Hope for concrete decisions

Hope for concrete decisions

Gerhard Feige, Bishop of Magdeburg © Harald Oppitz (KNA)

Magdeburg Bishop Gerhard Feige sees the reform dialogue Synodal Way of the Catholic Church in Germany on a good path despite major differences. He would like to see resolutions for all-church development.

"In all the events I have participated in so far, I have experienced a fundamental willingness to enter into conversation with each other," Feige said Saturday at an online study day of the Catholic Council and the Catholic Academy of the Diocese of Magdeburg. He believes "that something has started to move".

However, Feige acknowledged that there are "major differences" on how the church treats homosexual, transgender, intersex and queer people, as well as couples outside marriage and contraception.

"Danger of division existed long before the Synodal Way"

On the question of whether and how women could participate in the sacramental ministry, "the differences so far seem almost unbridgeable". Moreover, "unnecessary contradictions" were being built up, the bishop criticized: "evangelization instead of structural reforms, unity with the universal church instead of a special national path, eternal truth instead of a modern spirit of the times, hierarchical church entrapment instead of democratic participation, obedience to an unchanged tradition instead of outspoken thought and action."

In some comments "that you can currently hear and read from the more right-wing camp," there are warnings of an impending church split, Feige criticized. He believes, however, "that the danger of division existed long before the Synodal Way, and that it is therefore all the more necessary to talk and wrestle with one another, instead of inflaming polarizations or even denying one another's Catholic-ness.".

Development of the Church as a whole

On contentious ies, moreover, there are reservations about allowing newer scientific findings and theological arguments into the discussions, Feige said. Church teaching, however, is "always in the context of the Gospel, tradition and today's reality".

The bishop expressed hope for concrete resolutions that will be implemented. "And that we present those decisions which concern the world church level to the Apostolic See as a vote." It is not a matter of taking a "national special path," but of bringing the experiences in Germany "into the development of the church as a whole". He said similar reform dialogues are also being considered in Italy and Ireland.

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