Aconitum napellus can help you with toothache caused by ear infections or headache. Even acute inflammation around the head and tooth can be contained and positively influenced with the help of the globules.

The Berwohlverleih Arnica montana is one of the most effective wound healing agents in homeopathy. After a dental procedure, inflammation or fractures, the medicine helps to promote wound healing. Your pain can also be alleviated.

The black deadly cherry Atropa Belladonna is also one of the most important remedies for inflammation. Taken as globules, they help relieve your tooth pain, headache, or earache. If your gums are red and swollen, this can be alleviated by taking Belladonna.

You can take the fluorspar calcium fluoratum as a tablet or globules. Here too, the fluorine helps the tooth and bone substance. Inflammation of the gums with abscesses or pus formation can also be treated with calcium fluoratum and positively influenced.

The calcium hydrogen phosphate Calcium phosphoricum strengthens your bones and teeth. This has a positive effect on caries as well as other inflammatory changes around the tooth. The nerves of your teeth and jaws are also strengthened and positively influenced. In addition, the tablets or globules help you with inflammation in the sinus area and on as well as in the ears.

If there is a chronic inflammation on your teeth, jaw or generally on the head, the salt calcium sulfuricum will help you as a tablet or globules. It strengthens your immune system, helps detoxify the inflamed areas and remove pollutants and relieves pain caused by pressure and tension when the gums are swollen.

You can use the real chamomile chamomilla in many different versions. As a dried herb you can use it to make a mouthwash, you can use douches, solutions, ointments, tablets or globules. The chamomile helps you with inflammation. It has an antibacterial and cleaning effect. This supports your wound healing, alleviates inflammatory swellings and thus combats pressure and tension pains.

The water hemlock, Cicuta virosa, helps you as a globule, against toothache in general. The teething balls can help to relieve the little ones, especially in children’s teeth.

The coffee plant Coffea can not only produce delicious coffee, but there are also globules that contain Choffea extracts. Since Choffea calms the mind, it helps you better deal with and relieve toothache. Headaches or nerve pain are also positively influenced with the globules.

You can use the orchid species Cypripedium pubescens as globules. The medicine affects the nervous system and the brain. It increases your well-being, helps after debilitating diseases and reduces nerve and headache.

Lava from the Hekla volcano in Iceland has produced the homeopathic medicine Hekla Lava e Lava. You can use it to strengthen your bones in the form of globules, tablets, ointments or ampoules. This helps with inflammatory changes in the jawbone, with teeth affected by caries and also with inflammation in the mouth and especially on the gums. The periosteum is also strengthened. A means with which you can support your dental health if problems arise.

The real St. John’s wort Hypericum perforatum is used for a wide variety of problems. It calms and strengthens your nerves, promotes wound healing and helps you to deal better with your toothache.

Mercury or Mercurius solubilis can generally be used as globules for inflammation. It helps you let inflammation heal faster and is slightly disinfectant.

You can use the common yarrow Achillea millefolium as a remedy for gum infections. It also helps heal inflammation faster and soothes your pain. You can also treat throat, nose and ear infections.

The Plantain Plantago Major serves you as a medicine for pain, especially nerve pain. The agent acts in the form of tablets or globules on the nerves on the tooth, relieves the pain and helps with wound healing. Ear pain or facial pain are also alleviated.

The homeopathic medicine Rheum is made from the rhubarb plant. The Chinese rhubarb, Rheum palmatum, is mainly used here. The globules help you or teething children to deal better with toothache. They soften them and promote wound healing.

You can use the Tuberculinum Globuli, which is made from cultures of human tubercle bacilli, for inflammation in the ear, nose and throat area. It subtly relieves pain and promotes healing there.

The mullein Verbascum phlomoide is used to make Verbascum globules. First of all, it calms your nervous system, which is also an advantage for affected tooth nerves. It also relieves cold symptoms such as inflamed sinuses or sore throat and headache. It also has a positive effect on inflammation.

Causes of toothache

The number one reason for toothache is tooth decay. Here, caries bacteria attack the tooth structure and destroy it. There is a hole in the tooth, the nerve is exposed at some point or ignites. Another reason can be tooth root infection. It can be caused by bacteria that reach the nerve via the bloodstream or it is caused by untreated and very advanced caries. Toothache can also be caused by exposed tooth necks. Here the gums recede and expose the sensitive tooth neck. When it is cold, warm or in contact with food, you experience a stabbing and twitching pain. Furthermore, pain can arise due to gum disease. It is usually a bacterial infection that leads to painful inflammation.

Pain due to a tooth fracture is somewhat less common but still possible. This is caused by an accident or the effects of violence. Additional toothache can come from headache, earache, or jaw pain. Inflammation on the head can almost always radiate towards the jaw and teeth and thus become noticeable as a toothache.

Symptoms of toothache

Logically, the focus is on pain as a symptom. The pain can occur in different places. There may be pain in the tooth, on the tooth or on the gums or jaw. Pressure pain on the cheek or jaw is also possible. Aconitum, Acidum hydrofluoricum, Arnica, Belladonna, Chamomilla, Cicuta virosa, Choffea, Cypripedium pubescens, Hypericum, Mercurius solubilis, Millefolium, Platago Major, Rheum, Tuberculinum and Verbascum help here.

In addition, the surrounding gums may become inflamed, discolored, and swollen, or there may be other inflammations on the head. Aconitum, Arnica, Belladonna, Calcium fluoratum, Calcium phosphoricum, Calcium sulfuricum, Chamomilla, Ekla Lava, Mercurius solubilis, Millefolium, Plantago Major and Verbascum will help you here.

Bad breath can also be a symptom of an inflammatory change in the mouth. Here chamomile and sage help you.

To have a positive influence on your bone substance you can use Hekla Lava, Acidum hydrofluoricum, Calcium fluoricum or Calcium phosphoricum.

Conclusion – homeopathic remedies for toothache

As soon as you have a toothache, you can use various homeopathic medicines to fight inflammation, strengthen your teeth and bones and also relieve pain. So it is definitely worth treating mild pain or inflammation in a gentle way. However, the visit to the dentist should not be missed.

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