Hope for “active interest” and prayer for reform path

Hope for 'active interest' and prayer for reform path

Bishop Kohlgraf invites the faithful to actively accompany the Synodal Way with "interest and prayers". For it is a question of how leadership is to be exercised in the Church. Church wants to regain trust this way.

Bishop Peter Kohlgraf of Mainz has called on people to accompany the reform process of the Catholic Church in Germany "with active interest and prayer". That's according to a letter from the bishop to church employees in the Diocese of Mainz, as the diocese announced today (Thursday).

Kohlgraf had most recently said in a sermon last Sunday: "Some warn that this is a superficial structural debate that has no effect spiritually or in terms of content." He could not accept this objection. "After all, it's not about the question of the color of the bishop's clothing or the height of the miter on his head. It is a question of the attitude with which leadership is exercised in the church," Kohlgraf said.

The future of church life

With the Synodal Way, the German bishops and the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK) want to discuss the future of church life in Germany. One goal is to regain trust lost after abuse scandal.

The on 1. December beginning initiative is set for an initial two years. The actual substantive work will start with the first synodal assembly, which will be held from 30. January to 1. February 2020 will meet in Frankfurt. Kohlgraf is among the participants in the first plenary session.

Topics of the Synodal Way are sexual morality, the priestly way of life, separation of powers and the role of women in the church. The Catholic Church in Germany wants to "set out on a path of conversion and renewal," as it says in the statutes of the Synodal Way.

Four discussion forums planned

Four discussion forums are planned as part of Reformweg. The topics are: "Power and separation of powers in the church – sharing and participation in the mission", "Living in successful relationships – living love in sexuality and partnership", "Priestly existence today" and "Women in ministries and offices in the church". Bishop Kohlgraf will reportedly participate in the discussion forum "Priestly Existence Today.

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